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UFOs continue to grab headlines. The surfacing of the UFOs this time around in the sky above the Dordogne region of France has sparked a debate in the scientific fraternity and enthusiasts. Since the video emanated from France, it has become an online sensation. Many have shared it, liked it and commented on the development.

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The video that was posted on YouTube on July 5 with the headline: “Disturbing UFO activity! 3 UFOs landing in Forest, July 2014” has got many views with everybody asking one question: is it a reality? The maker of the video wrote: “It was during a beautiful sunset. I looked between two houses to discover the nice sky, when I saw these objects.”

In the said video, a round object is seen over the sky around a forest in the Dordogne. This is not for the first time that UFOs have been spotted. For years it has been at the centre of attraction with many stories doing the rounds. One theory even said t hat aliens use it.

However, till now no scientific prove has been found to strengthen such claims. Like the earlier one, the Dordogne incident too is yet to be explained by scientists. Many YouTube viewers were found to be confused. “My first guess was balloons, but then the flashes are not those familiar to that of gas heaters, and then they just vanished, disappeared, now that spells out capital UFO’s,” one viewer wrote.

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