White Orb/UFO flies over Hamilton, Ontario


Publisher’s Note: Came across this sighting report from my hometown, Hamilton, Ontario. Home of the Canadian Fooltball League Hamilton Tiger-Cats.I know the area very well where this sighting occurrred. It is in the city center in a very heavily populated area. Most houses are 2 1/2 stories high and I can imagine a UFO floating overhead. Found sighting in Google News. Dirk

A Hamilton, Ontario witness reported the following sighting at 9:36 PM on 12 July 2012 to the MUFON database.

I was driving down Main and had just made a left onto Spadina Avenue. As I was pulling up to the first set of stop signs at the first intersection on Spadina and Dunsmure Road, there was a car going to park in his/her driveway and another one coming through the intersection.

The roads are relatively narrow so I pulled to the right and just waited for these vehicles to pass. To preoccupy myself I was just staring up into the night sky where the trees weren’t blocking my view when all of a sudden this oval-ish circle shaped glowing orb – the colour was basically a pearl white – “flew” by towards the North East. It was moving as a considerably fast pace in a straight line and I’m 100% confident it wasn’t a plane.

I’ve been on the road many times and there is no reason a plane would be that low (or at least shine THAT brightly) and move that smoothly. Not to mention it was essentially an orb. This was around 9:46pm. I managed to watch it for maybe 5 seconds before it got shrouded by the overseeing trees. I was astonished – I’m an avid ‘fan’ of the prospect of UFO sightings, the mystery behind them etc. and this was something any person who is interested in this stuff would die for, even if it was for a measly few seconds. The fact that there was another person that sighted this and reported it at relatively the same time gave me the motivation to come on here and report it as well.

Source: http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com


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