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Happy Valentine’s Day UFO Sightings 2011
I met Mark Lee Corbin at a Mutual UFO Network Meeting in August, 2008. 
Mark had captured some photos that he has had authenticated. They are very similar to those which I have sighted.
We have many types which come in all shapes and sizes.
It is fascinating that some of the local newspapers cover the stories and the larger media newspapers do not follow up with their own stories.
We here at UFO Digest share a commonality among our readers which those of us who are authors, journalists, writers, news publishers, web publishers, bloggers, and photo journalist enjoy as the ET UFO Community.
This story is added for your information and education with the source of the newspaper cited and the reporters name and contact number listed. TJ
Kentucky will be sharing the night skies with all those who will be out sharing their Monday Night Valentine Dinner or Party.
Kentucky is famous for UFO Activity.
There is a long history of UFO Sightings and this includes recent sightings by some people as reported in the local Newspaper.
The Source:
BY: Mark Corbin of Kentucky, Editor
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Source: Daily Independent Newspaper.
February 11, 2011
Out of this world
UFO reported in the dark early morning sky over Greenup County
Tim Preston
The Independent
FLATWOODS — Larry and Cathy Martin weren’t expecting to see an unidentified flying object as they delivered copies of The Independent early Wednesday morning, although both say they had plenty of time to watch the oblong object with red-and-green lights hovering in the sky before it suddenly gained altitude and flew off to the west.
A spokesman for the Greenup County 911 Center said a call was received shortly before 2:30 a.m. Wednesday reporting a UFO “moving and darting around” in the western sky with a “pulsating red light.”
The Martins, who have been delivering The Independent for six or seven years, said they noticed police officers looking into the early-morning sky and became curious about what they might be looking at.
“We were passing papers and saw the police in the parking lot at the animal clinic (Guardian Animal Medical Center in Flatwoods) with binoculars. I asked what they were doing and they said they got a UFO?call,” Larry Martin said, explaining the officers then handed him their binoculars so he could see for himself.
“I saw a red-and-green light, not moving at all. It was kind of long … oblong,” he said, later describing the object as being shaped like a cigar. “I watched it for probably 10 minutes.”
His wife, Cathy, provided further details.
“The object was hovering for about 10 minutes. It was oblong with red-and-green lights. It was too high to be a helicopter and not high enough to be an airplane,” she said. “It then rose up real fast and took off to the west and it was gone completely out of sight. We didn’t know what it was. The police said they didn’t know what it was either.”
While she doesn’t deny the object might have been a weather balloon or some other more common object, Mrs. Martin said she is certain she would have recognized the object if it had been an airplane or a helicopter, adding her husband is a Vietnam veteran who would have easily identified the object if it had been a chopper.
“He said there was no way it was a helicopter,” she said with certainty.
John Parker at the Ashland Regional Airport in Worthington said that facility was “closed and
locked up tighter than a drum” at that time in the morning, and added he was personally unaware of any aircraft in local airspace that might have been confused for an unidentified flying object.
An air-traffic controller in the tower at Tri-State Airport said, “Not that I’m aware of,” when asked if he had any knowledge of anything that might have appeared to be a UFO in the local skies early Wednesday morning.
TIM PRESTON can be reached at tpreston@dailyindependent.
com or (606) 326-2651.
www.socialparanormal.com – Editor’s Note:
Mark L. Corbin Report
UFOS OVER KENTUCKY The 8 objects photographed below were shot by me on August 16 2007 at approximately 6:22 PM, near my home in Flatwoods, Kentucky…They have been extensively analyzed and found to be 100 % authentic!
I hope you enjoy my creation which is a collection of my personal interests. I contacted Theresa J. Thurmond Morris on our Facebook Friends connection after meeting her at a MUFON, Bowling Green, KY Meeting in August, 2008.
We have been mutual friends since with our ET UFO Community Interests.
Source: http://dailyindependent.com/local/x532734255/Out-of-this-world

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