This week UFO Digest editor, Robert D Morningstar, contributes two articles, the first explores beyond the boundary of earth and the second celebrates his love of aviation. Next, Peter Fotis Kapnistos has a two-parter about the Jerk Saw Siege! Chris Holly reports on a UFO sighting and video over Long Branch, New Jersey. Then, Diane Tessman explores deep earthquakes and crazy meteor activity. Carolyn Shield reminds us that Edgar Cayce prophesied that islands would rise and they have. Sean Casteel and John Weigle team up to cover Robert Salas lectures on alien interest. Then, Doc Vega writes about more paranormal events in WW I and concludes his Dulce series. Val Wineyard is back and writes about her spiritual journey in Languedoc! Pat Regan writes about alien life above an old Roman fort. Scott Corrales reports on disappearing UFOs. Paul Schroeder writes about the Noonday Devils. Then, Dr. John Reizer wonders if there is proof on the moon of advanced civilizations on earth? Paul Shishis writes the black hole. I report on close encounters in Indiana and on The X-Files stars are appearing in New York City. Please view the videos listed below and read the other news on our site. Enjoy Dirk

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BEYOND THE BOUNDARY OF EARTH – FROM SCIENCE FICTION TO REALITY by Robert D Morningstar. The Earth civilization has arrived at seemingly unsolvable global problems of many different kinds. The lack of timely solutions to the accumulated problems has led to stagnation in world economics. This has provoked new forms of rivalry between world powers with the intention of global capitalization of monetary and natural resources. At the same time, massive social unrests in many countries indicate that humanity is faced with a new social dilemma. The stagnation is seen not only in economics and politics, but also in science because its research is funded and primarily directed to serve the interests of powerful groups. More… Also read: EVERY BRITISH SPITFIRE WAS “EXCALIBUR”

JERK SAW SIEGE: MOST UNHOLY NAME by Peter Fotis Kapnistos. In medieval traditions, the Black Mass was first known through parodies, called Feasts of Asses, to ridicule a custom of religious festivities with a reverse reading of biblical scriptures (spoken, not spelled). According to the Old and Middle English articulations of the Bible, “Jesus Christ” pronounced backwards is: Ts’ierk sah-syge. More… Also read: JERK SAW SIEGE: MOST UNHOLY NAME – PART II

STRANGE LIGHTS OR CRAFTS OVER LONG BRANCH, NEW JERSEY by Chris Holly. Read email and see her video of the odd lights or crafts sighted yesterday while she walked along the beach at Long Branch New Jersey on Chris Holly’s Parwhat is hovering over the ocean in New Jersey? More…

LARGEST DEEP-EARTH QUAKE EVER AND CRAZY METEOR ACTIVITY: WHAT’S HAPPENING? by Diane Tessman. One thing is certain: Planet Earth is undergoing intense changes which often threaten life as we know it today. Here are two recent examples: On September 21st, 2013, a huge green meteor ripped through the skies of Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas very close to Earth, lighting up neighborhoods in these five states. More…

EDGAR CAYCE’S PROPHECY HAPPENED TODAY AFTER 7.8 PAKISTAN EARTHQUAKE by Carolyn Shield. Edgar Cayce’s prophecy “New Lands rise up from the sea” happened today after 7.8 Pakistan’s earthquake After the 7.8 Pakistan earthquakes on Tuesday 9/24/13, a new island rose up from the sea witnessed by a large crowd of onlookers. The island is mountainous rose up approximately 100 feet. It was seen near the Gwadar coastline. More…

ROBERT SALAS LECTURES ON ALIEN INTEREST IN OUR NUKES AND BRINGING DOWN THE UFO CABAL by Sean Casteel and John Weigle.The time Robert Salas spent in the United States Air Force taught him many things about the UFO phenomenon. In a lecture he delivered at the September 14, 2013, meeting of the Close Encounter Research Organization International, held in Thousand Oaks, California, a city just north of Los Angeles, Salas explained just what he has learned in no uncertain terms. More… Also read: ROBERT SALAS LECTURES ON ALIEN INTEREST IN OUR NUKES AND BRINGING DOWN THE UFO CABAL – PART II

