When You Least Expect to See it- Strange Orb Over Shopping Center Northport New York


by Chris Holly

When You Least Expect to See it- Strange Orb Over Shopping Center Northport New York 

Tonight  I ran out earlier to mail a letter. I have a small shopping area near by with a  mail box in the parking lot area of the center here in Northport New York located on the north shore of Long Island.  

I was with my brother who is staying with me. Our intentions were to drop off the mail and pick up a few things in the little grocery store.

As we walked across the parking lot I walked away from  him to go to the mail box located in the parking lot . He was talking to me and changed his course to follow me. He looked up as he was talking to me and stopped dead in his tracks.

He was looking over my head so I turned around and looked too. There in the early night sky over the trees heading out towards the water was a clear white light. No strobes, no color , no sound. Just a roundish oval clear bright white light.  It was moving across the sky towards the water. We watched it. I was not convinced it was abnormal at first.

I immediately found a reference point on the ground to determine if it was moving and to try to figure out how high and fast it was moving.

At first it was approaching quickly. Without any type of change in speed, without a slowing mode the thing just stopped. Just stopped dead in its path. Now it had my attention.

It stayed stationary over a large wooded area for about 90 seconds. At this point we had two other people standing and watching too. The round solid  bright white object just hovered over the trees. I could not distinguish how high it was. It seemed to be in the flight paths that the smaller planes use in our area that fly over the water. It was no where as high as a jet or commercial plane.

It hovered in that one spot until as suddenly as it stopped it started to move again. The white orb took off now at a far greater rate of speed out towards the Long Island Sound. It hit an incredible speed in a few seconds time. The orb took off making a hard right hand turn without reducing speed and disappeared in to the night.

I did not have my phone . I only had a ten dollar bill and my car keys with me. I did however find a photo that looked exactly what I witnessed tonight.

I have no idea what  the thing was that I  saw tonight . I do know it was not a plane. It is interesting that when you least expect to see something is always the time you do.

I think we all need to pay close attention to our skies. I have a gut feeling this spring will be filled with many strange sightings  seen all over the world.

Do not be unprepared like I was tonight . Make sure you have your phone or camera with you when you go out in to the world.

March 9, 2011
Chris Holly

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