I look at it all now with new eyes and I see things that make me re -think what I once thought and realize that the warnings of those from the past may be true and hard times may surely be coming. 

I do think we took the date of 2012 far too literally and did not understand that they were telling us that we would be entering an era of brutal earth changes that would take a toll on the world population as well as a time in which we need to re think our morals and way of life.


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Again I think we over shoot many things and take extreme roads that tend to please us more than enlighten us. I tend to think it is a matter of looking at it all with as much logic and understanding of what is happening with calm and focus in order to weather the many storms and readjustments that are now beginning to hit man kind in a hard and furious manner.

If nature is going to give this planet a beating remember the planet is its own organic living thing and it will do what it needs to do to continue on. We are the parasites that live upon it and in cases do things to irritate and harm it. Of course we should know better but we do not stop nor do we care. This planet is going to explode and storm and shake as it is meant to do and if we want to remain the parasites living upon it we have to adapt and change to it.  It is not the other way around. When it comes to the earth and all that lives on it, the earth is boss not us. If Yellow stone has to blow, it will and that is that. 

Mankind continues to kill and war against one another with no decline or peace to be seen in the future. If we continue on as we are it is only time before we destroy one another by way of weapons  or economics or just plain stupidity leading us to a world wide form of suicide.

We know these things yet we do nothing at all to prepare. I bet few if any have an extra bottle of water or a can of peaches stored away much less a candle or anything needed for survival. I do bet however you all have the newest smartphone.

War, we kill each other each and every day. Hate we thrive on it, did you ever read some of the tweets or wars between Facebook participants. Talk about a waste of time– that is just ridiculous and really people, who cares who you hate or why. All of this is what we were warned about. We are flushing our civilization down a toilet of ignorance, denial of the real things going on around us and being lullabied   by tech toys into walking off the cliff instead of joining forces and fighting like hell for all of us to survive.

I do not think of this so much as a time of enlightenment as I do a time of cleaning house. Those who understand the hard patch ahead of us may start to prepare and consider ways they will survive certain disasters that may be typical for their areas and building in intensity in their areas. Others will play with their gadgets and insult those who prepare.

Many will understand hatred is not the answer and until they can learn to live and work with others they will not be able to survive what may be a future of hard times and hard work. If you are a hate filled self-involved personality you may not be able to find others who will want to form in living situations with you. War and hate  only kills and destroys and that will not be the way of the future of this planet.

So many things including reports of strange unknowns being witnessed all over this planet go on day after day yet still so many live in this closed bubble of denial and ignorance that it makes me shake my head in sadness to how all of the people living this false reality think they will be able to survive when some of the things coming at us finally hit the fan?

I apologize to those who thousands of years ago tried to warn us of the hardships that are due and will come our way. They tried to shake us awake to understand that all roads have rough spots and we may now be starting our long hard walk on that rough patch of road. I can only hint that it may be wise to think about some of this before continuing on as if you do not have a care in the world and giggle the night away without a thought to the strange weather or sightings reported in our skies  or war or rudeness or odd weight gains of the masses or poor quality of food you’re eating or the state of the country and world or all the other really important things happening around us that the ancients warned us about long ago.

Maybe I am crazy and life is just a bowl of cherries like my old Dad would sing about years ago, but then again are you willing to bet your life on that?


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