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Over the years I have only written a few articles about psychics. I have spoken to many and have joined my gal pals tagging along to psychic fairs or to an area local who was said to have great insight . In all my years of dealing with the paranormal I have honestly only known a few people I thought were truly gifted with psychic ability. Sadly most of those claiming to be gifted were simply trained to scam their way across the subject but did not seem to actually have any real skill. 
This is not to say I have not known a few who have stunned and amazed me with real gifts of knowing . I will never forget experiences I have had with real psychics and feel sorry for what they must have to deal with carrying a gift so few have but so many claim to posses. 
I  am not sure what I believe about this ability. I am torn with my thinking concerning if we are all able to do this or not . Could it be we will all achieve this ability after another million years of evolution or have we lost it over time due to the noise of modern life?
 I think about this from time to time but have not yet sorted out any clear theory of why only  a few walk around gifted and can read the  life business of  someone they do not know . I am always fascinated when a complete stranger can look at another stranger and know so much about them by way of a glance or a few exchanged words. I think we all  pick up certain vibrations from other people but few of us can name the events and people connected to complete strangers like a gifted psychic can.
I long ago gave up searching the internet for truly gifted people in the psychic area due to so many sad encounters with the fakes and frauds that plague the net. When I see something about this subject I admit I typically pass it by.
One night I was surfing the internet paranormal radio shows to see if anything of interest was playing . I ran across a show with the title ‘ Celebrity Psychic’ . At first I was going to pass this by as I may love the arts but without question am not a celebrity follower in fact find the love affair with society and those who entertain us a bit strange.
Nothing else in the time slot of the radio shows playing interested me so I tuned into the  Celebrity Psychic show.
The Psychic being interviewed was Belinda Bentley who is well known as Hollywood’s Sex Psychic to the Stars. 
Belinda was talking when I first tuned in and was explaining how strong and important our sexual energy is during  our lifetime. I listened to her for a few minutes and realized quickly that Belinda was not your run of the mill boring programmed psychic.
 The woman talking was bright , articulate and interesting. Obviously she was far more than a psychic to the world of entertainers. 
I was happy I stopped to listen and really enjoyed listening to Belinda talk about so much more than  the usual psychic banter.  As the show  went on I knew  I wanted to interview her. She was different and filled with new thinking that I really wanted to talk to her about.
This article is not about Celebrities in any shape of form. This article is about a very special woman with a wonderful mind and a precious gift she lives with and uses to the benefit of all.
I was lucky to find Belinda willing to talk with me and  got busy picking her brain with many questions that popped in to my mind from listening to her being a guest on that radio show.
I asked Belinda simple questions like why she thought she was gifted. She told me she believes she has always had this gift – meaning during other life times . I had to follow that line of thought with Belinda of course by asking her if she thought we all had past lives on earth ?  Belinda explained to me that by way of her gifts that she definitely  believes we not only have but all will  have multiple lives on earth.

Belinda explained that she feels  we may all also  have life experiences as other life forms in the cosmos as well. Belinda believes we are a starting point here on earth that is a link on a long chain of life energy experiences . She explained to me that we may live as many lives as needed on earth before moving on to another level of experience on another type of world. She thinks this process is ongoing and has been for a very long time. 



Belinda Bentley
She described earth as a very dense heavy planet that contains very dense heavy life experiences. She did not seem to think this planet is one of a light easy life experience but one that carries a much harder heavier life encounter for those who experience the human form. We are without question all spirits living a human experience and learning a great deal on this hostile , hard  traumatic planet. I thought about this comment for a while and admit it does make sense out of so much on earth that does not make sense!
 I thought about our violent, chaotic world that spins constantly out of balance in so many ways covered in war and soaked in combat between good and evil each and every day. I thought about the people I recently listened to in internet chat rooms and related to her remarks of a dense heavy hard world . The people in the chat rooms spend long hours attacking , fighting, abusing and destroying each other while the world around them continues day after day to spin wildly out of control.  The fact that so many sit in small rooms adding to the hate and confusion could be considered an extremely odd behavior.  Can we be adding to our own hard experience by taking part in so many strange activities while the world around us spins in wild confusion?

I could not help think of Belinda’s words or warnings concerning our actions while living on this hard heavy planet. I think it is fair to say after listening to the people in those rooms that many will have many more lives to live on this tough world before reaching a point in the journey of their life force to graduate to a lighter finer level of existence. 

