To make sense of any problem it is best to try to develop a plan or theory that at least lists the pieces of the problem in order to take a proper look at the problem you are trying to solve or at least better understand.

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Once you have the parts listed you can search for similarities, differences to develop a formula or direction to sort out your pieces to try to at least see if there is a path to some answers. 

One area of the unknown that I find repulsive and extremely strange is that of the ongoing revolting issue of animal mutilation. I have been trying to pick out the pieces to see if I can find a path to this puzzle. It is a terrible issue that needs to be solved so that one day it can be stopped.

The most common and well known would be that of cattle mutilation. This has been going on for a very long time all over the world where cattle can be found cleanly gutted and dropped back to the areas from which they were taken. It is always a clean kill with out the remains of an animal attack . They are clean cuts , not chewed or torn and bloodless . It also is the most researched kind of animal mutilation but certainly not the only type of animal mutilation taking place.

 Over the years I have read about many different animals found worldwide that have been found in a way that lends to mutilation rather than nature that killed them including the strange cat mutilations leaving cats returned gutted with clean precise cuts. The cats are returned to their owners looking like hand puppets. This strange practice has been recorded worldwide for over 25 years. It is not a local or onetime event it is an epidemic of madness as well as cold cruelty.

As I process what is going on around the world with this issue I realize I am not looking at one issue but more like a few different issues all lost in the convoluted ciaos of a very ugly subject matter. Much like UFO’s or abduction it is not one kind of craft or one kind of abduction being seen or taking place it is a list of different unidentified objects and abduction scenarios that have been all shoved under one title. That thinking and approach keeps us ignorant and far from solving any of these subjects which of course is exactly how the powers that be want it to be. 

Mutilation is suffering from the same ‘thrown in the same pot’ dilemma. Mutilation by name and definition is off putting and terrifying. People do not want to look at it, hear about it, or discuss it. Sadly that is not working as a method of handing it as they continue to happen and that is what we need to address. 

I have thought about this and admit I do not have any answers however I do have a few theories why they happen. Each circumstance is different yet easily hidden under the one umbrella title as the event in every situation is revolting and something we all would rather not deal with including me.

There may be multiple possible culprits involved with cattle mutilations.   In fact I can think of three possibilities and think it is very possible all three are happening in order to use the events of the other sources who are actively doing them too as a cover. It works out well as it is a simple case of blaming the other guy for this repulsive deed as different participants take, slaughter and then dump the dead animal back to the area from which is was taken. Those doing these things can freely go  along doing what they are doing with the animals  for reasons we may never fully understand knowing that other sources will most likely be blamed, who are also doing it,  which ends with all of the suspects getting away without any repercussions. 

I think it is possible that our own secret or black ops part of our government is tracking possible disease or defects that have infiltrated our food chain by following the cattle ranchers across the country secretly as not to alarm the public or the ranchers or farmers to possible virus or bacteria that may have slipped in to our food chain. Following the cattle ranchers across the country, or world for that matter; to randomly take an animal to quickly slaughter for whatever they need to test  in a way that  is quickly done by advanced black ops operations. This of course includes throwing the unused body of the  cow back down on the ground rather than carrying the weight with them. This could be possibly done by silent black helicopter crafts that have been reported seen by t cattle owners over their land.  Also  it would make sense to dump the remains of the animal especially if they are on a mission where more than one animal is being taken and tested. 

Along the same lines but for different reasons I think other life forms that may visit this planet also take and experiment on the tissue of the animals found mutilated and also ditch the bodies especially if they are making the rounds taking cattle from multiple places during one expedition. I believe it is possible that animals taken by other life forms may be kept or they may dump the remains in the ocean or deep lakes if they are covering large areas of the earth during their visit. Sadly I have to include other species of animals in this thinking many which are simply taken and the remains never seen again. Saddest of all I feel humans may be on this list of animals taken from earth by other life forms. It is true that may be why  only a few remains of human mutilations were found similar to the same methods that are used on cattle however that does not mean it is not happening. It could also be part of the huge numbers of humans that go missing each and every year never to be seen again.

