When War Comes Knocking…

When War Knocks at Your Front Door in Your Home Town!
As a New Yorker who lived through the horror of 911 I always find this time of year to be difficult and full of heartache and sorrow for all those who were savagely attacked and killed that day. My heart is with all those who lost the ones they loved in a cowardly attack  on innocent defenseless people by hate filled cowards. For all New Yorkers who witnessed this act of hate and baseless slaughter I know that the images of that day and many days that followed will remain clearly forever in their memory and hearts.
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I read and have heard all the opinions and theories on the Internet about what happened that day.  I can tell you as one of the New Yorkers who watched what did happen that I find most theories and opinions ridiculous and baseless. I am not claiming that there may be truths we have not discovered concerning this disaster. I am simply saying I did not see what the internet crowd talk about endlessly as being  what I watched happen.  Strangely when I do try to talk about this day with those who were not there – they do not want to listen. Instead they want to tell me how it was.  I find this to be an interesting concept since I was standing there watching it take place along with the rest of New York City  and they were either hundreds- some thousands of miles away at the time.
Years ago on one of the 911 memorial days I sat in a Yahoo chat room filled with people from all over the country who were discussing 911.  One of the chatters interrupted the regular users of the voice option to tell the chat room that two survivors, two New Yorkers, were in the chart room.  I sat silently waiting to see how those who did not experience this horrible crime would act towards those who lived through the event.
The chat room full of people were asked if they had any questions for the two people who saw it happen, lived through the disaster and knew exactly what took place.  To my astonishment this information was completely ignored. Not only did they not want to talk to the two people who were there,  they went out of the way to completely ignore them. The chat room full of people did not like the fact eye witnesses with real truth to their twisted theories were right there to question. It was bizarre to watch as the chat room ignored the two survivors sitting among them.   What did take place was a few hours of attention seeking long winded chatters lining up one after the other to use the voice option so they could give long emotional accounts of where “THEY” where when the planes hit the towers and the building pancaked to complete collapse.  If I heard one more I was driving in my car to work, or enjoying my breakfast when I saw it on the news, I think I would have exploded.   What about the two people who stood there as the towers fell on top of them.  How about asking them what it was like to live through? How about asking two New York Americans what it was like to be attacked in their home town and left to helplessly stand by watching those they knew and love perish in two huge towers the size each of an entire city block crash down in flames around them with the ones they loved crushed or burned to death before their eyes?  How about offering a small amount of sympathy to the two people sitting there with hearts full of pain?  No, not the good people of the internet. They had no interest in anything like that. The cold indifference to the survivor’s made it clear they were not welcome in this so called 911 Memorial chat get together. I found it disturbing and telling.
The cold disrespect and obvious lack of wanting to hear an eye witness account of this disaster was an eye opening encounter for me concerning how mankind was going to deal with not only this event but those who endured one of the worst days in American history.  As a New Yorker who stood and watched  my own die  right in front of my own eyes I can only say that this behavior concerning this event has been a  heart break and hard cold lesson  for me ever since.
I watched as two planes that did not belong over my city flew full speed directly into each of the towers.  Along with many other New Yorkers I heard them flying into the city where planes do not fly and watched them slam into the buildings. I watched the horror of that day as the towers blew apart and innocent people jumped to their deaths rather than burn in the inferno. I watched as the heat of the fire was so great many were turned to ash before hitting the ground. We all knew hell had come to our city and we were stuck in the worst of times without being guilty of anything other than living our daily lives and trying to go to work like any other day to support our families and do what good people do. To watch the innocent die as towers each alone as big as a small city fall down upon and around you is something that New Yorkers who endured this horrific event will never forget.  Never until hell freezes over will they  FORGET!
My heart along with millions of other New Yorkers has been deeply hurt over this tragic day. My fellow humans do NOT make it any easier by contriving scenarios that did not take place that day or ideas that seem insane to those who stood there watching, feeling, tasting and smelling what really did take place. Being covered in ash of what was once two enormous towers filled with human beings is a sickness that cannot be described.    After the collapse our hearts heaved with pain and anguish as we could not help wonder if we were hosing off someone’s family member as we tried to rinse the ash from our eyes, faces, hands and arms that covered every New Yorker within miles of the disaster.  Were we spitting out the remains of our loved ones or neighbors? You have no idea how devastating it was, unless you lived it, until you tasted it and smelled it you have no idea.  This was a cruel vile act of hatred. This was not a war zone. This was not an area where the population was willing and actively engaged in an ongoing war conflict. This was innocent people, unarmed, unprotected lambs sent without choice to slaughter.
I can only hope you do not forget this day.  I can only hope you do not insult, attack or refuse to listen to those who were there, in real time, who lived through this event.  I understand that many questions have been asked and some may need to be answered however I ask you to please monitor your agenda’s as a great deal of your speculation and   scenarios  of what you feel took place  does not fit with what those who were there witnessed and watched .  Be sure your facts are facts so you do not continue to simply feed a myth for your own private agendas. Do not take that road. If you have questions deal with them with intelligent research involving professionals who know the facts to answer your concerns. Do not make this a playground for paranormal nonsense. Do not disrespect those who were forced by a wall of fire to jump to their death knowing their life was over many leaving  their children and loved ones  alone. Remember this was an act of war all due to pure blind ignorant hatred.  If you have a question or concern based on real evidence fine, but if not please find another subject to entertain and give your time and energy to. Most of all I can only hope none of you ever forget how innocent working people brutally we were attacked by monsters and murdered before our eyes on Sept 11. 2001. It must never happen again. I pray it never happens to you. Never Forget

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