I was annoyed to find many of my trees and bushes destroyed by this winter’s heavy snow and non-stop storms. Spring seemed to forget about Long Island as none of my usual blubs bloomed and I missed out on my large colorful display of yearly tulips for the first time in over 20 years of living in my home. 

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I am not alone with my complaints. My neighbors all talk about the strange weather and wonder what will happen next. Will we have a normal summer or will that also be strange and not what we have known as our normal weather pattern. I have to wonder if we will ever see what was once routine weather return and the new strangeness our new normal.

I noticed a bright flashing map on one of the net sites showing how April of this year had more earthquakes all over the planet than ever before in history during that time of year.

I watched the news last night  talk about the weather services new report discussing the fact that the new climate changes across the country are here to stay. That report was followed by a local report about the farmers on the east end of Long Island explaining how their crops are three to four weeks behind leaving them with barren fields and nothing to sell which makes  them a month behind in production and income. I had to wonder what the cost of food would be this summer due to the horrible weather that has slammed the entire country this year. If it is not flooding rain it is devastating drought. All of it adds up to lost crops which drives up our local food costs.

I spent a great deal of time a few years ago writing about the fact that the world would not end on December 21st 2012. I knew we would be here and life would carry on which of course it did. I now know I was not exactly on the mark by thinking the ancient warnings were just a reference to normal cycles on earth and not much to worry about. My thinking was at that time that many cycles of natural occurrences were due to happen again and  we should be aware of it and prepare for it but basically we would all have a good chance of surviving what may be coming our way.

I think I was wrong. I think I need to release my own denial about the warnings passed on to us from many ancient civilizations and face the fact that life on this planet may be getting ready to begin a rough ride and many of us may need to buckle up and get ready to hold on tight for what may be coming at us. 

I am sure you have heard and read many others talk about the fact something is just not right or they sense a strange new enlightenment and that life on this earth is about to take a serious turn. 

Some think natural disasters are going to continue to cascade upon us to a degree that we will find the world fighting Mother Nature leaving only pockets of the population able to literally weather the storms and survive the devastation of earthquakes, devastating storms, tornadoes and volcano eruptions. 

We are beginning to see this happen around us with devastating waves of horrid weather destroying entire communities. We tell each other it is simply Mother Nature doing what she does with some of us paying the price while others remain untouched and lacking in real understanding of what it is like to lose everything in a day to the whim of where a storm decides to hit.

What I see and fear is that these awful tragedies that have always been part of our way of life seem to becoming more frequent and encumbering larger areas and numbers of people. It is no longer a state or two that suffers a line of tornado activity, it is an entire large section of the country covering many states and millions of people that become the targets of Natures furry. 

Not only do I see an increase in area of disaster upon disaster- I watch in my own neck of the woods as our climate completely changed quickly over a few short years from one way of life to another. 

Here on Long Island New York we always had four distinct seasons up until the last few years. Now we have two and it can change seasons  from one to the other in a matter of days. 

We have uncomfortable summers that are very hot and humid and very cold heavy snow winters that are very difficult to deal with, Both of these new seasons that now replace our old four  season climate are unlike any of the natural spring summer fall and winter seasons we have known here for at least 100 years. 

Our plants, trees and animals are confused and so are we to what will happen next as this new way of life slams in to action without any chance to acclimate to what now seems to be the new norm of things. I can only wonder what is ahead for us as I know things are coming that we are not ready to understand and without question unprepared to deal with. I sat through hurricane Sandy and trust me that was not a normal storm.

I think about the devastation of a tsunami if one were to hit either coast line of the United States or Europe or the complete world devastation that would take place if Yellowstone decided to erupt cutting America in half and killing a major portion of the population. I know it is due to explode, its cycle to erupt is here and think  I was a bit of a wise guy to laugh at those who took the warnings of 2012 seriously. I knew the world was not going to end in one day but I now have had a huge change of heart and thought about the warnings left to us by those who knew we were heading towards a rough road.

It appears to me that Mother Nature is going to continue doing her thing in her time and apparently we all are living right smack in the time when it is her time to cycle through some drastic changes which may bring us hard times while we ride out what is due to come. 

