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This week, Chris Holly, reports that she is being swamped with emails and phone calls concerning extreme UFO activity over the East Coast of the U.S. Then Scott Corrales concludes his amazing article about Robots and UFOs. Friends of mine at The Object Reporter believe they may have solved the mystery of the Phoenix lights and then have found that loud booms still mystify those in California. Frank Carlton presents Part Four of his series A General, A Trailer, and A Cover-up and William Grabowski concludes his series on Mothman! Ed Fleming is curious about a mysterious fossilized, extra-large-size humanoid skulls found in Africa in 2011. Gordon J. Gianninoto believes President Obama may be ready to announce Planet X. Steve Erdmann wonders who the best mirage man is? Paul Shishis is still watching the skies and has captured more UFO shots. Then Lewis Brackett takes his pen and submits a short story about ancient aliens. Pat Regan has contributed a timely article on the Harvest Witch and another about Divine appointments! This week contributors Diane Tessman, Pat Regan and Tony Elliott debate climate change and global warming. Enjoy Dirk.

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Extreme Activity Being Reported Especially Over the East Coast of the USA by Chris Holly. Never before in all my years writing about the paranormal have I been swamped with email and phone reports as I have been this summer concerning reports of UFO and Orb activity. Daily I am being told of new sightings over Long Island New York as well as sightings in California, Connecticut and upstate New York. More…

Robots and UFOs – Are They Machines From Elsewhere? Part Two by Scott Corrales.. On August 19, 1972, Mrs. X — a schoolteacher — were camping in Southern France near Saint Jean du Gord in the backyard of a friend’s house. The location commanded a view of the town and its surrounding hills. At around 2:00 a.m., stirred by the sound of festivities in the town, Mrs. X left the tent for some fresh air and became aware of a very bright light “about the size of an Isetta” (an egg-shaped, two passenger car) located in a parking lot on one of the hillsides. While she wondered what could cause an automobile to glow in such an uncharacteristic manner, she heard the sound of heavy footsteps advancing toward her in the darkness. She would later tell researcher Jean Paul Guguen that strange sound was similar to “a child stomping on dry leaves”. Upon turning around, the woman was startled to see a perfectly black shape against the blacker background: a rectangular shape crowned by an oval head, standing some ten feet away. More…

Phoenix Boomerang Craft – Possible Origins by Dirk Vander Ploeg. The TR6 “TELOS” is designed for use as a transatmospheric, low observable reconnaissance platform with global reach and a long loiter time over target. Employing active electromagnetic, electronic and visual camouflage it is able to penetrate all currently known defensive systems from transorbital height. More… Also read: Loud Booms Still Mystify Californians!

A General, A Trailer, and A Cover-up Part Four by Frank Carlton. Trying to nail me to the wall by using the Utapao UFO encounter was really the last straw. If I ever had an inkling of re-enlisting, it was now gone forever. I wanted to leave the Air “Farce” ASAP. I knew the general was truly ignorant concerning my innumerable experiences with aliens and UFOs prior to my enlistment into the Air Force. The Utapao UFO encounter – though prioritized as top secret or higher by the U.S. Air Force – was considered one of my least scary and personal confrontations. If it were not for the idiotic antics of General Abbot I probably would have forgotten about it. Seldom did I write to Nancy telling her about the events of a day’s work although I did write to my young gorgeous wife everyday. Utapao’s daylight UFO event happened only a couple days prior to the commander’s call and I had contemplated several times if I should write about what I had seen. Deep down I knew Nancy would eventually see some type of paranormal event with me, and I really did not believe the Utapao UFO was important enough for her to read about from one of my letters. Abbot, you wasted your time and ego! More…

