UFO Near Ft Smith, Montana

Publisher’s Note: I received the following description and two photos from Bill Gorman today (October 25, 2011). Bill produces 3D photographs. While processing recent photos Bill spotted what he believed to be a UFO in this set of photos. I believe Bill may be correct.

The following is what Bill wrote to UFO Digest:

I took these pictures near Bighorn Reservoir, Ft Smith, Montana on May 2,2007 while making 3D photos using 2 identical Sony P-50, 5 MP digital cameras and pressing the shutter releases at the same time so the distance the craft traveled was done in less than a second. You can make a 3D picture from the L & R picture and see the landscape in 3D. It clearly appears to be a saucer I do not recall and planes in the area and did not hear or see the craft until I transferred the file to my computer and enlarged them.

Left image taken with stereo camera

Right image taken with stereo camera


Original left photo: https://www.ufodigest.com/sites/default/files/BighornUFO020L.jpg

Original right photo: https://www.ufodigest.com/sites/default/files/BighornUFO020R.jpg

Publisher: I took Bill’s photos and located the object and then enhanced and enlarged the object and adjusted with Adobe Photoshop’s ‘Auto Contrast’. Notice the metallic look and the depth of the object as well as its dome shape. Dirk

Some if Bill Gornman’s 3D panorama photos (need red blue glasses) the Spruce Gooise is the first Panorama


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