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Publisher’s Note:  I received an email at 2:49 a.m. this morning from a UFO Digest reader who is desperately seeks help in dealing with strange events happening in their life. Strange events are occurring on a regular basis and the reader wishes to share their experiences and learn from them how better to live with and perhaps obtain a certain level of control when dealing with the events. The following is the email I received. It has been edited for clarity by me. Dirk

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I don’t know where to start, but over the past few months I’ve been having glitches in time, out of body experiences and severe deja vu

When I was younger this happened to me a lot but when I told people they didn’t believe me so I just didn’t want to tell anyone because I thought they would think I was crazy. The only reason why I’m speaking of this now is because over the last few months the number of evens have increased tremendously.

I’ve never seen a UFO. but I have had experiences were creatures that look like aliens were standing around me. it’s hard to talk about this because every time when I think about it it’s like having and anxiety attack.

I woke up one morning to go to the store. I was slightly groggy but I was aware of my surroundings. I got in my truck drove to the store and came home. As I was walking up the sidewalk I rubbed my eyes and I saw myself walking in front of me. I knew it was me because I know what I was wearing and I was holding a bag. it flashed like a camera. Instantly my heart was beating fast and I became short of breath.

Another time I was about to go to sleep with covers up to my neck. The TV was still on it was on a commercial featuring ‘Superbeta Prostate’. without thinking about it I grabbed the remote that was on the covers. I turned the volume down because I like to sleep with the TV on.

I closed my eyes and immediately my heart started to beat fast when I realized what I just did…I was still under the blankets which were covering my arms!  And the remote was exactly where my hand was but it was above the blankets.” I never removed the blankets to grab the remote I went through the blankets!”

There have been more incidents but some scare me just thinking about them. But all of them occur when I’m about to go to sleep or I’m just tired.

I have started to analyze them more and feel like I am getting more sensitive to it. I tried to recreate it and have succeeded. But you have to be really tired, and force yourself to stay awake, concentrating on one single thing. You start to feel it when your heart beating fast, your body’s reaction is to panic and open your eyes but be brave and let your energy flow” don’t resist it”…you will feel a presence around you .”Its just the unknown” think positive thoughts, nothing negative at all!  The first time I fell through my bed. the second I felt a negative presence so I stopped it, the third I saw the most beautiful blue warm light and began hovering for only a few seconds…but since I been doing this I can sometimes feel what strangers are feeling but I can’t control who, it just happens. but all of this started the beginning of this year.

I want to know more, I want someone to teach me more….there is something more than what we see…It’s a vibration…a key note that not everyone hits…my e-mail is [email protected] please help..

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