When I stop laughing, I’ll write this article…

By Kevin W. Smith

The recent report of a UFO causing a Chinese Airport to shut down for over an hour was interesting.  The claim that this UFO was actually a private aircraft making an illegal flight is laughable.  Sorry debunkers, but your story looks like shilling, and I don’t mean the MLB star.

First I did some fact checking and then I did some cogitation. 

There are fewer than 200 private aircraft in mainland China.  That is a microscopic number for such a large country and such an enormous population.  However, all private aircraft in China, though there are fewer than 200, look like private aircraft.  You can take one to any place on Earth and 100% of the eyes that see it will identify it as a private aircraft.  There is not a single private aircraft in China that looks so bizarre that it would confuse a first grader. 

It is true that the private aircraft in China often fly under the radar so they do not have to go through the massive red tape involved with filing a flight plan and getting permission for the flight.  That is true.  It happens every day.  But this fact, coupled with the fact that private aircraft in China look like private aircraft throughout the world, is exactly the point.

Let’s put this together and then cogitate a bit. 

  1. There are fewer than 200 private aircraft in China. 
  2. Private aircraft in China look like private aircraft everywhere.
  3. With fewer than 200 private aircraft around, the probability of one (trying to avoid detection by flying under the radar) hanging around over an airport drops by several orders of magnitude.
  4. Lots of people saw it and it closed the airport.
  5. The people that closed the airport saw it and it did not look like a private aircraft to them.
  6. Those are the same people that are controlling aircraft commercially every day and know what an aircraft looks like.

A UFO is called a UFO because it is Unidentified.  So, you want us to believe that these Chinese flight controllers don’t know an aircraft when they see one?  Are you kidding?   In case you have not noticed, flight controllers tend to be fairly bright people.  And in case you haven’t noticed, the number of bright people in China outnumbers the entire population of the United States of America. 

The debunkers and shill publications couldn’t claim this one was “Chinese wedding candles”.  Nope.  Those Chinese would surely know what that looks like.  You can see the tiny wheels in debunkers’ panic stricken brains whirring away to come up with this one.  I must thank the debunkers for this one, it was an unexpected few minutes of outrageous, riotous laughter.  It just made my day.  Ok, I’ve stopped laughing.  I guess I will write this article now.

::Article with spoof video::

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