When Level Headed People Encounter the Unknown, UFO’s and Lost Time

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I know a man who is a level headed slightly skeptical sort of logical person who has very little interest in UFO’s and aliens. This man believes in investigating things considered paranormal but does so with strict guide lines and thought. He is not your jump to conclusions type of guy. 
I was very surprised when this logical investigator friend of mine told about a few odd events he had  encountered over the past few months. 
This man lives in Canada. He explained to me that his adventure with his recent strange experiences started while he was away with a group of friends in the  west end of Toronto on the shores of Lake Ontario. 
Along with a few of his male pals the  man stood along the shore of the lake one night while taking a cigarette break when they noticed strange lights hovering over the lake. The group of men watched as a bright orange crescent moon shaped object hovered high above the lake. The large orange light hung silently in the night . They soon noticed two very white  orbs hovering to the left of this object also high above the lake.
The men watched carefully as the strange lights sat silently over the lake as they tried to figure out what the objects might be. They considered the options including the idea they were orbiting space junk of our own device . All the ideas they could think of soon were forgotten as possibilities as the large orange glowing crescent moon shape object and the two white bright orbs began to  slowly lower down above the lake.
The men were now aware of how extremely large the orange and white objects were as they slowly lowered still hovering without sound down towards the water. 
The group of men stood there watching this display astonished and confused at what they were  looking at hovering over the lake. 
Suddenly in a snap as they stood watching- the objects were gone. They just disappeared.
The group of friends had no idea what they had just witnessed . The only thing they all knew for sure was that none of them had ever seen anything like it before.
My friend is a very calm controlled type of man. This extreme event did not rattle or frighten him. It did however make him very curious. He did not think too much more about it other than the fact he realized he had seen something unique and most likely unknown.
His life continued on as usual for a few months time before he encountered three more odd events over about a six week period . 
One night he woke up in the middle of the night as he needed to use the bathroom. He glanced at the alarm clock next to his bed and noticed it was 2:02 a.m.. He walked from his bed to the bathroom without any thought and directly  back to his bed after quickly using the bathroom. When he got back into bed in once again glanced at his alarm clock and was shocked to see about a half an hour had passed . He knew he had only quickly relieved himself and returned directly back to his bed. The entire episode could not have taken more than a few minutes yet his clock told him differently. He checked the time again to find he had indeed somehow lost about half an hour of time.   This was not an earth shattering event however he could not figure out how he lost the time or what had occurred to explain the time difference.
My friend chalked this nighttime experience up to his confusion and continued along his life. Not too long after this event another strange encounter happened to him.  
He was busy taking his trash out one night and decided to stop and smoke  a cigarette before returning to his house. He was standing in his driveway near the road when he noticed a shadow of an oval shaped object cast down below the power lines move along the center of the road . He could not see exactly what was casting this dark  solid shadow but did watch the shadow move silently along the poles and wires down his street. 
Immediately he became unnerved and returned quickly to his house. The event was a bit frightening as he knew what ever was moving along the street poles lining his road was not a known object and without question did not belong there. He now was beginning to wonder if he was being drawn  into something he did not want to be part of or understand. He has been very careful to survey his surroundings since this encounter and makes sure he keeps the outside of his house well lit and the inside securely locked.
The last event in the sequence of odd experiences that have occurred took place when he made an appointment to see his doctor. During the time period of these strange occurrences my friend developed pain in his back. He did not pull his back or fall. He did not injure himself in any way or have an accident. His  back just started to hurt so he went to see his doctor.
His doctor examined him which included X-rays and whatever  else was needed to determine what was causing his pain. The doctors report was the strangest of all the odd unknowns that seem to be plaguing my friend. 
The doctor told him the vertebrae  along his entire spine had multiple injuries . The doctor told him he would have had to have suffered a rather bad injury to have suffered such intensive damage to his back. Of course my friend explained that nothing at all had happened to him and that it was impossible for him to just wake up one day that badly injured. The doctors reaction was of course refusal to believe the man’s story and insisted he was hiding the truth to how he suffered this sudden back injury.
My friend now realized more than he was aware of or wanted was happening to him and intruding on his life and physical well being.
No matter how hard he tried to convince his doctor that he had not had an accident or incident that could have caused his back injuries the doctor would not believe him and continued on  treating my friend as a recent back injury. Not understanding what had happened to his back and having no memory of having injured his back he simply stopped trying to deny how his back became damaged . He is being treated yet still has no idea how his back problem happened.
Being a very logical man who investigates all things fully in the paranormal my friend remains unsure at what he has been experiencing since his first encounter viewing the three brightly lit objects over the lake.
He does know something strange has happened and obviously he has  been involved in a set of circumstances he has no memory of however does have physical problems resulting from his encounters.
Many people have reported similar scenarios after witnessing a strange craft or interchange with odd beings. Lost time is a thread that runs through many encounters with the unknown as well as strange developing illness or injury. 
I explained to my friend that I felt it imperative that he takes extreme caution from this point on. I told him to keep his home and property well lit and his doors and windows locked when possible. I also suggested he try to stay around other people . It may not be wise for him to place himself in situations where he is alone  especially at night . Being a willing easy target is something all of us should try to prevent.
