UFO Digest Spotlight on…Phoenix Rising From The Gulf By Dr. Tom Termotto



Phoenix Rising from the Gulf

The BP Gulf Oil Spill Revealed

By Dr. Tom Termotto, BCIM.

SOS May Explain Five SERIOUS Unanswered Gulf Oil Spill Questions – We Do Not Know?

SOS Line of Inquiry Requires Input from the Best and the Brightest Among Us

The Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (GOSRC) has been ongoing for over 9 months now. We have received oil spill remediation proposals, implementation plans, and mitigation propositions from all over the world. After working with CBS 60 Minutes in the wake of their Special Program entitled Blowout: The Deepwater Horizon Disaster, we interviewed numerous whistleblowers and insiders throughout the Oil & Gas Industry, as well as from various contractors and consultants who, by virtue of their specialties, possessed intimate knowledge of offshore drilling operations. We were also privileged to speak with many retired, fired and disillusioned personnel from the assorted US Government Agencies and Departments which were involved, either directly or indirectly, with “setting up” the greatest manmade disaster in US history.

This is the context within which we have also received and gathered a plethora of data and information regarding a specific aspect of this spill, which almost always stayed under the radar… until now. We are compelled by the sheer profundity and far-reaching ramifications of this matter to offer this short paper. And, we thank that very narrow niche of geology researchers, oil spill investigators and armchair detectives who have become increasingly vocal about a potentially catastrophic occurrence in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM). It is clear that the very SOP’s (standard operating procedures) of the entire Oil & Gas Industry have greatly contributed to this devolving situation, and therefore this global enterprise must be seriously re-considered.

The specialty areas known as geohazards assessment, geophysics study and geotechnical analysis concern themselves with the rather arcane discipline of sea floor topography, sub-seafloor geology, among many others when applied within the realm of offshore drilling. Given the relentless transformation of the sub-seafloor geological formations and stratification at the Macondo Prospect in the GOM (as evidenced by the dramatic changes on the sea floor), a very serious and highly consequential set of questions has repeatedly surfaced. As follows:

I. Why did BP, knowingly and purposefully, drill in such close proximity to a salt formation/mud volcano?

II. Why did BP, with the full blessing of the US Coast Guard, execute not one, but two, failed attempts to cap the gushing well, knowing that the frozen hydrates would guarantee the failure of both containment domes?

III. Why did BP create a transparently false narrative for public consumption around the drilling of the two relief wells… with virtually no follow-up?

IV. Why was BP so determined to disappear the oil as quickly as possible in the face of fierce public opposition to the highly toxic and essentially ineffective dispersent COREXIT, and in blatant violation of EPA directives to discontinue its use?

V. Why was BP, a foreign transnational corporation, given the lead position in the unified command structure established by the Federal Government, to effectively enforce martial law in U.S. territorial waters, even to the extent that the five concerned sovereign states have been held hostage throughout the entire crisis? Bear in mind that this unlawful, unconstitutional, and treasonous conduct on the part of the US Government is unprecedented in American history, as is the lawless and criminal behavior of BP et al.

Please be aware that we could offer a much more comprehensive list of extremely critical and disconcerting questions about this oil spill. However, our intention here is not to ascertain good answers to each individual question, as there are no reasonable or rational explanations. Rather, our goal is to more fully understand, from the highest and broadest perspective, what in the world is really going on here?

Just as 911 has been proven to be an inside job (by those competent and authoritative investigators who have thoroughly researched this crime against the USA) that was designed, planned, coordinated (psyops), executed (black ops), and covered up by the US Federal Government in collaboration with a vast array of other entities, both foreign and domestic, it appears that this “disaster of the millennium” has a very similar etiology.

We have thoroughly dissected the corpse of the Macondo Well, as well as the seafloor and sub-seafloor geology of the surrounding area, at this site for months. We are now obligated to direct your attention to a much more weighty and significant revelation, which demands the collective attention of the nation, if not the entire world community.

We introduce this subject by posting an email which we sent out just last week. The email is followed by an unedited explanation of what may be the true reason why the BP Gulf Oil Spill was made to happen on purpose (aka MIHOP).

In the interest of acquiring as much high integrity input and feedback concerning this dire and demanding situation, we strongly encourage each and every reader to disseminate this link as broadly and quickly as possible. If the essential thesis is correct as stated, we have before us an unparalleled challenge of truly epic proportions. We repeat that we do not know the true status of things deep in the Earth, and especially with regard to the core, mantle and lithospheric crustal regions and their very dynamic relationship to each other during these times of great planetary flux.

If there is any geologist or astronomer who can corroborate or invalidate any of the statements presented in the post below, please forward all relevant correspondence to the following contact information:

Dr. Tom Termotto

National Coordinator
Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (International Citizens’ Initiative)
Tallahassee, FL
[email protected]
SKYPE: Gulf_Advocate


Recent email solicitation for competent assistance and expert consultation:

To Whom It May Concern,

We have sent the piece below to a select group of individuals. If you have received it, it is because you are well respected as a scientist, researcher, investigative journalist, oil spill expert/writer/advocate, critical thinker or armchair detective.

