UFO Sighting Dover, New Hampshire

The last week of January was a cold night in Dover NH. The traffic was heavy and we were stopped at a traffic light. Slowly a set of lights traveled over head.

They were shaped like a V, from wing tip to wing  tip was about as large as a football field. On the tips of the 'V' were white lights. On the front was one white light and on the back was one white light.

Directly in the middle of this triangle was a white light. The object did not shoot downward. I rolled down the window and there was no noise. The car beside me rolled down their window also.

UFO Digest file photo

In the middle of this traffic it seemed like everybody on both sides of me was looking up at this object. Then the traffic lights turned green and the cars began to move.

I called the Pease International Tradport and the local police. Neither knew anything about the object  But this silent V-shaped noiseless  craft with a white light in its middle was still there as we had to move from this intersection.


The Dover newspaper reported it being seen the same night nearer town…but had no names of the witnesses.


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