I do not think all visiting life forms do these horrible things but I do think there are at least a few who do take our earth animals and do experiment with them. Until we have the answers to who and why these awful crimes are occurring any theory or idea is plausible. The only way to end or answer these questions or to stop these events from continuing is to try to find the answers. If we simply refuse to deal with it, turn our backs on it and ignore it they will not only continue but in my thinking increase in numbers.

Another possibility is that another life form visiting this planet may take and use the interior of the animals as a food source. If that is the case it would make sense for them to dump the remains where they found the animal as it would most likely only take them minutes to remove what they wanted from the animal. It would be the same as when we cut up a chicken or trim any type of meat or fish before cooking. We  throw out the  parts we do not want or use  too. I am sure once they take what they eat or use they would want to quickly dump the remains they do not need or use. Hunters in the wild often do this leaving what they do not want for other animals to salvage. This may be the thinking in dumping the dead carcass.

We have many secret labs in this country doing secret projects that may need the biological material of living creatures to advance the projects they are working on. Taking what they want from the animals while using small black ops silent helicopters would also explain the dumping of the heavy dead animals instead of trying to transport the added weight in flight. The projects these secret labs work on is as endless as ones imagination and surely part of the taking of and mutilation of animals found across the nation. It is much easier for this kind of secret operations to simply steal or take the animals they need and far cheaper than keeping and raising animals especially if they want what they are doing to be kept under wraps and away from public eyes

Plum Island a small island located off of the tip of Long Island New York is one of the places that I believe did this type of operation. I believe not only did they experiment on animals I believe they used humans as well. As horrible as this may sound these things do take place. Believing your government would make sure something like this would never happen is truly naive. Not only do they know these things take place they fund them with your tax dollars! 

I am sure the above scenarios can be some of if not all reasons for the strange mutilation of our large farm animals across the world. I am sad it takes place as it is something that I feel falls under the loss of our moral compass as a society. I say this as I do feel humans are partly to blame for some of these activities as well as aware that our governments know other life forms may be involved and do utterly nothing to stop it. If it is cruel in my mind it just is not cool. That is my thinking and I intend to stick with it.

Lastly the issue of the half cat killings is something I once again must address due to the fact no one at all seems to care or be concerned about it.

I know that there have been strange people for many years who have lived in all our towns that would take cats out in the woods and kill them for some kind of thrill. I am not referring to those crazy buggers when I talk about cat mutilation . I am talking about something far worse and without question you need to know is happening regardless of your opinion of cats or if you own one. 

The fact that something very sick, that kills living things and does so with malice by throwing the murdering of the poor innocent animals back in our faces is something we all need to know. What happens if this strangeness progresses to dogs, children or simply humans? The time to stop this nasty situation is now. The fact it has been going on for decades with only a shrug of the shoulders by society is just plain weird to me.

 The cat mutilations are not part of the other animal mutilations due to the fact they are done in a way that is specific to the cats and by something that is extremely brazen and cruel. 

Cats are removed from peoples yards meaning someone or something enters a private home or private area where the cat belongs and takes the cat away from the property where they slaughter and clean out the cat internally completely clean. They then reenter the private property where they took the cat and leave half of the dead cat which has been cut in half across the center of the cat leaving a clean bloodless usually top part of the cats front paws and head which looks like a little cat puppet. The owners are heartbroken and terrified knowing someone or something entered their private property took their pets and then came back to return this eerie dead half cat puppet like carcass of their beloved pet.

I have gut feeling that the cat mutilation cases are something extremely sinister and being done by something very black and dangerous to us all.

I do not know or even want to venture in to why this is being done but I do think it is something we all need to watch out for in our neighborhoods and should make those around our community aware that these things are taking place. 

I believe that if we join together in finding answers and maybe if we unite together we may find solutions so we can stop all of these disturbing events.  I am not a fan of secret ops that hurt and destroy nor am I a fan of looking the other way while possible life forms from other places use us for experiment, food or curiosity. 

My hopes is that we start to stand together on issues on this earth including the most difficult of all which is killing each other and start to climb the ladder of evolution and begin to move forward. I know we are the primitive ones of our universal neighborhood and can only try to convince you all it is time for us to step up our game and become aware and daring enough to want things we find revolting to end instead of simply just looking away.

Thanks for your time and please be aware of your surroundings and be careful out there


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