Publisher’s Note: Believe it or not this video claims to show a landed UFO and an alien pilot or occupant. The article appeared on the MontrealGazette.com website and was posted by Jullian Page. Good read and video. Enjoy Dirk

It’s human nature to hope to live to a ripe old age, and then lament that we’re old if we’re fortunate enough to live that long. It seems all our lives we fret about our mortality, yet in the last days see death as a liberation from both our aged bodies and this mad, mad, mad world.

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We humans are full of so many contrasts, yes? We yearn for peace and love, and in too many cases live the opposite. Imagine how we must look to an observer from, say, another planet.

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These thoughts have been on my mind recently after a friend on Facebook posted a UFO video (see above) and asked for comments. The video is well done, actually, showing a flying saucer parked in a field somewhere before it lifts off. One person commented “Of course it is fake, ever wonder why they always land in some obscure place instead of a location with multiple witnesses….?”

To which I responded : “Well, maybe they didn’t want to land in a place where there would be a lot of witnesses. Maybe they just wanted to stretch their legs in a field with no one around. Maybe they’re shy. (Winks . . . just playing martian’s advocate)”

Not that I honestly believe we are being visited by beings from another planet or another dimension any more than I believe there are gods looking down on us. But if our planet is being visited by aliens, I could hardly blame them for not introducing themselves to us. I mean, surely they must think the human race is insane, what with all the bigotry and hatred and ignorance here. Why would they want to stir up this hornet’s nest we call Earth? Why would they risk being stoned to death, either literally or figuratively, because they are different?

Article continues here: http://blogs.montrealgazette.com/2014/05/04/ufos-why-aliens-dont-introduce-themselves-to-us/

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