MORE EVIDENCE OF PARANORMAL EVENTS IN WORLD WAR I by Doc Vega. It is absolutely shocking to consider some of the reported paranormal aspects of the past during the bitter fighting seen in past human conflicts. Amazingly, an unknown element has reared its mysterious head in the thick of armies in the midst of the killing and quest for a nation’s territory, yet it has happened with unusual frequency. Today we are going back in time to the desperate years of World War I as Europe, Great Britain, and the world hung in the balance thanks to a pivotal moment when an assassination occurred in Sarajevo of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand in 1914. More… Also read: MORE UNSETTLING EVIDENCE OVER DULCE PART IX

MY SPIRITUAL JOURNEY IN LANGUEDOC by Val Wineyard. I have lived in the Narbonnais in the south of France for some thirteen years now, and never been back to England. I came here to live after twenty years of visits to the region, knowing in my heart this was the place for me. Sometimes it wasn’t easy, but I never even thought about going back to that grey place called Blighty. I was told I was very brave, but to live here was a driving force in my life; Lord Destiny was making himself felt and there was no saying no. More…

ALIEN LIFE, ABOVE THE OLD ROMAN FORT OF DEVA (CHESTER)! by Pat Regan. Deva Victrix, or more simply Deva, was a legionary fortress and town in the Roman prefecture of Britannia. The legions picked this venue well for it nestles on the banks of the famous River Dee. This watercourse is well known for its excellent runs of salmon. Incidentally, the river receives its name from the Brythonic word Deva: ‘River of the Goddess’ or ‘Holy River’. Many rivers were in fact named after local Pagan deities. More…

DISAPPEARING PARANORMAL UFOS IN ARGENTINA! by Scott Corrales. It is well known that the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) is among the most acceptable propositions with regard to the nature of the UFO phenomenon. However, there are those who feel that it barely offers an adequate explanation for certain aspects of the problem, such as the absence or scant detection of the phenomenon in space with astronomic devices, which contrasts with what occurs within our own atmosphere. More… Also read: DISAPPEARING PARANORMAL UFOS IN ARGENTINA! PART II

THE NOONDAY DEVILS by Paul Schroeder. Part of the alarming nature of the unknown is its mysterious link to the known; I awaken each night to a lewd exhibition of the merging. I open my eyes and turn to see the digital alarm clock, sitting on the lamp table next to my bed and see: 12:12, and 1:11 am, 2:22 am and 3:33 am and 4:44 am. More…

IS THE MOON PROOF OF AN ADVANCED ANCIENT CIVILIZATION ON EARTH? by Dr. John Reizer . In 1994, the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (U.S. Navy) and NASA launched the spacecraft, Clementine in an effort to map and photograph the entire lunar surface. Clementine was considered by mission experts as a resounding success. The photographic map that was constructed through photography associated with the Clementine mission is available for review at the website http://www.nrl.navy.mil/clm/. More…

REVIEW OF: REAL ENCOUNTERS, DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS AND OTHERWORLDLY BEINGS by Paul Dale Roberts . Right in the beginning, it reads: “if you believe that the modern era of UFOs began in 1947 with Kenneth Arnold’s famous sighting near Mount Rainier, Washington, you are sorely mistaken.” More…

THE BLACK HOLE by Paul Shishis. I’ve been looking into the ‘ levels ‘ of organization of matter in our space……… not time* While studying Sacred Geometry, Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Series , Numerology. More…

STRANGE UFO CLOSE ENCOUNTERS IN INDIANA! by Dirk Vander Ploeg. Stewart Hill has looked into some mighty strange things, like the South Bend man who, at age 12, was abducted by aliens while he was taking out the trash. “They treated him quite well,” Hill said of the “gray aliens” who took and returned the boy, adding aliens treat children better than adults. The boy’s souvenir of sorts for his journey was an object in his ear, which eventually disappeared. More… Also read: THE X-FILES’ DAVID DUCHOVNY AND GILLIAN ANDERSON WILL BE IN NEW YORK NEXT MONTH

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