By Pat Regan

The Daily Mail recently reported the following:

‘Former Air Force major forecasts UFO sightings at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal wedding’


The story involved ex-military officer, George Filer, who runs the National UFO Centre. He stated that it’s common to see extraterrestrials around important events, and is highly possible they may be watching the royal wedding too.

Mr Filer is quite correct and history appears to verify this claim.

 Royalty and UFO activity do actually appear to go hand in hand at times with one of the most remarkable examples being a fascinating episode involving King Harold of England.

Please consider the following:

A.D. 1067 from Geoffrey Gaimar’s Lestoire des Englis:

“In this year people saw a fire that flamed and burned fiercely in the sky. It came near the earth and for a little time brilliantly lit it up. Afterwards, it revolved, ascended on high, and then descended into the sea. In several places it burned woods and plains, and in the County of Northumberland this fire showed itself in two seasons of the year.”

It may be worth noting here that in the famous Bayeux Tapestry the members of King Harold’s Coronation assembly are shown as witnessing the royal event. They are facing King Harold, but their eyes are turned towards Halley’s Comet that was seen in 1066. It was depicted in the sky as a portent of the doom to come. Harold is seen receiving news of the Comet with great dismay in his eyes.

Although Geoffrey’s 1067 UFO account was from one year later, it may be feasible that there is a connection with the Comet (“a fire that flamed and burned fiercely in the sky”) herein.

On Christmas day in the year 1066, William was crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey. In view of this event we are only talking about several weeks before the year turned into 1067.

Was the date of the 1067 UFO account incorrectly recorded or was there more to this event than we can now actually appreciate?

The account’s mention of the UFO showing itself in “two seasons of the year” may, I believe, relate to the lateness of one season (December) turning into the new season of January or later. This would explain the confusion behind this affair – yet of course this hypnosis can only be speculation today.

Mention in the 1067 ‘UFO’ account of ‘Northumberland’ is possibly also significant to this ancient report.

Northumberland featured strongly in the saga of King Harold; ergo this may be another clue to the origin of this particular UFO tale. To expand on Geoffrey’s account is nevertheless even more intriguing when he quotes:

“In this year people saw a fire that flamed and burned fiercely in the sky. It came near the earth and for a little time brilliantly lit it up. Afterwards, it revolved, ascended on high, and then descended into the sea. In several places it burned woods and plains, and in the County of Northumberland this fire showed itself in two seasons of the year.”

Was Geoffrey inadvertently recounting the Comet’s feared return; as an omen of English disaster, or are we seeing two separate events here with one linked to a genuinely ancient UFO?

A fire the revolved and burnt in the sky and then extinguished itself in the sea may also relate to a celestial body breaching earth’s atmosphere and smashing into the landscape.

However if Geoffrey is speaking about a solitary phenomenon then this theory poses problems. He tells us that the object (or objects?) burned woods and plains, yet ‘also’ says it descended into the sea.

Was he perhaps referring to an extraterrestrial craft (or more than one craft) that was in reality crash-landing in this wild, archaic northern region of England? Possibly if it was a mysterious craft it was not crashing but refuelling in the dark Northumbrian waters. Hence it’s bizarre reappearance once again in a separate season.

Many centuries later and Northumbria is still a focus for the unexplained.

I mention here reports of one guard (Albert Lancaster) at a radar site near Newbiggin-on-Sea, Northumbria. In 1942 this person was reported to believe himself abducted by aliens while working at the facility.

Mr Lancaster claimed to have seen a radiant light surrounded by dark mist and, assuming it was a German weapon he, went to raise the alarm before being struck by a beam of light from the clouds followed by a floating sensation then becoming aware he was back at his post. Subsequent to this strange experience he apparently believed he had extrasensory powers for a period of time.

Yes – this part of the UK holds many secrets it would seem so the last words should be left with our ancient British forebears:

“In this year terrible portents appeared in Northumbria, and miserably afflicted the inhabitants: these were exceptional flashes of lightning and fiery dragons were seen flying in the air.” Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (Year 793)

Many centuries before the above saga unfolded, UFOs were at times seen to be associated with Egyptian symbolism and royalty. Some researchers have also alleged genetic links between the royal members of that land and extraterrestrials.

I find it quite feasible that advanced aliens could have arrived back in those ancient times and ultimately breed with humans on occasion. I have written more recently on our extraterrestrial heritage with the ‘Alien Mom’ situation:


Above: The now famous Alien Mom image

I have also accentuated potential links to Egyptian royalty on the following page:


The sort of interest extraterrestrials would have therefore in witnessing a wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton is of course wide open to conjecture.

We do know that UFOs have an increasingly regular habit of turning up before and during significant occasions in human history.

That leads me to throw a final question onto the table of debate:

If we in this day and age could utilise the medium of ‘time travel’ in an accurate arrival/departure scheduled time frame, would we not wish to revisit events of seemingly momentous important? Events such as earthquakes, tsunamis and yes, even historical marriages back in our history.

Perhaps then we are hereby witnessing an element, in at least some instances of inexplicable UFO visitation, of this time/space scenario.

Will anything extraordinary occur around the period of this forthcoming Royal Wedding? Well folks, let’s just wait and see!


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