How we feed the population may need to change and do so quickly as the climates drastic differences shifts the way we did things to new ways of providing for our needs. If the weather insists on shorter seasons in some areas or dry droughts in others we will need to adapt quickly to either moving our farms or quickly building huge hot house growing units on the farms we do have in place. The one thing we cannot do is nothing at all which seems to be a preference for many humans walking this earth. I do think the times ahead are not going to be easy for those who think ignoring it all will make it go away.

Now I am going to say something that may make many of you think I have completely lost my mind. I have another reason for my decision to stop the way  I was thinking and stand up and take a good look around. My panic that life on this earth is about to take a serious change in many ways is not simply judged on Mother Nature getting ready to unload on us due to it being her cycle time to do so. There are other reasons that have opened my eyes to take a clearer look at what is going on around us.

Have you noticed how fat everyone has become?  I do not mean this in a rude or nasty way. I am fighting with  my weight now too. I was always very active so this was not as much of an issue for me until the last few years of my life where I developed a few health issues that restrict my ability to be as active as I once was. Add on medication and a few other factors and I too have an ongoing battle with the scale.

That is not what I am really talking about as I am older and there are many just like me. I am talking about young people, teens and children. When I go out and watch the people around me I cannot help but see that they are bigger than ever before. Years ago you did not see the number of overweight people you do today. It is really obvious something odd is going on. 

Did you ever listen to the people who are of normal weight or thin talk about what they do to stay that way? When I was young we were smaller, ate more and never ever hit a gym or thought about it, yet we were all thin.. I also want to add we ate better and more often and still did not have the amount of obesity that we do today. 

I was eating lunch with two friends and we started to talk about this subject. The subject came up due to the fact before we went to lunch we sat on a bench in the small town we were visiting and watched the people walk by. The amount of large people seemed to equal or outnumber the amount of normal size people. 

We talked about this at lunch. My one friend works in science the other is a doctor and I told them I do not buy the reasoning for this epidemic of overweight people on fast food, and lack of exercise alone. I do know the price of food keeps many people buying cheaper food that may increase their body size due to the price of fresh vegetables and fruit. I agree too much fast food is full of calories but still I also see the people working, taking care of families and living busy lives. My argument is they are too fat for the facts! 

Yes the kids sit inside playing computer games and do not play outside and run around as much as they should but did you ever really watch children? Most little kids never stop being in motion until they fall asleep in their beds. Unless these kids are being force fed huge amounts of food, they just seem unnaturally too fat to me. 

What I am saying is that I fully agree that our lack of exercise and bad eating habits do have us overweight and bogged down with extra fat but  I do not think that is the only reason for our excessive obesity.

Do you know what nature has the animals of this world do when getting ready for hard times ahead? Be it hibernation for winter or sensing a difficult season ahead the animals of this world fatten up. They eat like crazy fatten up for the long winter ahead and get ready to ride out the hard times so they will be alive to make it to better days. Mother Nature turns this instinct on and I think part of our being driven to the over eating and weight gain I see around us is partly being done by way of nature. 

Let’s face it if we are hit with storms that interrupt our food supply chain and we are forced to cut back dramatically for a very long period of time without food who do you think is going to last longer and be stronger? The skinny guy without an ounce of fat on him or the fat guy with an extra 50 pounds of stored fat? As long as there is water trust me- the fat guy will win that battle.

I watch the world as it spins frantically out of control and also watch a population that does not pay attention to any of it. I truly believe that our addiction to our hand held gadgets that  keep us in constant contact and controlled by a media we should know by now not to trust is not by chance.  I do not think it is the end result of a fabulously tech savoy population, I think it is a control system purposely put in place to keep the population deaf dumb and blind to what really is going on around them. I also think it will be the very thing that will end up destroying a large portion of the population.

Look at how you all so willingly blow off or refuse to consider or even look at the geo- engineering worldwide project of spraying the atmosphere , the air you breath as well as covering all the food you eat and decks you sit on with chemicals that may be protecting you, maybe, or killing you. We have no idea as no one cares and no one demands answers. As long as it does not interfere with your selfie or face book page or tweet – let’s face it you just do not care. 

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