UFOs & Aliens – A Phenomenon That Won’t Go Away

New Dawn Special issue 17:

UFOs & Aliens – A Phenomenon That Won’t Go Away

New Dawn Special Issue 17 has been released. This magazine is devoted to the theme “The Secret UFO & Alien Agenda Revealed.”

The magazine, available in PDF as an iPad compatible e-book, features hard hitting & fascinating articles by leading researchers including Lynne Picknett, Clive Prince, Bill Chalker, Len Kasten, Gary Bekkum, Bruce Duensing, John Lamb Lash & Micah Hanks.

It also contains exclusive interviews with Nick Redfern & John White…

The webpage for the magazine is: http://www.newdawnmagazine.com/special-issues/new-dawn-special-issue-17

New Dawn Special Issues are in addition to the regular issue of New Dawn, which has been published in Australia since 1991.

Special Issues of New Dawn contain only articles with no advertising or sub sections. All you get is pure information from the authors themselves and plenty of illustrations to spark the imagination and make your reading experience enjoyable.

This is the complete list of contents in this magazine:

·       What Are UFOs?? An Interview With John White

·       The Odds Of ET Contact Are Nil, Despite That They Are Already Watching by Jim Elvidge

·       Did ETs Create The Maya Calendar? by Thomas Razzeto

·       An Alien DNA Paradigm? by Bill Chalker

·       Extraterrestrials Live Among Us by Paul Chen

·       The Real Men In Black: Government Agents Or Visitors From Beyond?? An Interview With Nick Redfern

·       A New Modern Ufology: From Story Telling To Innovation by Micah A. Hanks

·       Naïve Realism, New Directions & Ufology by Bruce Duensing

·       Close Encounters Of The Serpo Kind: Did Steven Spielberg Have Inside Knowledge Of A Human-Alien Exchange Program? by Len Kasten

·       Aliens Or Cosmic Jokers? by Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince

·       To The Moon And Back: Ingo Swann’s Tale Of Covert ET Activity On The Moon by Gary Bekkum

·       Trickster Pack: At The End Of Deception A Gnostic View Of Disclosure by John Lamb Lash

If you’d like to obtain this issue, please visit http://www.newdawnmagazine.com/special-issues/new-dawn-special-issue-17. The cost is US$5.95, with payment via Paypal.

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