Unknown Object in the Sky Over Penticton, B.C

Received this photo and description from one of our readers who used the submission form in the left column. Here is Jo Ann’s description of the event.  Dirk

This is a picture that I took of an object in the sky over Penticton, B.C, Canada. It was directly overhead when I took the picture but I had watched it coming towards me from the west, heading east.

To the naked eye, it looked like a tiny dot but it kept pace with the clouds. It reminded me of how balloons look when they get so far off that they are only a dot. I had convinced myself that it was exactly that, until I zoomed in on the picture and the shape wasn’t balloon like at all. This picture was taken on August 28, 2011.

Using Adobe Photoshop I enlarged the circle containing the object and enhanced the image.

The image was directly overhead in this photo and appears to elongated. The image may be a helicopter or it may be a genuine unknown and unidentifiable flying object.

We would like  to thank Jo Ann for her submission.




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