UFO photographed over ancient Chinese city

from People’s Daily Online

Two students saw a bright object fly into their camera lens that they thought might be an unidentified flying object (UFO) while taking photos of the city’s night views at the 10th Pingyao International Photography Festival held in the ancient city of Pingyao in central China’s Shanxi Province on the night of Sept. 22.

The whole incident lasted about 40 minutes. The two sent the photos they took to a reporter on the afternoon of Sept. 23 hoping the mystery could be revealed.

The object in the photo was a sphere with two flickering columns on its two sides. However, it actually could not be seen with the naked eye. The two photographers kept following it and shooting pictures, and were able to take many clear images of the objects.

The object kept appearing and disappearing in the sky from time to time and its position and flying trajectory also kept changing. When some tourists passing by were looking at the pictures taken by the students and comparing them with the sky, they were also surprised.

The two students took about 200 pictures of the UFO. For a period, the object disappeared in their camera lens, but at nearly midnight, it appeared again when one of the students adjusted the time of exposure to 20 seconds and pressed the shutter. However, this time, the columns on its two sides reversed and the object had also moved to a position above the moon.

A group of youth passing by witnessed the whole event with the two students and left their telephone numbers for them. A girl gave them her mobile phone number, and said that she was willing to testify about this incident in the future.

The two students, named Gu Peiwen and Sun Jiali, were admitted to the Department of Photography of the Harbin Normal University’s School of Communication in 2008 and are in the same class.

On Sept. 18, the two traveled to Pingyao with their photographs to take part in the 10th Pingyao International Photography Festival. They always go out to photograph local scenery in their spare time. It was Mid-Autumn Festival on Sept. 22 and the moon was bright and beautiful on that night, so they went to Mingqing Street to take pictures of some night views.

Source: http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/90001/90782/7149965.html 

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