UFO Sighting in Northern California

My wife and I enjoy your newsletters, thought provoking ideas. I wanted to share a sighting we had in the fall of 2011. We raise Quarter Horses in a valley in Northern California, near Mt Shasta. Our area is very active for UFOs and this ranching valley has more than a few private stories never before shared but with locals.
I am Canadian, Victoria BC, and living here with my American wife Angela. I have also been an ET Contactee for the past 8 years. we have had many confirmations of information shared over that time and told to not share it. This year I was told to begin sharing some information and began doing interviews on the net stations. beginning April 6 with Camelot Portal Radio. since then  I’ve done numerous interviews reaching over 2 million people, one show alone had 500,000 downloads, amazing. if you run me on YoutTube and Google, Geoffrey Faulkner, you’ll see my interviews, Late night in the midlands with Michael Vara was the largest audience and the show was 3 hours.

Listen to Geoffrey Faulkner interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlTQininPfk

I reported the sighting with MUFON in 2010, my wife and I went outside to stargaze and as we looked up, a black triangular UFO floated over our ranch at around 15,000 ft. it was HUGE. we agree it was around the size of three football fields in length. shortly after, I channeled my ET Contacts and was told we saw it as confirmation, that it was their scientific ship of the Pleiadians, and that they used it to hover over high Richter rated quakes and calmed the faults to lessen the aftershocks. a few months later I found a video on YouTube showing the exact ship, doing just what I was told it did, hovering over Santiago Chile, the date was the same day as their 8.2 quake.

Click here or on video above to watch!

There are beneficial ETs here also working with the situation. as with the Fukushima Radiation Leaks, they are working to control it although there will be a very bad impact prior to it being under control.. I used to be on Facebook  but have found it far too insane. I noted your article on the NET,, part of ascension? far from it, the Net is set to divide, confuse and is a tool of the PTB and CIA. etc. shadow government. a few of us recognized this and left it. we now only email. I plan on lecturing this year. nothing huge but select areas, cities I’ve been shown to speak in.. I like your journal and its variety of sources. I’m not looking for coverage via sending this to you, just sharing privately. keep up the good work, this is the year for full contact with my ET contacts, I am eagerly looking forward to it. My wife gets to witness a lot with me which makes it much more comfortable. this year will go by as a dream state, there won't be panic but for those who have worked against the common good of mankind. thus. the DUMBS. to escape to. amazing times.

Geoffrey Faulkner

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