Why We are Not Able to Grasp the Unknown


During my last conversation with the  real time abductee group I found the abductees  were all in  agreement   concerning   a few  big problems they feel stunt the growth of  finding truth in the subjects of the unknown.

The  six members of this group have all spent time during their life searching for information, help or some kind of community where  truth and facts could be found about many areas of the unknown.

Of course the main area of interest for these people surround the subjects  of  UFO's,  aliens,   abduction  and  lost time events.  Since they all have dealt with these things personally  they  all searched for what they could find in an effort to help them deal with their own ordeals.

Before the internet the search for material or help was limited  to books ,  a few magazines as well a handful of radio shows  or  a few  Hollywood  movies.  A few found small  paranormal groups  locally . 

None of the above options proved to be helpful to those who were enduring lifelong  lost time  or abduction events.   Those seeing  strange crafts or  being swept into a paranormal experience  soon found no help and without question did not  want to  deal with the attitudes of a society hell bent on  abusing those who endure things unexplained.

With the internet came the  open door  for  growth ,  shared  news and information on all  the  odd and strange  occurrences  people were having all over the planet.  Soon  groups,  sites,  internet radio shows, forums and chats were exploding all over the  net. 

With hope – all the abductees in this group did the same thing and started to search for a place to find truth ,  information ,  research and help for the people all over  the globe that were living through life changing strange events.

Sadly,  in time , the group members  shared the same reaction to what they found on the internet-  huge disappointment.

A great deal of material found was a mixture of nonsense, silly fiction being passed off as real events, fake photo's as well as many fraudulent videos.  The  chats and radio shows were a mixture of  the insane, the bored, the attention seekers with a very low margin  through it all of truth.

There were those  out there who were trying to report or talk about real events. However,  they  were lost  as the real reports would be bundled next to  ridiculous made up scenarios  plowing the truth six feet under before it is ever could be  seriously looked at.

Even so the abductees tried to plow along looking for others like them . After years of things becoming more theatrical and silly they gave up the search for using the internet as a tool of advancement for the cause of truth in matters unknown.

As the abductees discussed this mess they all brought up the  fact that a main spoiler in the paranormal world is the need for  bling!

It soon was discovered to us all that  society would  NOT settle for a straight forward approach to what people were seeing and experiencing. 

Many unknown events are short ,  severe  , confusing and over before the witness can digest what it going on.   Being told  a person was standing in front of their house when a huge brightly lit  unknown craft appeared  in the night sky right in front of them for  20 seconds and then was gone… is not enough for the Hollywood fed brainwashed  TV addicted  society we live in. 

Two things happened that soon  constructed  the road of destruction for serious advancement for the paranormal via the internet or media .

First all  things are thrown together in one  big pot . There are no levels or separation of  reports or material .  The silliest story stands right next to a truthful report . This goes for reported sightings,  descriptions of  unknown events, and all else that floats wildly among the roads and highways of the paranormal.

The other thing that abductees feel   killed  most all attempts of truth especially in the subjects of  UFO's  and  abduction and lost time events is embellishment. 

Because society is so addicted to the  big Hollywood versions of all things  real events seem dull and lack luster to those wanting a big story rather than a bit of truth.

 Soon not only anyone who felt like making up a tale of  aliens and space adventure   where adding tons of  bling to keep an audience –  those who truly did witness something extreme  also  started to  add embellishments too.

It became almost necessary to add tons of  made up  bling to their report to try and capture an audience long  trained to want  neon  colored  entertainment.  Real curiosity,  understanding and fact  was being lost along the way.

Someone seeing a unknown craft for  a few seconds would add a long adjusted detailed  report  to increase the  odds of people listening to what they had seen or experienced.  It is like living in a world of tall beautiful blonds and being a short plain  brunette.   Soon the brunette is adding lots of makeup and bleaching her hair to  find the attention of those who only want to look at the fancy blonds!

Before we knew it the embellishments  and  bling was hanging all over everything in the paranormal.  Trying to  sort  through the mess to find the few   real events became the same as looking for a needle in a haystack.

Sadly for the world we have lost time , information and the minds of those who do take this subject matter seriously .

  It appears by way of our own hand it will remain an area that stays suffocated by societies need for the extreme only with fact or truth  left in a disinterested pile . 

Many paranormal  experiences are fast ,  as well as  being adjusted in our memory by the  beings  who  are behind  the event ,  so only small fragments can be recalled.

That fact and our need for fancy over the top jaw dropping  Hollywood  special effects have stunted our  ability to focus on the real and strange.  We   continue  passing  by what we need to know   for the flash and fad we have been brain washed to  consume without questions or  curiosity.

In the mean time  people like the real time abductees have lived the  real unknown. What they have lived   could be extreme in the knowledge they hold however  they are not flash  or fantasy, not  dressed in star war costume  nor do they sport pointed ears.  They simply are those who have  been taken, abused, changed and thrown back by strange unknowns.   The fact  they go unnoticed and ignored by the mass while the ridiculous and theatric  are sort after by millions is a very telling fact about who we are as a species and where we are heading as a civilization.

The abductees ended this conversation with laughter about something  how people need to understand you can put lipstick on a pig but it still a pig and a few other  comments .  The deep sorrow for me is that so much is being lost as we go nowhere with what is happening  in subjects considered  unexplained. 

It exhausts and disgusts those who have looked in to the cold black eyes of the unknown as we know those around us remain confused and lost to the real events that happen to real people each and every day.

For those who do not know what a real time abductee is please see read description below this article.

Until then understand  UFO.s  may be a black outline  in the night sky with no detail at all.   Not a craft flashing like the  lights on Broadway on a  Saturday night.  Aliens can be a wisp of light or  a  blank looking  form without features. Not all aliens are dressed in wonderful  space looking  fashion  suits with fire flashing from their eyes and fireworks shooting out of their butts.

A paranormal event can happen in minutes leaving the person involved confused and unable to recall exactly what took place.  Detailed long descriptive tales always leave me  skeptical.

 Always place safety and logic  before all else when walking in to the world of things considered unknown.

Real Time Abductee

** A real time abductee is someone who during  an active everyday life was taken by that which is unknown,  abused,  used and returned without the permission of or want of the victim .  It happens  during the light of day or the cover of darkness while the person is following their  normal daily routine .

 Opportunity is  all that seems to be needed by the abductors when snatching up their victims.  These actions are no different from any other kidnapping and abuse case except we as a species   abuse the victims  again if they dare speak out or reach for help concerning the events they endure.   

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