Mothman Redux: ENDGAME by William Grabowski. First, I’d like to thank Dirk Vander Ploeg and Mr. Morningstar (respectively, our fearless, very well-informed, hard-working publisher and editor) for giving me the opportunity to share my material with all of you whose enthusiasm and interest make UFO Digest the hugely-visited ‘site it is. You can’t top this. Yes, like you, personal experience has shown me that some do not want anything to do with the weird stuff. I cannot blame them, for “weird stuff” often is dark, and/or upsetting, as is everyday life. More…

Belief VS Deception – An amazing alien skull by Ed Fleming. This is one of the mysterious fossilized, extra-large-size humanoid skulls found in Africa in 2011. Although the external size and the brain cavity size of this skull are similar to those of the modern human, it is actually 8 million years old. This means this humanoid is much older than any oldest skulls of humans on this planet, including Lucy (Australopithecus or AL 288- ) 1, which is estimated to have lived 3.2 million years ago) or Ardi (the earliest known hominid date to 4.4 million years ago). More…

Obama To Announce Planet X and ET Presence? by Gordon J. Gianninoto. President Obama Making Plans For A One Term Presidency, But Secretly Planning To Announce Planet X Between The Earth And The Sun Which Will, In One Continuous Action, Reveal Extraterrestrials on Earth. I do not remember an election so divisive. Oh, except the last one, and the one before that, and the one before that, and… More…

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall: Who is the Best Mirage Men of Them All? by Steve Erdmann. A rather refreshing book in that Pilkington covers Ufology in an uninhibited, probing and inquisitiveness rarely found in the topic. He and his partner, John Lumberg, venture about the globe, examining UFO evidence and stories and relentlessly asking embarrassing questions to intricate and prominent UFO persons. More…

Two Daylight UFO Sightings Over Scarborough, Ontario by Paul Shishis. This is quite interesting observation of a UFO once again! Today, Wednesday, August 29th 2012 while at work in Scarborough I noticed a lot of dust coming from next door’s construction. So I popped out outside, curious to have a look see at 9:57 am. I looked up in the clear blue sky facing slightly northwest and saw a light. It was about a half mile away from where I stood, at about five to ten thousand feet high. More…

Realm of the Harvest Witch: September, the Mysteries and Herd Mentality! by Pat Regan. Due to increased education and research etc, we are currently noticing greater disillusionment towards organised religions. We may also perceive a growing amount of interest in witchcraft and our ancient Pagan traditions. However, in order to understand where mankind is going in any spiritual sense we must first explore issues that many would prefer to avoid. More… Also read: Southport’s Sand Lizards and Synchronicity

A Story About Ancient Aliens by Lewis Brackett. It was rock, Thomas thought, all rock, drifting in a void between the dying stars. A rock they would be transforming into enough energy to replace their needs for a long time. For now, Thomas thought, yes. They had no choice. His scout ship touched down on the planetoids mostly smooth and entirely barren surface. More…

The Climate Change Wars!

Climate Change Does Too Exist! by Diane Tessman. To those who are angry and rebellious at “the global new world order,” or even at their local governments for pushing “global warming green tax” and “fear of the future” onto the human populace, good for you! I agree with your anger, rebellion and mistrust! More… Also read: It’s Religious Folly To Care About the Planet and Our Future, Let’s Just Wave Good-bye Also read: Time to Stop Arguing about the Reasons for Climate Change!

Global Warming or Wholesale Global Indoctrination on a Massive Scale by Pat Regan. The question of alleged Man-Made Global Warming (MMGW) is highly divisive to say the least. Like any vicious civil war, it regrettably sets good friends and family against each other. In the following article I shall try to dispel a few popular misconceptions in the sincere hope that greater clarification will develop. More…

Climate Change Does Too Exist!, Rebuttal by Tony Elliott. This article is a prime example of how global warming/climate change can exist in one’s mind and not in reality. The one key thing to remember is there wouldn’t be a debate at all if GW/CC were a reality. The evidence would be so undeniable that everyone would agree due to it coming from concrete proof. However, this isn’t the case with GW/CC as the debate has been going on for decades. More…

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