Warnings from the Abductee’s Do Not Blame the Messenger- Instead Heed the Message

By Chris Holly

Recently I wrote an article  concerning the ‘ Era of  2012’.  In the article I warned that we were heading towards hard times  due to cycles due and events ahead that would bring us world disasters. 
I tried hard to warn who ever I could to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. 
Unfortunately the very things I wrote about started to unfold in front of us. The world is in upheaval with tough economical times , war and now world catastrophes. 
What happened in Japan is heartbreaking and devastating.  Things are unfolding that we knew were due to happen. Our worst fears seem to be our reality. Knowing we are in cycles that may continue us on this road makes it clear we all need to understand and prepare to whatever ability  we have for what may be ahead.
Today,   the day after the Japan disaster I received  emails questioning me why I wrote that article just before this devastating  earthquake and tsunami . I was accused of  all types of things that simply reflect the fear people have of the reality of what may soon be hard times for us all.
For  many years I have  felt we were sitting on the cusp of horrific times but had no idea at all when or where the events would occur . I knew our planet was long overdue to shift its crust as well as blow it volcanoes. It is the way of this world. These things have  happened before and will without question happen again. 
This past summer I spent time interviewing five people who I believe endured lost time abduction events. I call them   ‘Real Time Abductions’. I refer to them this way as the people all were fully awake going about their regular routines when they found they were facing something unknown and were taken. 
The people all recall parts of the start of the event and their return with much or all of the time they were taken removed from their memory. This group of people have all had more than one  experience. The people in this group all recall some things but most of their experiences are not remembered. The one thing that all of them do have is a certain way of thinking that they feel has been altered due to their abductions. 
During my time with the abductee group last summer we discussed many different subjects. One of the subjects we talked about was the fear of the year 2012.. What was said during those conversations did prompt me to  write my article concerning the Era of  2012. 
The five abductees  told me  they all had strong feelings which they felt may have been impressed upon them during their lost time and abduction events that we were now fully in an era of many great earth changes.
 They thought it was a good time for me to write about the natural and ongoing events that were due to continue or  occur over the next years to come. They suggested  I try to warn people how important being prepared can be . They feel that chances of survival can be as simple as preparing for disaster so you and your loved ones can wait out the time needed for help to arrive . 
I listened to what the group told me and did write the warnings they gave to me in that article. I had no idea a major disaster was about to occur. 
The abductees also  agreed  that we were on our own and not to anticipate a mother ship arriving to help or stop the  enviable. The earth is going to do what the earth is going to do. The sun is going to do what the sun is going to do, the moon is going to do what the moon is going to do as well as the solar system , galaxy- in fact entire universe. 
We are simply the parasites riding this one particular blue globe. We certainly had no problems living our lives so far off the grace of this planet. We now are going to have to learn to hold on and ride out the rough times as well. Bad things are going to happen to humanity. That is just the way it is.   
I once asked the group of abductees the question everyone asks constantly about those who visit this planet . I asked why they think the visiting species that visit and take some of us do not openly  communicate with us. The combined opinion was one and the same. It also is the opinion of Stanton Friedman. When asked why he felt aliens do not talk to us Stanton Friedman said       ”  For the same reason I do not talk to the squirrels in my backyard! “
I know this is not what the human race wants to hear. I realize that human beings feel they are somehow special and of great importance . I think the truth is that we are simply low level life forms far less advanced and really not all that interesting. We are used and discarded exactly as we use mice or rats. I do not know about you but I rarely can give a great deal of time or effort concerned about the workings of a nest of mice . I do admit I feed  the squirrels who live on my property however I do agree with Stanton Friedman that looking for the answers to our planets problems is wishful thinking and a waste of your good time. The fact is aliens are just not that in to us!
For now to those who feel my article and the recent disastrous events on this planet is timed in a suspicious manner please understand I am only the messenger of what many already know. We are in the era of hard times globally. I call this the ‘ Era of 2012 ‘ due to the fear that date carries  to so many people. I should call it the ‘ Era of From Here On..’..however no one would know what I  was talking about.
Please understand what has happened in Japan may happen again in your area of the world. All I ask for your sake and those you love is to try to prepare to the best of your ability for what will eventually come.
We have had the best of times – we will have the worst of times. All we can do is understand these are our times and we have to accept and realize if prepared we just may survive. I also strongly feel you need to look to your neighbors not the skies for help .
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