I questioned Belinda about our souls. She relates to our life energy as a piece of a massive system of energy and each of us part of it. Belinda told me to think of it as a non ending human body and all of us a cell or atom in that body. Each cell has a job to complete yet it is without question part of this massive system.
 Earth is a starting point where our life energy plays out all the needed roles before it is ready or deserves to advance to the next level of being in this elaborate system. Some of this energy may be as a new developed cell just starting on the life force journey and may be what we often think of as a new soul. Others may be at the end of their time on this difficult planet and ready to advance to other experiences  as another type of life form on other hopefully lighter kinder  planets. Belinda believes all life energy in the universe is part of this machine which leaves the question do aliens have souls with a definite answer of yes they do. Ultimately she feels we are all part of this huge working life force just on different levels or journeys.
I enjoyed questioning Belinda as she is a deep thinker who tends to place logic in to the unknown that is thought provoking and filled with possibilities
Belinda mentioned to me that she also feels we can and do choose our life experiences before we are sent to live them. She believes we live as males and females and experience life in as many ways as needed during our journey. I asked her if she thought we were pawns of some master intelligence? Did she think we were game pieces or an experiment of a ultimate being. I will tell you I anticipated she would rebuke this idea but to my amazement she told me she was not sure. 
Belinda loves science and clearly shows this in her thoughtful ideas of why we are here and where we may be going next. I found her to be a person who makes you think deeper and harder about all the ideas we  have concerning the roads of our souls.
I asked Belinda basic questions about her gift of being able to communicate with spirits who have moved on from life on earth as well as her gift of being able to read into the ongoing life of the living. 

She told me she cannot read everyone . If a person shuts her out and does not want her poking around in their life she will not be able to get anything from a reading. She also told me she will not go where she is not invited.   I asked her if we all had spirits around us as guides or helpers or protectors. Once again she surprised me by telling me some people have many around them and others none. She explained that there are souls who send away all guides or spirits and  walk this planet completely alone. I felt very sad when she told me that. I think I know a few people who walk alone in that way, and it shows. 

Belinda  told me that for her women seem easier to read then men. She thinks it may simply be because like things attract like things and her frequency links a bit  easier  to other females. She of course does often read men. It is simply a case of it being slightly easier when she reads females.  I think women are strong and more open to these types of things which leaves far less walls for Belinda to climb over when doing  a reading.
I asked her what she would most want to be known for in life and she told me without question she hopes to be known for helping people. She uses her gifts  from this point of approach and it seems life is letting her utilize those gifts to do as she has set out to do-   help people.
I wanted to know if Belinda had advice for us all as we walk along our own journey on this planet living our human experiences. Belinda told me her best advice to us all is to live life with no regrets- if you’re going to regret it – DO NOT DO IT!
I never got near the part of Belinda’s skill with celebrities or how she helps guide our sexual energy. I did not ask her one question about a Hollywood star or a well known client. I found this woman to be far too interesting and wanted to know what  her ideas were about all the subjects I have written about in this article. Belinda is about more than can be written about in one article.
I will tell you that before we parted I did ask her if she had any feeling about my life that I should be aware of? 
I have talked to many psychics in my time . Most were mere entertainment with zero ability , a few did tell me things that were remarkable proving they were gifted but not one of them ever picked up on something about me that is very unusual. I often wondered how those who were gifted did not read this about me immediately however no one ever did.
I barely got the question about if there was anything Belinda saw about me before she quickly picked up on my oddity and told me first and foremost what it was. I was impressed and knew she was the real deal as well as a very smart special lady.
I will include Belinda’s contact information below. If you are interested in real people with real ability who are bright and good at what they do , this lady will fit the bill.
I hope one day to talk to Belinda again on other subjects so I can expand my thinking on things we all  consider unknown. One day by way of people like Belinda the mystery of our life may be better understood and maybe for our own benefit we will start to be better beings.
For now I will ponder the idea we are all part of a huge system that sends us out in part to experience all there is to learn in our great cosmos. I will think about the idea we are living on a heavy dense difficult planet in order to learn some of the hard difficult heavy lessons that goes along with living a human  life time. I will try to understand that those who spend life times locked in mean spirited hatred or do vile deeds are learning lessons and try not to despise those who choose to live in this manner. 
I also will try with all that is in me not to do harm to others and not to give in to those who walk a dark road. It is hard to be a human on a dark heavy planet. I hope all our trips on this plane of existence are one time and filled with as much light as possible. I would hate to think we would have to travel the hardest roads of the cosmos over and over and imagine the only way to  a brighter road is by way of doing the right thing while living a good life.
May all your roads be positive and all your thoughts righteous .
If you wish to reach the interesting gifted Belinda please follow the links I have listed with this article. I think you would find her as much of a  refreshing intelligent positive in a hard rough  world as I did.

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