UFO Hovers Over Zhejiang Province

By Elaine Chow

“I have no idea what it is,” a witness said.

The reporter found that not only was the object itself very bright in the sky, but its reflection on the river was also very eye-catching. Many residents in Haiyan County also witnessed it.

Another witness said, “It looked quite big and it seemed that it was moving.”

Another bright flickering dot appeared above the object and started to move toward the object slowly when residents were discussing the unidentified object. This flickering dot was visible for about 10 minutes and started to fly toward Haining City.


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Two reporters from Haiyan’s local TV station followed the twinkling object in a car moving toward Haining City and took relatively clear pictures after waiting for about an hour on the flight path of the object.

According to the picture, it was a round object that had shiny blue lights, and several other flickering objects were around it.

After a while, however, reporters found that the round object had seemingly become rectangular. The object gradually flew higher and finally disappeared at around 10 p.m. about three hours after its first appearance.

So what are the chances this was a visit from aliens? At least one group of Chinese scientists thinks the possibility is high. Professor Wang Sichao of the Purple Mountain Observatory stated just days before the Zhejiang UFO appeared that “some UFOs appear to be extraterrestrial spacecraft that demonstrate anti-gravity capability and may be engaged in research activities.”


Article continues here: http://shanghaiist.com/2010/09/07/ufo_spotted_hovering_for_three_hour.php


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