UFO Emerges From Cloud Over Nazca Lines



By Ray Alex

I have put together a series of analyzed images from this video so you can compare and judge for your self. Because i think that this is without a doubt one of the best UFO video evidence ever captured on video You may now view this footage in full 1080p HIGH DEFINITION. For FULL EFFECT, PLEASE view in large screen mode. This footage was taken from a tourist plane flying over the famous Nazca Lines in Peru January 2011. No other video evidence that I know of has ever captured a UFO from this short distance of only 20-30 ft. You may not be able to read any writings from the side of this craft or something like that, but you sure can see that this is no hole in the clouds.

A threshold check to see if it is a solid object or not, made @ 123% and it is there.

UFO-negative image

Negative image shows not much, but yet a pretty clear object.


Hue image to 75% to enhance the forms of the object, and it is very clear to me at least.

UFO-posterized negative

And last but not least, the UFO in an posterized (low frame) negative image.

Click here or on video above to watch.

On January 1. 2011 a couple of medical professionals on a trip to Peru, took the first early morning flight on a small Cessna aircraft to view the famous Nazca Lines. This video was taken from the plane window during the viewing of the lines. The weather was absolutely perfect, as it usually is in this part of the desert. From out of no where, the plane was overtaken by a large dark dense set of clouds. The passengers described fear as the captain of the plane asked them to brace themselves against the imminent turbulence. The small craft was soon entirely engulfed by the clouds. The man videoing the Nazca Lines kept the camera rolling as they passed through the clouds. Unknown to the tourist was the disk that passed unsafely close to the plane. He did not notice it until they returned to their room later on in the morning and viewed the tape. He was so shocked at what he had seen that he uploaded segments of the flight and shared them to be viewed by others. You be the judge :)

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