“UFOs and Nukes” disclosure challenges scientific dogma

by Stoyan Sarg, Nikolaos Balaskas, William Treurniet, Asparuh Petrakiev 


The NPC Press conference, UFOs and Nukes 2010 resulted in wide discussions on the Internet but not as much from the mainstream media and almost nothing yet from scientific institutions. Why would authorities in the US allow such disclosure after decades of deep secrecy? This was unthinkable two decades ago when there were two opposing superpowers, the USA and the Soviet Union. The research on UFO technology has been highly classified and dominated by the military. What has been secretly done in the USA has also been done independently in the former Soviet Union. Evidently, they were able to acquire a new technology by reverse engineering and expensive research. Militarycorporate entities received a huge share of taxpayers’ money. Now the world has changed significantly. The cold war has ended and these well-funded institutions may be experiencing a lack of focus. The technology is useless against terrorism, the new enemy. Without a state-centered enemy, this technology stays on the shelf. Consequently, there is less incentive for maintaining high-level secrecy and disclosure may now be allowed to occur.

The recent NPC Press conference on UFOs and Nukes offered reliable proof that we are visited and observed by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. This is not strange for many open-minded people. What is strange is the silence of our scientific community about an issue of such great importance. The conference left an important question unanswered: Why are UFOs so concerned about our nuclear weapons? The incidents described by the former US Air Force personnel, that UFOs surveyed and sometimes damaged nuclear missiles, are not isolated. Similar cases have been reported in England and in the former Soviet Union. UFO activity has been registered also around the nuclear facilities in Canada. Recently UFO appearance increased. On 7 Oct 2010 the airport in inner Mongolia (china) is reportedly shut down because of UFO sightings.

One speaker at the press conference speculated that the UFOs interfered with nuclear weapons during the cold war because of the negative consequences from their use. Our incomplete 20th century science predicts a nuclear winter from the use of nuclear weapons, but the outcome could be much more disastrous. Space may not be as empty as thought by our 20th century physics, but may consist of a structured ether. Then multiple nuclear explosions in the atmosphere could conceivably trigger a giant tornado capable of sucking away a part of the Earth’s atmosphere. Similar processes exist on the sun and they are not easily explained by contemporary physics (see Sarg’s research on the problem in [1]).

Recently UFO appearance increased. On 7 Oct 2010 the airport in inner Mongolia (China) is reportedly shut down because of UFO sightings. On 27 Sep 2010 UN appointed the Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Othman to be Alien – UFO ambassador – an official ‘greeter’ should aliens from another planet openly land on Earth in their UFOs.

Unfortunately, the government funded scientific communities are silent on this issue. Are their members so tightly controlled from the bureaucratic levels down to the bottom level of working scientists? Most individual scientists know that current scientific dogma is strongly imposed through this hierarchy, primarily by funding constraints. Ideas not consistent with this dogma are ignored. For example, mainstream science will accept the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations only if intelligent EM signals originating thousands of light years away are received. Why would they exclude the possibility of communication with waves other than EM waves?

A hundred years ago, physicists understood that empirical evidence for such waves existed, and this was explained using the concept of an ether permeating all space. The ether concept allows propagation of longitudinal or pressure-like waves different from the presently known EM waves. Newton, Faraday, Ampere, Lord Kelvin, Maxwell and many other great physicists envisioned them, and Nikola Tesla even invented the means for generating and receiving of such waves. Nevertheless, the concept of the ether is now wrongly considered as disproved. Consequently, the knowledge of using of waves different than the EM waves is not available in the physics textbooks now. Fortunately, it can be found on the Internet. Wilbert Smith (1910-1962), a Canadian government scientist and expert in radio communications experimented on a new method of communication relevant to ET technology [2]

