In this week’s newsletter we feature several Valentine’s Day articles including The Legends of Love by Deanne Jaxine Stinson, St. Valentine’s Day by Pat Regan and Brad Steiger’s “What Are You Giving Your Sweetheart for Werewolf’s Day”. Nick Pope‘s February column is posted and he is  challenging more clichés about UFOs.  Then, Steve Pearse writes about the correlation between sunspots and extraterrestrials. Next, Scott Corrales reports on UFO activity in Latin America. The new movie Jupiter Ascending has been reviewed by Deanna Jaxine Stinson. Next, Tony Eliott, writes about strange broadcasts of unknown origin heard worldwide since the creation of radio.Then, Steve Erdmann pens Paralyzing UFOs and Secrecy. Sean Casteel is back writing about Orfeo Angelucci’s Secrets of the Flying Saucers. Finally, Paul Dale Roberts, visits paranormal Hawaii and tells the story of the ghost of Madame Pele. Enjoy Dirk

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THE LEGENDS OF LOVE  by Deanna Jaxine Stinson. Valentine’s day this year is going to be on a Full Moon. Although the Americanized date picked out to celebrate love might not have much to do with that after all but several saints who were honored and remembered on that day. The full moon is a symbol of power and on this day at its highest peak it is going to be important to remember to honor each other with respect, passion and goodwill. We can remember to value each other all year long but on this date we can recognize and acknowledge the love we have for those around us. Below, I want to share some beautiful stories of love. More…

ST. VALENTINE’S DAY by Pat Regan. The early Church was highly skilled at transforming the spiritual loyalties and traditions of the Pagan populace over to the new intolerant monotheistic credo. Elated Pagan spring festivities, relating to love and desire, came under the iron-fisted conversion remit of the sexually-repressive Church. Therefore, let us explore this matter in more detail.  More..

WHAT ARE YOU GIVING YOUR SWEETHEART FOR WEREWOLF’S DAY? by Brad Steiger . The early Christian Church fathers (circa 270 A.D.) were well aware of the popularity of a vast number of heathen gods and goddesses, as well as the dates of observation of pagan festivals, so they set about replacing as many of the entities and the holidays as possible with ecclesiastical saints and feast days. Mid-February had an ancient history of being devoted to acts of love of a far more passionate and lusty nature than the Church wished to bless, and the bishops moved as speedily as possible to claim the days of February 14 through 17 as belonging to Saint Valentine, a courageous martyr to the ties that bound couples in Christian love.  More..


UFOLOGY – Challenging More Clichés  by Nick Pope. In last month’s column I examined various clichés, tropes and often-repeated mantras, debunking a few myths and misconceptions, and probably upsetting a few people in the die-hard debunker and true believer camps alike. But the whole purpose of this column is to be provocative and to stimulate lively debate, so with that in mind, this month I intend to put some more claims under the microscope and see if they hold up to scrutiny. With apologies, as with last month’s column, this may make uncomfortable reading for some.  More….

THE CORRELATION BETWEEN SUNSPOT ACTIVITY AND ET VISITS by Steve Pearse. We currently have at least three indications that 2016, and the years immediately following, have the potential to bring another chance for open Contact between extraterrestrials and humanity. If world governments don’t repeat the insane mistakes they made during the 1940’s and 1950’s – a big if – and we can get a grip on our rapidly declining geopolitical situation, the door may open again for humanity to meet at least some of the Visitors we know are out there.  More...

THE UFO PHENOMENON IN SALTA, ARGENTINA – A SUBSTANTIATED STORY  by Scott Corrales. Northern Argentina has a long history of enigmas, a mysterious angle that constitutes an important part of local culture. In recent years, one mystery has repeated increasingly in the skies of Salta – UFO sightings. Reports repeat themselves, some surprising, other questionable, some of them including the so-called “encounters of the third kind”. In cities or lonely places, jungles, rivers and dams, the UFO phenomenon has become gradually more frequent. Moreover, the massification of technologies able to record events of this sort give us the possibility of gaining access to a variety of accounts.  More… Also read: ALLEGED UFO MONITORS MEXICAN MILITARY ‘COPTER’ IN TULANCINGO Also read: A UFO RECORDED AT COLIMA’S VOLCAN DE FUEGO?

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JUPITER ASCENDING: A MOVIE REVIEW  by Deanna Jaxine Stinson. Jupiter Ascending is a science fiction movie with a Cinderella theme. The main actress Jupiter Jones is played by Mila Kunis. The role of her star crossed lover is played by Channing Tatum. Jupiter is an Earth born girl who lives life out as a parentless girl adopted by an astrologer who predicts incredible things for her because she has the sign of Jupiter rising in her charts at 23 degrees. Jupiter finds this hard to believe because she is a maid and cleans houses for a living, a very lowly job in America.  More…

STRANGE BROADCASTS OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN HEARD WORLDWIDE SINCE THE DISCOVERY OF RADIO  by Tony Elliott. Strange broadcasts of unknown origin and purpose have been heard worldwide since WW1 and continue today. Fairly recently, since the 1990’s these broadcasts have been researched in what is known as the Conet Project which distributes recordings of the broadcasts to the public.  More…

PARALYZING UFOS AND SECRECY  by Steve Erdmann. “There are two things I know with certainty about the UFO phenomena. One is that the phenomenon is real,” says author Robert Salas, “that is, real objects of unearthly origin are visiting our airspace. My second certainty is that the phenomenon of people being abducted by sentient beings who are operating these unknown craft, is also a reality. These conclusions do not come from hypotheses, guesses, theories, or concepts that I used to convince myself of these realities. They come from my life experiences.” More…

ORFEO ANGELUCCI’S SECRETS OF THE FLYING SAUCERS – A RETURN TO THE DAYS OF THE EARLY CONTACTEES  by Sean Casteel. After covering UFOs, alien abduction and many other paranormal subjects for over 25 years, I thought I’d seen it all. But once again, publisher, editor, writer and talk show host Timothy Green Beckley has shown me just how wrong that assumption can be. Tim recently sent me a book that contains two full-length tomes by the late contactee Orfeo Angelucci combined in one volume. Though the books were originally published in the 1950s, they contain so much that is relevant and precious about UFO contact and the mortals who come under their purview for reasons they themselves do not comprehend. More…

PARANORMAL HAWAII – THE GHOST OF MADAME PELE  by Paul Dale Roberts. The cliffs of Makapu’u offer a scenic view of the eastern shores of Oahu. It is there that Madame Pele last stayed before moving on to the Big Island. People sometimes see an old lady in white hitchhiking along the highway there (as well as the Pali highway). That is the human incarnate form of Madame Pele and it is said you need to show her respect and kindness by offering her a ride. She will usually go along for the ride before disappearing into thin air. Failure to offer the ride may have serious implications. Makapu’u is also a place known for the Akua’lele (flying god). These are fireballs said in lore to be powerful conjured up spells from one who practices the ancient ways of Hawaiian sorcery. More…

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