Please use your discrimination as to who ought to receive this document as it contains enough accurate information, which we have verified in the course of working on the BP Gulf Oil Spill, to cause an unwanted stir. You all know of our 9 month long Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference. We have folks from all over the world contributing from different areas of expertise and knowledge who are very smart and aware of these matters. Highly conscious and spiritual, too, so their truthseeking is leading them in the direction of ascertaining the current realities for the benefit of humankind.

We would sincerely appreciate, for those who have the time and interest, an honest critique of the science contained in this assessment. I have followed the author on other topics, and share many of his beliefs about the distinct possibility of the existence of a brown dwarf star closer than any astronomer will say. How close, we do not know. As for the uptick in comet activity, as well as solar activity or lack thereof, it has all been verified scientifically and can be confirmed at the appropriate authoritative websites. Any lifelong stargazer/skywatcher can easily attest to the extraordinary and meteoric changes in our own solar system by viewing with the naked eye alone. Some of the other planets have experienced such dramatic changes over the past two decades as to boggle the scientific minds. The relevant astronomy sites all confirm this fact without debate, just look at Mars or Venus for instance.

Please be aware that I have often viewed both Katrina and the BP Gulf Oil Spill as great omens of sorts. Each event carried a message far greater than the manmade disasters that they were. In other words, regardless of what the intentions of TPTB were, the Higher Power was using these truly apocalyptic events to tell the human populations living along the Gulf coastline that it was no longer a safe area. The predominantly black diaspora in the wake of Katrina is a perfect and unprecedented example of a whole demographic being picked up and plopped down wherever the FEMA “tornado” saw fit! As for the GOM oil spill, it was a defining moment in world history for anyone with eyes and ears. And again the coast was under all kinds of assaults, as it still is and will be for a LONG time.

Let’s not forget that this very same stretch of coastline is also known as “Hurricane Alley”. Therefore, 6 months out of every year we sit and wonder where the next Ivan, Katrina or Camille will hit. When you overlay the approx. 4000+ operating oil and gas rigs, and 27,000 abandoned platforms in the Gulf, it is very easy to see an ‘Atlantis-style’ setup in the making. Geological records clearly indicate that the Gulf has been the site of other major events over the eons, especially the southern GOM more recently.

We remind everyone who receives this email that, in the wrong hands, this information can be used to create much fear and apprehension about the future. So, we ask that you wait to disseminate widely until we receive enough feedback (based on hard scientific research and intuitive knowing) to publish a ‘peer-reviewed’, formal report which will be completed poste haste.

Thanking you in advance for any input/feedback,

Tom Termotto
Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference

“The more informed, the better we can prepare and respond.”


Unedited Post by John Dinardo

Date: Wednesday, 26-Jan-2011 14:32:27

Please stay with me on this scientific analysis of the mechanism which will cause land masses to arise out of the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico. The conclusion of my theory:

Land masses will arise out of the Gulf of Mexico,”
was related, three to four years ago, to Mark, my acquaintance who received this information from his geologist friend who works for the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The resultant tsunamis and methane gas bursts will annihilate many millions of unsuspecting residents within miles of the coast, all the way around, from Mexico to Florida, to Cuba, Haiti, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico.

I hope to inspire you to relay this analysis to concerned people everywhere. I plead with you to study this analysis and pass it on, in order to spark public action movements to save lives, for these seabed upheavals can occur any day from now. – John DiNardo

~~ Why Gulf of Mexico Land Masses Must Arise ~~

Gulf of Mexico effluents display a mysterious white substance, yellow sulfur, and red iron, probably from the Earth’s molten iron “outer core,” plus other substances from the “lower mantle,” which is right above the outer core. At the core/mantle boundary (CMB), large avalanches of the quasi-solid mantle edge of the CMB break off, due to heating, by electromagnetic induction, of both the molten iron outer core and the solid iron inner core, the latter being Earth’s innermost mass, residing at the center of the Earth. The heating of the outer core is also intensified by the long period cyclical buildup of thermally insulative mantle magma, solidifying along the edge of the lower mantle, bounding the upper edge of the outer core, this margin being the CMB. Hence, this solidifying magma margin acts as a thickening insulation blanket, further heating the molten iron outer core. However, it is important to realize that most of the heating of the outer core is now being generated by the well known phenomenon of “electromagnetic induction,” now generated by plasma-saturated comets which have been observed by scientists over the past five to ten years.

So now, Earth’s CMB has these prolific avalanches of loosened magma, sloughing off from the lower mantle margin into the molten iron outer core, and the obvious effect is that this mantle erosion proceeds like a drill bit, boring tunnels up through the very thick viscous mantle, all the way up until the tunnel eventually reaches a blockage presented by the lithosphere, which is the rigid crust of Earth’s surface, overlaying the less rigid uppermost mantle margin.

Understandably, molten iron from the outer core, plus newly molten magma encircling this hot newly drilled tunnel, flows like a slow oozing fountain, all the way up to the blockage at the lithospheric crust, and eventually the super heated liquefied column of magma rock and iron mixture melts the solid lithospheric crust like a gushing hot spring would melt a surface layer of ice.

