Unknown Object with LARGE lights, red, blue, red, blue!

Received this message from a UFO Digest reader today, October 7, 2011. The reader witnessed a UFO in Odessa, Ontario:

I have always believed in UFO. We would be stupid to believe that in this vast universe that we are the only ones.

What has me puzzled and I have been trying to find answers to what I saw Jan 2/2011 at around 11:45 pm.

I live in the country, in the same home since 1984. Driven these roads late nights since 1986 (I work a lot of nights)

That night I had dropped of crew after my return trip from the Ottawa area. As I was getting close to my home I saw a string of LARGE lights, red, blue, red, blue,…

At first I thought it was a strange truck on the road at the 4. corners, but there were no head lights or anything. As I arrive closers to where the lights were it was just a bit before the road, in a large field with 4 ft fence on each side of the road and no more red or blue lights but pure darkness surrounding the brightest purest white light I ever saw ( look like a door had open the and a light shown through.) I slowed down but it spooked me so bad that I just drove on home. I live only about ½ km away.

I am writing this to ask if you ever heard of a ship fitting this description. I know that I saw something and it had to hover over this fence line. I have no one else to ask about what it could have been.

Thank you, for taking to time to read this, M.

If anyone has seen this object or something similar or can shed some light on what this reader saw please add your comment to the bottom of this request.  Thanks Dirk



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