Presently, university textbooks maintain that the ether concept is disproved and space is empty. However, this is not true. The Michelson-Morley experiment and others based on interferometric principles are methodologically not suitable, because some specific properties of the ether medium were not envisioned. Even Einstein in his monograph “Sidelights on Relativity” (1920) says “without ether, General Relativity is unthinkable”. The truth is that the ether concept was abandoned because of the lack of a working physical model in the early 20th century. As a result, mathematical models were adopted, and versions of them are now still in use. They impose postulates and rules with many assumptions and approximations; however, they do not describe thoroughly the physical reality. They may work for one field but not for others. Quantum Mechanics, for example, is a mathematical model based on the incomplete Bohr atomic model. Its problems have been extensively discussed in the past but are now ignored for the most part. Observations of real atomic nuclei and atoms are limited to scales above 0.1 nm. Again, our understanding below this level comes from mathematical models built on assumptions. Clearly, if one assumption is wrong, the physical picture provided by the mathematical model will also be wrong. The claim that human logic fails in Quantum Mechanics is a good example of how the model provides an unrealistic view. As a result, Quantum Mechanics is useful only for calculations of energy levels and not for unveiling the structure of physical reality.

The Einstein equation, E=mc^2, does not necessarily mean that matter can be annihilated or created. The mass m is not equivalent to matter but is only its measurable parameter. The ether can be modeled as a dynamic structure composed of an intrinsic material substance that is never annihilated. Subatomic particles have a material structure made of the same substance. In particle physics, it is wrongly considered that new particles are born at the time of a high-energy collision. These particles are actually fragments of the original particle structures. What is considered as a new particle is very often an energy released during the process of fragmentation. This is why the search for a unified theory based on the Standard Model is so problematic. Instead of leading to a few fundamental particles, it leads to many particles with attributed features of flavor, color, gluons, isospin, and other abstract properties.

If a correct model of the physical vacuum is used, experimental results may confirm a quite different picture of the microcosmos. The physical model suggested by S. Sarg works quite well in different fields of Physics. It is based only on two fundamental particles and one fundamental physical law – the Law of Supergravitation (SG) [3]. One signature of this law is detectable as the Casimir force. The propagation of the SG field through the underlying structure of space, lets call it the Cosmic Lattice (CL), accounts for Newton’s gravitation. The same structure propagates electrical and magnetic fields and it is responsible for the constant velocity of light. The CL structure contains a huge static energy that is the source of what we call nuclear energy. The static pressure of the CL structure on the impenetrable volume of an elementary particle defines the particle’s mass. Consequently, the mass can be changed if the static pressure is changed by proper modulation of the CL structure parameters using EM waves.

The propulsion mechanism of the UFO appears to be based on this principle [4]. It is quite different from jet propulsion. Therefore, scientific investigation of the UFO phenomenon will inevitably lead to breakthroughs in physics and the acquisition of new technology. In the near future, the military-industrial complex may disclose that they have already developed such new technology. However, it was likely obtained by reverse engineering recovered UFOs, or by doing experimental research without a proper understanding of the underlying physics. The new technology will have some side effects. Some of them are physical and some biological. The latter are known to exist from rare UFO cases when a person in close proximity to the landed object received a serious or fatal injury of an unknown nature. The situation is analogous to the initial research on radioactivity. The brilliant researcher, Maria Currie, paid with her life, and many other researchers unknowingly absorbed harmful radiation. Some people may propose using the new propulsion technology to power commercial airplanes. However, this is not the right application. The new technology, based on a unique gravito-inertial effect, can have unpleasant physical and biological side effects. Consequently, it is suitable mainly for long distance travel such as interplanetary voyages.

During 34 years of working in different scientific institutions, Dr. Stoyan Sarg devoted some time investigating the UFO phenomenon from a novel theoretical point of view [5]. He performed lab experiments indicating that gravitational mass can be manipulated. His theoretical and experimental research was reported in conferences and published in books, conference proceedings and journals. Since 2005 he works with groups of scientists and engineers for study Physics of UFO.  effects of UFO cases. William Treurniet developed an original method for analyzing digital images The method reveals a specific optical signature that often appears adjacent to UFOs in photographs. Nikolaos Balaskas provides valuable information about Canadian contributions to UFO research. He has a broad connection with international researchers. Dr. Asparuh Petrakiev, a renown physicists with over 300 scientific publications and member of International Academy of Ecology and Life Protection Sciences, is actively involved in organized conferences in east Europe about the emerging new Physics and UFO.

We appeal to research funding organizations to open the opportunity for theoretical and experimental research on UFO physics. This may lead to a new technical revolution and a new era for human civilization.

The above is the opinion of the authors. It does not engage or involve the institutions where we are currently employed. 


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