This rising hot fountain is called a “mantle plume,” or “thermal plume,” one of which also exists at the eastern tip of Indonesia, showing that mantle plumes are prevalent worldwide. A mantle plume is similar to the lava plume that you see within a common household lava lamp, wherein an electric heating element at the base of the lamp heats up a puddle of lava, causing the puddle to rise up toward the surface in a plume of lava.

When this iron/magma column rises as a mantle plume, from the outer core/lower mantle boundary (CMB) to the uppermost edge of the upper mantle, the plume is initially blocked by the thin crustal layer, the “lithosphere,” at the Gulf of Mexico seabed. Eventually, the molten mantle plume dissolves or liquefies the thin lithospheric crust, effectively punching a hole in the seabed. This is the hole in the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico, which British Petroleum deliberately drilled into! Why deliberately?? I have testified to you that, THREE TO FOUR YEARS AGO, a U.S. Geological Survey informant relayed to me, through Mark, that they expect land masses to arise out of the Gulf of Mexico.

The reason why they drilled into the volcano was to TEMPORARILY PREVENT THE PEOPLE FROM REALIZING that this is actually a burgeoning catastrophic worldwide oil bursting phenomenon, and the powers-that-be are now in great fear that inevitable public realization will awaken the peoples of the World to the evidence that exists (if they are willing to examine it) that this is just one of many types of natural disasters which are now about to break out in a growing drum beat. The powers-that-be want you to think that BP caused these globally bursting natural oil gushers, with just a puny seven-inch drill pipe.

How gullible do they think we are? The ruling elite would rather have you believe that man caused this disaster, because when the people find out that they are in a game of natural disaster dodge-ball, they will break free from their psychological matrix cage of obedience to the tyrannical illegitimate imposters raping them from the power stage of central government. These ruling rapists are afraid that we may no longer be forcibly obedient to them, and that we may not pay our taxes, because, when people realize that these are natural disasters, and NOT just one BP disaster, the people will then fear a greater master than the ruling elite, the people will then fear the Master in the heavens, because that is the source of the electromagnetic heating of Earth’s core. This electromagnetic source is plasma engulfed comets being drawn into our Solar System by the immense gravitational pull of our incredibly massive Sun.

It is strikingly obvious: the apple fell down from the tree, and hit Sir Isaac Newton on the head, due to the mutual pulling force of gravity, which universally exists between two or more masses. Likewise, comets are being drawn in from deep space by the tremendous pulling force of gravity between these comets and
our Sun.

Getting back to the subject of Gulf of Mexico land masses arising, the consequences of a mantle plume punching through the
lithosphere, at the Gulf of Mexico seabed and elsewhere, are two-fold:

1) undersea volcanoes erupt, and indeed, oceanographers and volcanologists are now expressing alarm over the drastic increase in undersea volcanic eruptions, all over the World;

2) seabeds begin to bulge upward, due to the profusion of gases, such as methane, into newly formed pockets where the uppermost mantle margin meets the lithospheric crust, both at surfaces of seabeds and at crustal surfaces of land areas. There are now many reports of methane gas coming out of the ground, in Texas, in Colorado, in Pennsylvania, etc. There is a recent report of methane gas shooting out of a home water faucet, being fed from a private well. These newly formed pockets of rising gases strikingly explain the recent avalanche of reports of seabeds bulging all over the World, as indicated by drastically diminishing footage readings transmitted by ocean buoys, worldwide.

Notice, that the powers-that-be will never tell you what the day-by-day buoy depth readings are in the Gulf of Mexico. Notice, that Keith Olbermann of MSNBC-TV reported that the Corexit was promptly laid down to mask the depths of the entire Gulf of Mexico. If we were permitted to view that seabed, we would notice bulging and major fissures, from the Texas coast to the Florida coast. Notice that methane gas has been reported to be rising to the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. This is an ominous sign, since any spark from a boat’s ignition or such will cause the greatest surface fire cloud explosion ever witnessed, as well as a catastrophic coast-gobbling tsunami, if the concentration of methane gas builds to high enough levels. Such a catastrophic sea surface methane explosion has already occurred in 1998, and has been reported by Steve Quayle on his web site, stevequayle.com.

The ruling elite have been as suppressive of the science community as of the mass news media. Hence, the people of the World remain unaware until mega disasters send them suddenly reeling in fearful panic. You and I, therefore, have a humanitarian responsibility to disseminate this analysis and to urge others to examine it, and to promote a growing public study of this and so many other alarming meteorological and geological events, which have transpired from the unusual to the commonplace over the past six years.

In a forthcoming message, I will email you a photocopy of the actual New York Times newspaper report, from the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, stating that the reason why they launched the Infrared Astronomical Satellite was to detect the infrared light images emitting from this approaching brown dwarf star, this celestial dodge ball (of a mass estimated to be at least 1,000 Earth masses), which is now in our Solar System, menacing Earth, both electromagnetically and

Finally, see the .jpg photo, attached above, displaying my photocopy of the actual Washington Post front page newspaper report, heralding the discovery of this giant brown dwarf star, on a cometary orbit into our Solar System.

John DiNardo

About Concerned Citizens of Florida

Live in North Florida

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