One of my brothers  lives in  the state of Connecticut.  He told me he worked with a hard-nosed skeptic who  wanted to talk to me next time I was visiting my brother.  I arranged for this man to drop by my brothers home a few weeks ago while I was visiting. 
The man is a educator who works in the New Haven Connecticut area. He is the kind of person who  has a great deal to say with extreme opinions on most all subjects. When you share time with this man you do not share conversation, you listen to a lecture. I  found him difficult and without question narrow minded  in many areas.   When it came to the subjects considered paranormal he was completely closed down and unpleasant. Why he wanted to visit with me was a complete mystery. 
I was not prepared at all for what this extremely close minded  man wanted to tell me. He did not waste time with small talk of any kind. Within a few seconds of sitting down with  this man I found myself listening to an event I never ever thought would come from his lips.
He told me that he took his wife and three teenage children for a fast food quick dinner one night. He told me it was about 7:00 P.M. and still light as it happened  in  the month of August .
The family decided to take the burgers they picked up  to a large dock area to sit and eat their meal overlooking the water. The family drove to a marina located in West  Haven Connecticut . West Haven is located along the coastline of Connecticut facing the Long Island Sound. This body mass of water separates Long Island New York from Connecticut . It was a crystal clear early summer evening. The water was mirror still and all was calm. The sky was still blue with a few puffy white clouds slowly passing by.
The family sat along with a few other cars overlooking the beautiful  Long  Island Sound happily eating their burgers and fries.
Suddenly directly in front of them a few hundred yards out in the Sound a huge oval UFO descended from the clouds right in front of them. He told me the entire family watched stunned at what they were seeing. 
A very large building size craft lowered from the clouds and hovered in all its glory right in front of the family and other cars parked on shore. The craft was about two to three stories high and covered in slowly changing neon lights. He told me the lights were not anything he had ever seen before. They slowly changed from blue to green and purples as the cars on the dock sat stunned at what they were seeing directly in front of them.
He told me the craft had a few rows of porthole type windows and hovered silently in all its huge glory over the Long Island Sound. As suddenly as it appeared it began to rise back up towards the clouds. It did not make it back into the cover of clouds however. Instead right before their eyes this huge craft simply disappeared. It was right there in full glory one second and puff  in less than a blink of an eye it was gone. Simply not there. 
The entire encounter lasted maybe a minute to 90 seconds. He told me the other cars tried to start their engines but were not able to turn over their engines. He could hear a woman in another car praying and crying. He said he and his family sat frozen burgers in hands unable to react or speak or move. They were locked starring at the huge craft that hovered directly in front of them.
The family left the dock as soon as they were able to start their car as did the other people who were sitting there . The family arrived home with  the cold burgers and limp  fries laying beside them in the car. Once inside the house the family was surprised to find it was 10:30 P.M.. They were sure that they could not have been at the dock all that time but could not explain the difference  from 7:00 P.M. when they first arrived at the marina until when they walked in to their house. The only explanation they  could come up with was that they had someone miscalculated the time they started . They knew they had not been at the dock very long and simply could not come up with an answer to the difference or lost time along the way.  Once inside his home the  man called  the police. The police told him  they did not have any reports or  information or interest in what he was reporting. He watched the news papers and listened to the radio and local TV however nothing was reported on what he and his family had witnessed.
This man had a very strong reaction to this event. He lived his life as a staunch skeptic. He lived and died by the rule unless you could show it to  him right then and there whatever the mystery may be simply did not exist in his mind. I found it incredulous that now even with his admitting a huge UFO hovered right in front of his family and his eyes he still insisted it could not have been  a craft from another place. Even though he could not explain what happened to him and his family from  7:30 until !0:30 that night he refused to identify the period as lost time.
Knowing this man to be extremely limited in his thinking I did not try at all to convince him otherwise. I did ask him  what he thought he saw and what happened to him over the missing hours.
It was obvious to me that the event had shaken this man to his very core. He gave me long involved theories of Black Ops experiments along with the idea he was used as a rat in a hologram experiment . He also considered that all of the people at the marina were hypnotized to have the same massive hallucination.
I cannot discount any of his ideas as anything may be possible. I just found his ideas as unknown or extreme as the idea they may have simply witnessed a craft from another world or place.
Knowing this  idea was something he could not and would not deal with I simply listened to his report and keep my own mind open that it could have been one of many things that entered the family’s life that night.
Listening to all of these people talk to me about the unexplained events in their lives I can only come to one conclusion. Many strange things are happening to many people all over this planet. 
The mystery remains what it is that is happening to them and why. I think the lesson in all of what we see and hear others are witnessing is to grasp and understand we are not alone and we are being interfered with . Be it one  sighting or a group of encounters with strange objects or beings or lost time events- the fact is we are experiencing these things and they are real.
My advice to one and all would be to understand this could happen to you and to arm yourself with knowledge by way of the reports and experiences of others so you can be as prepared as possible in case you are the one who next is faced alone in the night looking into the eyes or lights of the unknown.

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