Sighting of three triangles over Lake Ontario

This week’s newsletter features Nick Pope’s September column entitled, “Psst, can you keep a secret?” Then, Cheryl Costa reports on 3 Triangular UFOs seen over Lake Ontario and next, Ron Murdock writes more about UFOs and strange sightings over Nelson, B.C. Then, Scott Corrales reports on UFOs seen over the Yucatan by Mexican airport controllers. There has been a new discovery of 15 new monuments at Stonehenge! Next, Pat Regan writes about the dangers about Christian survivalism and Zionist-Freemsonic-Satanish Myth. Then, Theresa J. Morris delves into the Cosmic Shift Ascension Age. Mary Alice Bennett continues her investigations into the Da Vinci Code and Rennes-Le-Chateau. Next, Jeff Krause, writes about the fiasco that the Freedom Of Information Act has become. Finally, Dennis G. Balthaser, takes a look back at the old Roswell army base and is seeing a few changes. Enjoy Dirk

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PSST, CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET?  by Nick Pope. Belief in a government (or quasi-governmental) cover-up is central to the belief system of many people in the UFO community, and in relation to this issue one frequently comes across discussions about the extent to which it’s possible to keep secrets. Having worked for 21 years in an inherently secretive part of the UK government, I thought I’d correct a few popular misconceptions about government secrecy and make some other relevant points on the issue. My knowledge and experience here comes not specifically from my three years on the MoD’s UFO project, but is something gained in the course of my wider 21-year career, which encompassed various postings at a number of different grades. My final posting – to the Directorate of Defence Security – is probably the most relevant one. More….

THREE TRIANGLES OVER LAKE ONTARIO  by Cheryl Costa. On 25 August, little did Gordon realize that a routine chore with his dogs would lead to a sighting of three triangles over Lake Ontario. It was quarter past ten on a clear night in Rochester, NY. Gordon had just let his dogs out for a run in the backyard. His attention was immediately drawn to a bright object in the western sky about 20 degree above the horizon. While it had a flickering quality, Gordon knew it wasn’t a star. More...

MORE AERIAL SIGHTINGS OVER THE NIGHT SKIES OF NELSON, B.C.  by Ron Murdock. In late August 2014 I was awake between 2 and 4 in the morning. I was in bed when it started to vibrate slowly. I got thinking a low magnitude earthquake was happening in Nelson or a large one was occurring on the west coast. I was looking out the window when an object flew over the roof of the building next door. It was the size of a large football was brightly lit up or it was heat radiating from its surface as the light was a bright orange. More...

UFOS SEEN OVER YUCATAN  by Scott Corrales. Mexican airports, and airports around the world, are some of the locations in which many UFO sightings have occurred. However, air traffic controllers, pilots and other staff working at these sites are under orders not to report them to avoid panic among the population. More…

NEW DISCOVERY OF 15 NEW MONUMENTS AT STONEHENGE  by Joe Martino. Stonehenge has always been a mysterious place. For years, people have been pondering its meaning and whether or not humans had a hand in building the massive circular monument of up-right stones. Just recently, the plot thickened at Stonehenge. More

THE DANGERS OF CHRISTIAN SURVIVALISM AND THE ZIONIST-FREEMASONIC-SATANIST MYTH  by Pat Regan. Chris Bray of the Subculture Alternatives Freedom Foundation (SAFF) has kindly granted me permission to utilise the following article on Christian Survivalism. Sadly today there are countless people on the internet pushing out the Zionist-Freemasonic-Satanist Myth (ZFSM). They are not even trying to convince floating voters any more, it is sadly just taken for granted and wrongly perceived as accepted fact! More…

COSMIC SHIFT ASCENSION AGE  by Theresa J Morris. Maybe this information is timely and maybe it will spark controversy. No one being can create that which gives us the spirit and soul. We can clone animals but do they have the same soul content makeup of the humanoids? Please begin updating your information on our COMMON and PRACTICAL history of the past way we have been programmed.  More…

THE POPESSA OF RENNES-LE-CHATEAU BY PIERRE PLANTARD by Mary Alice Bennett. The Popessa of Rennes-le-Chateau sits on a thone which has been set up on the rampart leading out to the RLC tower which is behind her. From there we have an excellent view of the Chateau d` Hautpoul which was rebuilt in the 16th c. by the Hautpoul family, Marie d` Ables of the famous tombstone was the descendant who lived there.  More..

FIASCO: THE TRUE ACRONYM FOR THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT  by Jeff Krause. As anyone who has ever filed a FOIA (also know as the “Freedom Of Information Act”) request knows, the process for obtaining requested information is seriously broken, to the extent that all agencies to which we commonly request information from have created an art form out of circumnavigating the legal process. The contempt shown by these agencies, and their FOIA Representatives, is apparent with every response, although cloaked in a sense of polite mock-legality. Claims of requested documents “not existing”, and later turning up, are more than just common, it is the norm. More…

THE OLD ROSWELL ARMY BASE IS SEEING A FEW CHANGES  by Dennis G. Balthaser . the base at Roswell was originally opened in 1941 as a pilot training school for the Second World War, and quickly became an important military base during the years of its existence, housing many various air squadrons, and a large contingency of military personnel. Just 4 years after the base opened, the first atomic bomb was tested a short 100 miles from Roswell at Trinity site at White Sands. More…

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