Publisher’s Note: I received an email from a UFO Digest reader named Chris. He sent me a description of his sighting and 5 short videos of the object which I believe are unidentified flying objects. Dirk

Name: Chris
Date of sighting: October 28, 2014
Location: Crosby Beach,
Liverpool, United Kingdom

Chris wrote that he goes tor a jog every day down to the beach. He was returning hoe when he saw an unusual object in the sky. “I go for daily jogs down the beach, on the way back i look up and see this in the sky”, said Chris.

Click here to enlarge top photo.

The object was silent and appeared to hover silently in the sky. 

Luckily Chris had a new smart phone but it was so new he didn’t have a lot of experiene using the video function. He did manage to capture 5-short videos which clearly do show what Chris was seeing.

Cube-shaped UFO.

Chris continues: The video does not do it justice, i have no idea what it is. There was no sound or movement from it at all. I was trying to figure out how to zoom in properly on my new phone, this is why it is in five small parts. it disappeared as i tried to take a 6th video.

Click on the links below to watch Chris’ videos on YouTube.






If you would like to contact Chris regarding his videos or sighting click here: [email protected] 



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