UFOs, Strange Lights and Alien Abduction in Bates County, Missouri

Publisher’s Note: I received the following submission from UFO Digest member Romulous . He was kind enough to send the information below and the photos shown. This is the first in a series from Romulous… Dirk

Even in this subject there are long time believers who can find it hard to accept certain things.

If I had been in this study for a decade or more, I’m sure I’d still balk at some of the stories I’d like to tell you, photos we’d like to show you.     

There are a number of images we’d like to you to see. The …there is a lot of strange activity going on in Bates County, Missouri . Sightings not only of possible craft in the air, but very real very substantial beings not human, prowling about.

If my claims seem too much, I ask you only give us the chance to show you.  We are not going to be the one’s who corral them but we do hope we can find some help within the community,   We were abducted in the fall of 2009, and started this search months later when our minds were clearer.

1- there is a set of large bluish white lights over our square, they are near a street light, the orange or amber light, is the street light. The other two I mentioned just came on, and hovered there for about 30 seconds before disappearing.  This light followed us on B-highway to 71 highway, and followed us northward back to Bates, Missouri     We felt it was still there and were afraid to go straight home , instead we went to our town square only a block away from our home, and parked by the courthouse.  I got out to get a better a view of the sky, and took this picture when it appeared. It was there hovering  maybe 20 seconds?

2- enlargement crop of the lights.

If it’s all right we’ll continue, sending these occasionally.  We have an egg shaped UFO, and other lights and figures.   


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