UFO: strange lights in the Seascale sky

UFO: strange lights in the Seascale sky


By Pat Regan


Vigilant UFO witness Mr J. Hunt of Seascale in Cumbria contacted NORTH WEST UFO RESEARCH (NWUR) founder, Pat Regan (October 2010) with news of more activity in the skies therein.

This witness has kindly written to NWUR before with sightings. 

This is Mr Hunt’s latest sighting in his own words.

“I observed another UFO just over a week ago that I thought I’d let you know about. I only waited this long to see if anything else cropped up but unfortunately there have been heavy clouds and no other sightings. I’ve not seen a light like this before.”

Location: Seascale, Cumbria, UK.
Time: 21:15-21:20
Date: 25/09/2010

Mr Hunt explained what he had seen. 

He had gone outside for a cigarette when he noticed a bright white light in the sky (not a star) as he faced north. At first he thought it was Venus and was puzzled as Venus has been moving in the south and west at that particular period. He looked around for Venus but there was no sign of it as it was obscured by houses. From where he sat he could not see the light, but coming back inside he noticed the light had gone; with no clouds and a perfectly clear sky with plenty of stars to check against.

He went inside and looked out of a north facing window but the light was still gone. He then looked out of a south facing window to check for the planet Venus, which was visible precisely where it should be at this time of night. 

Mr Hunt added: 

“After looking at Venus, it seemed to me that the light I saw was marginally larger in size.” 

Did any other residents see anything similar to this? 

I thank Mr Hunt for coming forward with this interesting data. 

The following was an update from April 2010 involving Mr Hunt’s previous experience. 


Cumbrian region still producing UFO interest

April 2010 update. 

Mr J. Hunt of Seascale in Cumbria, UK recently sent in news of UFO sightings from the Lake District region. 

Mr Hunt informed NWUR founder/author of UFO: THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH, Pat Regan, of the following Cumbrian events which occurred between 2008 and 2010 

“I’ve lived in Seascale, a mile from Sellafield; for just over 2 years now and I and my family have seen several strange lights in the sky – a rough estimate would be about 4-6 separate occasions. On all but one of them, the light/s has been the same in colour (red) and size and shape (they have the appearance of being very bright stars, in contrast to the stars visible in the sky. On a couple of occasions the light would just be completely stationary, zero movement whatsoever, and after a while (between 5-15 minutes or so) would start to fade, then flicker back to life again and do that a few times before simply winking out.” 

The witness added: 

 “On other occasions they were moving in a deliberate manner, leaving no doubt that they were not being blown around by winds.” 

This latter comment by Mr Hunt concerning the mysterious objects not being affected by winds is most interesting. As NWUR has observed before, similar UFOs have later been found to be nothing more sinister than the ubiquitous Chinese lantern. However, we have noted that some orbs have travelled against strong winds and also kept pace with fast vehicles on coastal roads. Chinese lanterns, being flimsy items, cannot perform such feats and it would appear that Mr Hunt’s sighting matches this phenomenon. 

Mr Hunt continued: 

“The first one I saw that moved, looking south towards Drigg and Ravenglass was a single red light, moving left to right, pausing for a few moments each time before reversing its direction. The movements were completely horizontal with no apparent deviation and the length it moved each time was apparently the same amount. After about 10 minutes of that, it stopped and then did the flicker/fade/reshine I described above before disappearing. On another occasion there were two red lights in the sky, looking towards Sellafield way, although the movement seemed a little more erratic this time, slowly moving in all directions, but again very deliberate. The right one was the first to fade and was followed by the remaining light shortly afterwards.”

But there was more, as Mr Hunt added:

“The sighting of the different UFOs was this time two quite large, pale white lights that looked much like hot-air balloons in shape, looking towards the Lake District. I confess to never having seen a hot air balloon at night (all these sightings were at night, by the way, either during the late evening or early hours) so I’m unsure of what it would look like, but the things that made us wonder was their actions. Like the red lights, they moved very deliberately from side to side as though unaffected by wind. They were also seemingly illuminated/glowing and there was no tell-tale flicker of flame to keep altitude, of which there was absolutely no derivation – they stayed at the exact same height throughout the sighting – and there was no wavering or flicker from the glow to suggest any kind of flame being used. After 5 or so minutes, they both just simply stopped glowing and disappeared. We’ve never seen the like of them again.” 


Again, the fact that the witness believed that the wind had no effect on the mysterious phenomenon is intriguing.   

Mr Hunt related more activity in the Cumbrian skies, this time on the night of 10th April 2010.

“The red lights have been far more numerous. For instance, I saw one last night, which is what made me start searching info about them. I’d stepped outside into the garden for a cigarette and noticed the light above my next-door neighbour’s house, in the direction of the Irish Sea and the Isle of Man. I stopped and watched it for a few minutes and it stayed completely stationary throughout. I checked the sky to see if there were any stars out at all, but there was nothing but cloud cover at the time.”

Mr Hunt also noted the following which may be relevant:

“I would also like to point out something that may or may not be of interest and that is that as I said in my report of the first light I saw (June 14th 08) was towards the south. As well as Sellafield being near to our village (to the north), there is also some kind of MoD artillery testing facility to the south, in the direction of the light I saw.” 

Pat Regan asked Mr Hunt about the possibility that any of these sighting could be related to celebratory Chinese lanterns. The witness responded:

“While I think about it, seeing as you mentioned Chinese lanterns, perhaps it’s worth noting that I’ve seen Chinese lanterns before. As a matter of fact there was one that floated by early in the evening of the last sighting. There can be absolutely no doubt that the lights I’ve described are not caused by Chinese lanterns. For a start, lanterns are very identifiable by their yellow, flickering light and their pattern of movement which can only follow whatever winds there may be at the time, including whatever turbulence they may encounter. I mentioned the colour of the lantern lights as, all other considerations aside, the lights that I and my family have observed have all been red, without a shadow of a doubt, compared to the obvious yellow flame that keeps a Chinese lantern aloft. All other instances that disprove the lights were Chinese lanterns I have already mentioned. Were someone else to observe the two on the same night, there would be no confusion at all between the two, with the red lights being empirically unidentified flying objects and Chinese lanterns being just that.” 

Pat Regan said: 

“Our thanks go to Mr Hunt for this fascinating insight, which appears to prove once again that the Cumbrian skies remain as a UFO hotspot second to none.” 

NWUR Founder Pat Regan’s groundbreaking book, UFO: THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH relates numerous such UFO phenomena from many countries. 

Cumbria has genuinely become a hotspot along with parts of Lancashire for the strange UFO phenomenon.

NWUR welcomes new public UFO reports.  

Pat Regan

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