When You Least Expect It – A Strange Day Overhead!

By Chris Holly


I have a tradition with my sisters and brothers families. We do group holiday  shopping each year. We take one large vehicle, stuff as many of us as possible in it, and drive out to the Outlet Malls to shop.  

This ritual  includes eating  lunch  at the food court  and no limits to our shopping madness besides stopping once the cargo area and laps of those sitting in the back are filled to capacity.

I hate to shop however I have the largest vehicle so I am always the driver and my SUV always the one filled to the rim with siblings and packages. 

We had our first trip to the Outlets a few weeks ago. It was a picture perfect day  on Long Island in  New York. The sky was a incredible shade of blue with only a small cloud here and there to be seen when we started out on our drive to the Outlets Mall. 

I finished my shopping before lunch and agreed to stay in my car and transport the others around the mall dropping them off in front of the different store areas while they shopped. While I waited to pick them up from each area I would  hang out in the back part of the large open parking  area of the mall until they called my cell phone for me to pick them up. This works out for us as parking close to the mall is impossible at this time of year and the walking can be exhausting. 

I noticed after lunch that the sky started to fill with large long lines being sprayed by multiple jets . The chem-trail  spraying seemed to be in a panic mode as the beautiful clear blue sky of the morning had changed to a wild sky filled with crisscrossing lines being sprayed by many jets all at once. 

The lines they were leaving stretched for miles and quickly puffed out to large long oval feathered clouds. Before our my eyes I watched as the blue sky quickly turned into a cloud covered sky. I knew it would rain in a day or two as that  always happens after they spray where I live.

I also knew something was different with what I was watching today. The amount of jets doing this was more then we usually see at one time as were the amounts of lines they were dumping in the sky.

The colors of the clouds were pure white with patches of pink yellow and orange that were so bright and neon in color it hurt your eyes to look at them even with dark sun glasses on. It was as if the sky was being colored in as if it were a coloring book .

The strangest thing of all was how quickly this was done . I would say that from the start of the sky being clear blue and open without cloud to the point of it being completely covered with the odd big oval long colorful clouds that were sprayed happened in  about two to three hours. 

My brother gave up on the shopping excursion in the afternoon and decided to wait out the others with me in the car. My brother and I sat and watched as the sky was being filled with clouds via the jet spraying. My brother pointed out that some of the clouds had a strange extremely bright illumination coming from behind them.  

The neon light was a backdrop type of light that was shining brightly behind a small group of clouds that were floating along in the far east of the sky as the sun was going down in the far west of the sky. It was a odd sight to watch the sky with one end going about the business of sundown while  the opposite end was busy with a strange bright light show. 

The sky continued to amaze us as we both watched the impossible  continue  before our eyes.  

Suddenly within what seemed to be minutes the sky above our heads developed a large area clear of clouds allowing the clear blue sky to appear once more  before the sun went down.

My brother and I were watching as a few low flying commercial jets flew very low over our heads towards one of  New York airports. I will add they flew in without any trail of any kind.

Far above the normal jet traffic we noticed three planes flying very high and very close together. My brother thought they were military jets. They were in close formation with short extremely white  normal con-trails behind them that quickly dissipated as they flew  high above the earth.

My brother and I got out of my SUV to take a better look at the high flying jets as they were  flying in such a close tight formation. 

We stood in the parking lot with our eyes locked on the jets. 

Suddenly in a  blink of the eye they were gone! The jets  were simply gone. I could not believe what I was seeing with my own eyes!  

As we stood there my brother said to me without moving  :  ” Did you  just see what I did?”

I  kept my eyes staring exactly at the spot we just seconds before saw the three jets .  I finally answered my brother after waiting a few seconds to see if they would re appear.:

” If you asking me if the jets disappeared the answer is yes. I was looking at them and then poof they were gone”

My brother and I looked at each other completely confused about what he both had just  witnessed.  

There was not a cloud in the sky where the jets had been flying . The sun was still bright enough to  clearly light up the clear sky. There was nothing in the way or any reason on earth for the jets to simply be there one second and then within a split fraction of a second be gone. The two planes vanished right before our eyes.

Needless to say this was the only topic discussed as we drove home that afternoon from our shopping event. We could not come up with any logical explanation to the vanishing jets. 

I have no idea what it was that I watched happen with my brother. I do know planes do not simply vanish in front of you yet that is exactly what happened.

I have no idea what is going on over our heads. I do know it is not normal or natural and seems to be picking up in intensity and strangeness with each and every passing month.

I think it is time each and every one of us  start to spend a little time each day we are out and about paying attention to what is going on right over our heads. 

Obviously these things are not going away and do not yet have a logical or open explanation being given to us by those who are suppose to be protecting us.

Unless we stay united and concerned as a society and begin to demand answers to massive spraying, odd moving clouds that seem to self  illuminate thrown together with the added strangeness of vanishing objects flying over us we will never know what or who is doing these things. 

If this is all part of military operations we have to be somehow told. If this is cloaking technology that is being tested it cannot be a military secret or they would not be practicing it where thousands of people could easily see it. 

If this is part of something sinister we are dealing with that we are being kept in the dark about I for one would really like  know. It is far better to be prepared in life than it is to be blindsided and left defenseless by way of ignorance.

I hope you all start to take a  interest in the strange things going on over your heads as it may one day be the most important information you may need to know. 

We have been warned for hundreds of years about this era in history. I think we need to consider the fact that all these oddities going on around us may be part of the haunting warnings we have been left by those who walked before us concerning this era of 2012 and all of its predictions.

Maybe the main player in upcoming history on this earth is mankind and their deeds including things like chem trails, vanishing jets and  many other strange events being reported across the world each and every day.

I have a feeling some truth may soon be coming and we will one day understand all of the unknowns going on around us. I  simply feel we would all be able to prepare and handle what it may be if we had a clue to what is really going on!

Be careful and be aware of your surroundings out there. It is the only way to educate yourself on the world around you and the sky above you.

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