Publisher’s Note:  I found this article in my Google Alerts today and thought to share it because it had an accompanying video. It was posted on the 48waff.com (http://www.waff.com) website and reported by Chris Dyches. Hope you enjoy it
By Chris Dyches
A man from Fort Mill has posted a video online after saying he saw two UFOs in the air over his neighborhood.
In a YouTube video posted by user Quang Tran online on January 30, Tran says he was outside in his Fort Mill neighborhood when he saw something bright in the sky.
“I used my Samsung note 3 to taken [sic] the first until the object went down and I turn off the camera,” Tran posted online.
That’s when he says he saw another object in the sky and recorded another video.
In the video, the object is moving to the left, but then turns back to the right. It stops and hovers again.
A commercial airplane is seen flying over the neighborhood in the video, as well.
After appearing to hover, the object quickly descends to the right of the screen in the same direction that the other object flew in Trans first video just moments earlier.

Source: http://www.waff.com/story/24664783/video-ufo-spotted-in-fort-mill

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