UK Meteor Report: Exciting Fiery Object Creates Panic For Southport Residents

By Pat Regan 

The following is a true story that I personally witnessed, first-hand, recently.

DATE: Saturday, 3 March 2012.

TIME: 21.41 hrs.

LOCATION: Sandbrook Road, Ainsdale Southport.

WEATHER: mild and still.

I was eating a meal when I noticed a bizarre light in the sky.

I immediately knew it was something unusual and rushed towards the back door to get into the garden for a better look. I called to the children to get my camera.

On entering the garden the whole family witnessed the strange UFO. It had what looked like a tail spitting green and orange fire or sparks. It travelled from north to south and at what ‘seemed’ like a possible altitude of approximately 2 – 3 hundred feet. It was totally silent.

It moved parallel to the ground and we all watched it in sheer amazement for about 20 seconds before it disappeared from view. The colourful tail was quite incredible as it zoomed thought the night’s sky and something we shall never forget.

I immediately rang Paul Harrison, a coast guard friend, and left a message for him.  I also rang the police – log number 1663. The police officer who took the call was named ‘Alison’ and she informed me that several officers and members of the public had also witnessed the UFO.

 I explained to Alison that I was the author of UFO: THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH and that this was genuinely NO publicity prank.

I advised her that the UFO was similar to asteroid pictures I had seen before.

My wife Cath also later spoke to Councillor Tony Crabtree who informed her that his son had seen it in nearby Birkdale.

I also informed my Local councillor, Brenda Porter, about the sighting, just in case other residents contacted her.

I was sceptical that it was an aircraft in distress, although the possibility remained that it could have been one. It was also nothing like any standard Chinese lantern, which account for many UFO sightings.

I felt at the time that it was more like an asteroid or comet type of object with its fiery tail and unusual path of flight. Failing this I mused that it could have been of extraterrestrial origin. Sadly, I did not manage to get a picture of this particular UFO. 

Anyway, the story reached its conclusion the following day when it was finally identified.

Meteor witnessed across Britain

NB. The Coast Guard Officer I mentioned above has now contacted me and advised that the meteor was reported to them from Cumbria to North Wales. 

This was a wonderful sighting witnessed by a good number of UK residents and not something they would ever forget.

Pat Regan © 2011

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