UFO Sightings in Kansas City Remain Unexplained

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Missouri has highest number of UFO reports in October

Missouri had the most number of UFO sighting reports submitted during the month of October, 2011, according to the Mutual UFO Network database at www.mufon.com.  A total of 75 UFO sighting reports in Missouri were submitted to MUFON in October.  Most of the sightings were in the Kansas City, Missouri area and the suburbs of Lee’s Summit, Raytown, and Independence. 

November 1, 2011 Kansas City, Missouri

Margie Kay, Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON and Independence, Missouri resident is heading up the investigation in Kansas City.  Debbie Ziegelmeyer, State Director for Missouri MUFON and other field investigators are assisting with the high volume of investigations.  The case has been moved to Star Team level.

37 reports remain unsolved and unidentified.

The identified craft include two flight teams that are members of the Experimental Aircraft Association. The EAA Flying Team flew in wing formation with six planes out of the Lee’s Summit Airport between 7:40 PM and 8:20 PM on October 4, 2011. The KC Flight team with seven planes flew over the Chief’s Stadium for Monday night football on October 31, leaving the airport at 6:45 PM and returning at 8:00 PM. The flight path included  areas over Lee’s Summit, Raytown, and Kansas City. The group flew in a circular pattern, and had bright flashing strobe lights that are typical of their night performances.

Margie believes that this new type of night stunt flying will promote more UFO sighting reports in the coming years all over the U.S.  and believes that MUFON and other UFO reporting sites should consider putting a video of the Flight Team performances on the website so people can see what the Flying Teams look like, especially at night. Perhaps an aircraft identification page would be a good idea. This may cut down on the number of bogus reports that MUFON Field Investigators have to investigate.

The unidentified UFO sighting reports include multiple reports of bright white, blue, orange, and dull black spheres at low altitude – even inches off of the ground- and close proximity to witnesses.  The spheres are the most perplexing of the reports, and occurred during the entire month of October.  Other unidentified objects include large craft with blue lights that are not typical aircraft lights, two craft that turned on their sides and took off at a high rate of speed, and large diamond and triangular shaped craft that hovered at tree level. 

Radar reports from October 4 indicate that a target was stationary at 38,000 feet nine miles north of the sightings for approximately 20 minutes.  This remains unexplained.  Other radar indicates positive targets in the sighting areas.  MUFON is analyzing these reports.

Several witnesses have submitted video, photos, and drawings. Most of these are available at www.mufon.com

The events have been covered heavily in the media and on YouTube, where independent witnesses have submitted videos that are not part of the MUFON investigation.  Several of these reports include data that is incorrect.  The correct information is posted at www.missourimufon.org.  The investigators post new information as quickly as possible. 

Margie Kay and Debbie Ziegelmeyer have been working late hours in an attempt to close out the cases as quickly as possible.  Both women own their own contracting businesses and have busy schedules, so the onslaught of sighting reports has been difficult.  They continue to investigate, along with assistance from three other Missouri and Kansas Field Investigators. 

Greater Kansas City has a population of 2.5 million, and is home to the Kansas City Chiefs Football team and Royals Baseball team.  The average number of UFO sightings in the K.C. area is five per month.

Investigators are looking for more photos and video that witnesses may have acquired.

MUFON encourages reporters to speak to Margie or Debbie about the events rather than depending on information released in videos.


Margie Kay
Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON
Star Team Investigator
PO Box 1166
Independence, MO 64050
[email protected]

Debbie Ziegelmeyer
State Director for Missouri MUFON
Star Team Investigator
[email protected]

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