Utah County UFO Sighting And Dugway Proving Grounds

The ABC Channel 4 news in Utah is reporting that several witnesses saw three red lights in the sky between 7:15 pm and 7:30 pm on Wednesday night.  The witnesses said the unidentified flying objects hovered in formation for several minutes and seemed to be dropping flares.

One witness who professed that she does not believe in extraterrestrials said that she had to admit the strange nature of these objects that didn’t match any aircraft she knew of.  She said there were no blinking lights, no sound and just glowed red the whole time.  According to the witness, Lynette Chidester, they began dropping white streams of light, some type of burning objects, however, her husband who once worked for a company that manufactured flares said that they were definitely not flares.

Other witnesses in American Fork and surrounding areas  included a member of the Air Force who noticed the objects and began filming them with a cell phone camera.  The gentleman in question, Mike Galbraith, said that if they had been military flares, witnesses would have been able to hear them and they would have shot out the sides of planes, but these were objects that flew in formation at an altitude he didn’t believe normal aircrafts would maintain and they definitely did not match any aircraft he was aware of.  That was a strong comment coming from someone in the military, especially someone in the Air Force.

Additionally, all airports in the area reported not having any airplanes in the area, let alone anything that would have been flying in formation as the witnesses stated.  Law enforcement had nothing to say either.

All the witnesses said the objects or lights, eventually just flew away without incident other than a few shaken nerves, photographs and videos, some of which are included with this article.  Some witnesses said it was a single triangle formation UFO and others said it was three separate lights in a triangle formation, but either way, for now it’s just being called ‘the Utah County UFO’.

In an interesting development, that same evening, the Dugway Proving Grounds were under lockdown.  No one in or out.  At the time they wouldn’t say why, except for a statement that as far as they knew, no one was in any immediate danger.   

Source: paranormalutopia.com


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