Why Humans Do Not Know About UFOs Aliens or Life in the Cosmos

Do you know the expression ‘ you can drag a horse to water but you cannot make it drink’ ? I think of this expression when I try to get my fellow humans to think about the subject of UFO’s. aliens and other life in the cosmos.

No matter what anyone seems to say or do my fellow humans insist on dealing with, thinking about,  discussing, researching this subject stuck in human context with human thinking only.

As long as we remain on this track we will never understand or increase our dealing with that which we neatly and purposely keep unknown.

I have spent a  lifetime reading books. articles and blogs concerning these subjects. I have listened to radio shows, watched TV specials as well as chatted on line with many people concerning UFO’s , aliens and other things considered unknown about the universe around us.

I write about the encounters and sightings of those who have seen or experienced UFO’s or other beings as well as having had my own experiences. This is an area I feel I know something about however I also know we are deaf dumb and blind to all of  it!

I am at the point of disgust with my fellow humans due to the fact that no matter how I try to shake, quake, slap or explode in frustration – I am unable to get them to think about this as they need to. I  am able to drag them to the brink of the edge of these subjects but I cannot get them to think about them in any form but their strict human thinking.

Science. I give up with all of our trained educated men and women of science. Trained like all animals they obey and stay strictly in the small box of thinking they were herded and caged to  stay within. There is little advancement without long tedious pain that is silly and small. I say this as  the world of science is closed and frightened. I feel this way as unless something that is not  now understood can be shoved into the very limited areas of known human science it is rejected.

The area of UFO’s and aliens much less the working of the universe is without question locked out due to our limited thinking. Let’s be honest and face the fact that if we had any idea how this universe worked we would be out there part of it. We are simply little beings just starting to reach past our own noses with little to no real understanding of the space around us.

It gives me a enormous belly laugh when I read the long boring ongoing words of those who feel they are our top experts on what goes on past our little planet. Constantly the only  answers or theories are carefully  based only on our limited science. Where are the brains of our times reaching past our limits to possible reasons for all our unknowns?  

 We obviously do not know the  real physics – the science of space or we could conquer it. The fact is as long as we stay locked we stay dumb deaf and blind. That is stupid human logic I do not or will not accept or understand. We block our own progress time after time.

I am sick to death of this approach to things unknown . It is the single biggest  reason we stay locked in the dark and dumb to our own surroundings. If the humans of this planet think they got it going on when it comes to understanding the science of space, time – our universe they are delusional fools and we deserve to stay disconnected and visited like specimens instead of equals by our visiting cosmos neighbors.

To those who still walk around in full denial that this is not going on all over the world , well  all of you are the next reason we are deaf dumb and blind to what happens over our heads and to millions of us each year . Just keep making believe it does not happen and for you it does not exist. Of course not until you are the one who finds you are alone one night and find you are looking in to the cold hard eyes of the unknown.  That is when your view will change. Trust me.

After our ridiculous view of trying to figure out the advanced cultures and beings of space and time with primitive human science the next human action to keep us in the dark to these subjects is our insistence on making all life forms in this  universe human like. 

We simply insist that aliens somehow someway relate to us. They either have to have our human  body style, our body chemistry, or our cultural and emotional makeup. We insist on making visitors as human like as possible. 

Well what can I say. Some other life forms may have heads , arms and legs.  Some may be kind and considerate. Others may have heads with many arms and legs or just be a huge ball of brain with arms that work as both arms and legs. Some may be have life form half machine. After all isn’t that the path we are taking for the human race?

Aliens may have moved past the need for a body of matter and may be pure energy that can  bond together in a big mass and travel all over the cosmos in one form . That mass may break away in to smaller bits of energy to investigate developing planets like our earth.

Others may be pure light that wear  safety suits to interact with humans keeping us in the dark to their true appearance or form. The possibilities are endless.  The  form other life may take may be beyond our thinking. That fact is our problem. We only think in human terms and refuse to open up to things really and truly unknown. 

Look at SETI. Does it really seem sensible to reach out to those who are far more advanced by way or radio transmissions? Hell  why don’t we just set up huge fires and send out smoke signals?  The chances of a civilization advanced enough to reach us or pick up any message from us  still looking for primitive radio transmissions is utterly ridiculous.

The idea we are iffy about the idea we are being visited or other life exists because we cannot find it or nail it down with our primitive thinking and technology is small minded and frankly overtly stupid.

The idea physics or science can only be as we think it may be is equally absurd. We are new to science, technology and space and frankly are only dipping our tiny toes into an area we absolutely do not understand.

Observe the way we humans handle those who have seen a odd craft or had an actual dealing  with another  life form. What do we do? We ridicule , insult, ignore, laugh at and make the person’s life miserable as that is far easier than dealing with it.

We also jump on the subject using it for personal gratification by  spending  endless hours making up garbage stories, photos and videos for self serving reasons of attention, glory, or fame. All of this keeps us looking ridiculous and the subjects of the unknown lost and kept taboo and shameful. A great deal like how we once handled witchcraft. We use it to benefit our needs but refuse to look at what it truly may be.  We are rather low brow in areas of the unknown.  

Next we make up fabulous movies and TV shows all based on very human looking aliens to help us digest a subject that clearly terrifies the human race .

Let’s face it. We do not want to know about the unknown and we do all we can not to face it.

Otherwise we would realize and open our minds to the fact we do not have the right approach to the science of the universe. We cannot get a handle on the energy requirements or the true makeup of space . We are lost to figuring out time or dimension. We are however realizing one day we need to leave our world and are making tiny baby steps in that direction. 

Once mankind begins to deal with a more advanced thinking and reach past our self made restrictions that keep us  stunted and ignorant to all that we do not know we may one day be able to conquer space , time and dimensions as our fellow cosmos neighbors obviously already have. We need to go where our minds have never gone before. That means letting go of human only ideals and thinking and pushing forward to areas we have turned our backs on and left as unknowns . We deny and delude our selves instead of learning and pushing towards that which we do not understand.

We seem determined to  give alien life forms human qualities in both appearance and cultural makeup. I am sure this is incorrect on both fronts. I am sure there are as many non human life forms as there are human ones. I am sure there may be considerate kind aliens as well as those who just do not give a damn. 

I believe we are of little importance as if we were we would already be taken over or at least in the cosmos loop of connected neighbors.  We are simply watched, used, and left alone. We are not all that important to them and our outcome on earth is going to be in our hands not theirs. 

What we need to do if we are ever going to understand or know that which is unknown is to stop shoving it all in human form, human science, and human thinking. They are not humans stop thinking of them that way!

I have seen the unknown. I have spoken to  others who have as well. During those encounters I assure you we, the people dealing with it,  were the only humans involved.  Knowing this is why many of us have come to understand how lost we are , how deep we live in denial and how delusional we have made our race to  that which is unknown , not of this world and without question not human.

Please be careful out there and understand Star Wars is a movie so is Star Trek and every other movie like it. They are human made flicks based on human concepts with roots in human needs and desires. They may have little or nothing to do with the real truth of all we still keep deeply hidden  by way of our own doing  concerning the subjects considered unknown.

Keep your eyes and mind open to what goes on around you as one day you may understand that there are many things happening around us and to us that we refuse to deal with on our little human planet.

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