UFO Sighting in Canoga Park, California!

Publisher’s Note: Received the following from Craig who wishes to share his personal UFO sightings with the UFO Digest readers. Thanks Craig. Dirk

Canoga Park
Los Angeles, CA, USA


Back years ago around 1972-1973 living in Canoga Park, California, I saw an UFO that slowly moved over the house. 

Because I was only 5 years old I thought it might have been a dream but I later confirmed this with my mother. 

Here’s exactly what happened. Late at night, I didn’t know the time, I saw a light shine through the window toward my mother. I slept away from the window but next to my mother.  I called out “mom” but she didn’t answer and I wondered what that light was so I hopped off the bed and went to the window to see what was beaming that strong light. It was like a stage flood light.  When I got to the window, I saw a very big circular object with three lights on the bottom facing me.  Strangely though there was no sound from it. It moved over very quietly. When I was at the window, I called out my mother’s name a few more times but she didn’t move nor react.  Then the object moved right over the house.   

Then years later, when I was 8, the movie ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ came out and I told my mother that I thought I saw an UFO beam a light on her and slowly move over the house.

My mother then told me she saw the same thing but when the light shined on her, she got paralysed.  She said she couldn’t move and afterward didn’t remember anything after that.  So I figured it couldn’t have been a dream if my mother also saw the same thing at around the same time and place.

Now that I’m over 40 years old, I still remember this whole situation very clearly and sometimes I wonder if it was all a dream, especially that the UFO didn’t make any sound.

But my mother still confirms that this really happened so I guess I really saw an UFO.  I still wonder what was done to my mother when the light beam froze her but nothing seems abnormal. 

Another strange incident happened that my brother and sister claimed they heard some strange noise they had never heard before of something flying nearby the house in Canoga Park. But I’m not sure if it was that same night that my mother and I saw something. 

Well, that’s my UFO story..

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