Publisher’s Note: I thought I would point out this article because not all UFOs are unidentified flying objects. In fact this example is of a lenticular cloud. Enjoy the sighting. The article was written by Sara C Nelson. Dirk
It might not have been zipping through the sky and flashing like a malfunctioning dashboard, yet this UFO did prompt some chin scratching in Aberdeen on Monday.
But the mysterious saucer shape was actually a lenticular cloud, weather experts say.
A number of Aberdonians took to social networking sites to say they had seen the oddly-shaped cloud.
Norma Lawson said: “I also got a photo of this when I was at Garthdee at 10am…amazing.”
Shona Gibson added: “Beam me up Scotty.”
Lenticular clouds form when stable moist air flows over a range of mountains.

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