Why Psychiatrists Should Read My Favorite Books on Possession, Reincarnation and The Afterlife

To classically trained psychoanalysts, possession and past life memories are notions so preposterous that they cannot even think about them.

Ignorance originates from the root word,”ignore” and has nothing whatsoever to do with professional stupidity or lack of intellect.

Thus, the firm belief of demonic or ghostly possession, the control of a human being by a nonphysical intelligence, well known in every time and every cultural arena, has been ignored by the psychiatric medical profession.

A child who hears “voices” is thus medicated, deemed psychotic, rather than highly psychic, by field professionals in mental health.

The first recorded example of demonic possession acceptance in society was discovered etched onto a clay tablet in Assyrian cuneiform 2800 years ago.

Physician, Heal thyself!

Read a wonderful book by Olga Hoyt, titled, “Exorcism”, for evidences required to begin to open any ‘trained’ clinical mind closed to these possibilities.

Two amazing definitive books about demonic possession, past life recollections and clairvoyance worth reading are, “Realms of the Human Consciousness”, and “Beyond the Brain”, by Stan Grof, M.D., who has explored human consciousness more extensively than any other researcher and investigator.

Three astonishing books to digest along the lines of this re-education are:

“Medicine is a slow painful death; My resident goes on and on about how psychiatrists are worthless and it’s not an evidence based field – and they know nothing about medicine “(from a medical intern)”

A startling major piece of work devoted to reincarnation truths, a 1,300 page work of two-volumes that still stand as a definitive research work, by Frederic W.H.

“Medicine is a slow painful death; my resident goes on and on about how psychiatrists are worthless and it’s not an evidence based field – and they know nothing about medicine (from a medical intern)”


Meyers, titled, ” Human Personality and its Survival After Physical Death”.

These oddly, were published posthumously, in 1904, after Meyer’s death in 1901.

Earthbound souls and demonic entities that possess humans are frighteningly written about in,  “Hostage to the Devil”, by Jesuit Malachi Martin, an extraordinary exploration of five severe cases of demonic possession, a book that almost made me abandon my own research and writing from raw fear.

“Thirty Years Among the Dead”, written in 1924 illuminates the subject of human possession by solely Earthbound spirits and is essential grist for any worthy psychoanalysts’ mill.

More essential nutritious books to digest for any formal psychoanalyst’s developing healthy mind are:

Life Before Life”, about the Planning Stage of our blueprints for each incarnation, by Helen Wambach, is splendid reading and about her remarkable findings after her regression of over a thousand patients.

Unseen Influences”, by Dick Sutphin, is not only fine reading, but prescriptive; it states in its introduction,” It is time to reject the unseen influences and direct your own destiny.”

What’s the strangest relearning and learning again tidbit?

Beyond any prevailing clinical beliefs, E.T.s can and do affect human beings by repeated spiritual tampering, causing ‘symptoms’ easily misdiagnosed and misunderstood as psychological dysfunction by an uneducated psychoanalytic community.

For erudition, digest a wondrous text, titled, “CE-VI: Close Encounters of the Possession Kind”, by William J. Baldwin, M.D., PH.D.

Encounters”, by psychologist Edith Fiore, PH.D. describes attachments made by errant alien beings seeking retirement sanctuary within humans.

Many psychiatrists have begun to understand these phenomenon and incorporate therapy:

Two essential ‘must-reads’ are,”Past Lives Therapy”, by Morris Nertherton and “The Splintered Soul”, by Maryanne Clare.

Essential volumes of knowledge,
concerning spiritual illnesses of the eternal human mind / soul, are patently ignored by clinically trained psychiatrists, who remain painfully ignorant of the influences to their patients from unseen, dark entities..

Paul Schroeder

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