UFO Frenzy: Southport Air Show 2011

By Pat Regan  


 Yet again UFOs have been present at the Southport Air Show.

I have taken footage over previous years of unidentified flying objects at these popular events. Many theories have been tabled for these entities, yet nothing ‘conclusive’ has come to light.

The UFOs in question have travelled at ultra rapid speed; this has in fact made ‘some’ of them virtually undetectable to the human eye. I have taken hundreds of clips, yet a small percentage of these films displayed UFOs moving within the footage when carefully analysed.

The following clips show UFOs in close proximity to war planes such as the RAF Tornado, the Red Arrows and also the Vulcan Bomber. Another is seen close to a parachute descending.

I have created still images from the videos and zoomed in so that readers may scrutinise these objects more carefully. All of the UFOs in question appear to possess cylindrical profiles that are unchanging.

I have also discounted hundreds of similar videos that contain identifiable silhouettes of birds, other planes or various airborne insects.

Let’s take a look… 


Above: A fast UFO rushes past a Tornado jet fighter. Two Tornados were present at the 2011 Air Show, yet this UFO was certainly ‘not’ the other plane that had only seconds before travelled past this one. 



Above: This is a close-crop, still image of the cylindrical UFO that passes the Tornado.  

Check out the video here:


Above: the parachutist is clearly visible in this still image, yet what is the UFO that passes above to the right? At this point the helicopter that had dropped the parachutists was high overhead.


Above: I have ringed the UFO in this image for closer analysis. Again, it travelled like the others at remarkable speed. Please note the cylindrical outline of this unknown entity. 

Check out the video here:



Above: A majestic Vulcan Bomber in action. To the left of the jet is a UFO. This one is almost undetectable on the video and I nearly missed it, but it is there nevertheless.

Above: I have ringed the UFO to the left of the Vulcan on this closer cropped image.

This is the link to the video:



All of the above images were taken on 23 July 2011, which marked the first day of the 2011 Southport Air Show.  

DAY 2 – 24 July 2011

The second day of the Air Show saw me back in action with my trusty camera. 

However, on this occasion I only stayed to see the Red Arrows display team. Again, I took numerous videos. Many held clear images of birds and a few insects along with the jets. Nevertheless, one piece of footage produced another exceptionally fast moving UFO close to a jet. 


Above: A swift UFO passes a Red Arrows jet. Please note: several other ‘identifiable’ objects, such as birds etc, were also in this particular clip.  


Above: Closer still –  with the cylindrical UFO ringed to the left of the jet.  


Above: a fraction of a second later and the UFO has almost passed the speeding jet. Its cylindrical silhouette remains unvarying right though the video footage.


Above: A close up crop of the Red Arrows UFO.  

Here is the link to this Red Arrows video:



I must reiterate that typical images of birds etc are quite easy to spot; their ragged profiles change as they move along. All the above UFOs however had shapes that remained ‘constant’ throughout the frames. 


Oddly enough, so far the local Southport media have largely ignored the seasonal Air Show UFO axis, whilst the rest of the world has pondered over the issue.

Perhaps the local press are labouring under the mistaken impression that reporting on such mysterious occurrences will somehow ‘alarm’ the public away from these profitable air shows, or bring some type of professional discredit or even ‘ridicule’ onto their ‘respectable’ periodicals. Who knows?

It does have to be said that many people who initially contact me, via North West UFO Research, with UFO reports later discharge their own reports due to the trepidation of public derision. Only a small fraction of UFO reports received by me personally get to make it to the press columns due to the latter reason.

Yes folks, at times it does take a certain amount of audacity to come out and tell our frequently biased establishment what you have honestly witnessed. This alone was one reason that I wrote UFO: THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH.



Previous experience indicates that the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) is not really ‘that’ bothered about unidentified entities in our air space; entities that may genuinely pose a serious threat to both pilots and public. However, I believe that such objects should be investigated properly by the authorities that are supposed to be in place to ensure national air safety.

Now that the MoD has closed its UFO research facility I BELIEVE THE PRESS SHOULD BE DOING MUCH MORE to analyse and report on this highly significant issue.

Of course we can all jest about what UFOs may or may not be, yet air safety is the most important issue at hand herein.

Unknown objects that whizz about unchallenged in our air space must be taken seriously.  

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