Will You Survive the Era of 2012

My readers have been very active in sending me their ideas and opinions concerning the upcoming  year of dread 2012.

It is well known by now that I am not a believer that our planet will end on one day in Dec 2012 or any other one day in our near future. 

I am a believer however that we live in  a troubled era which  I have been referring to as  ” The Era of 2012″.

My thoughts are that we are now smack in the middle of a time in history when many natural cycles of our planet and   sun as well as the entire cosmos is due to have extreme  actions .  This will be a time that  will include  earthquakes, great storms,  volcano eruptions, along with  many other severe earth climate and  land mass  activity.  As this planet has in the past it will now once again deal with all these natural catastrophic events.

Along with the devastation of natural disasters we need to prepare for the violence of the sun and the disasters it might cause to a civilization that is built around technology that could easily be destroyed or brought to a sudden  stop if  hit by what the sun  may throw at us.  Again we are in a cycle where the sun  has and will continue to  burst huge flares out to space with us directly in the path  of what could  bring our power grids, communication abilities  and way of life to a  complete stop.

  Along with these concerns  there are many other theories and speculations of passing space objects and  close encounters of all kinds thought to be coming our way not to mention the ongoing pole shift.

Add on the problems with war, terror and  major world economy problems and we are all looking at a difficult period of time ahead. With the long known doom and gloom  prophecies connected to the year 2012  I think of  our near future as an era of  disturbances that may be difficult in general for all  mankind.

I have had warnings from  so many different people including  psychics,  scientists as well as the real time abductee group I am associated  with concerning the upcoming  possible disasters of our time that I have been compelled to write about it in an effort to push people to seriously prepare for the possible  rough  road ahead . 

While writing about this subject I have received from my readers, my associates in the paranormal as well as the people who I am associated with who work in the subject of science a great deal of advice . They all believe it  will be necessary to prepare in order  to survive the different assorted  ciaos that may come our way.

I decided to simply list the items and suggestions sent to me in this article so what I am being told can be shared with those who are giving some thought to preparing for what may be a very rough patch in the road ahead of us all.

After spending over a week without power or communication abilities after hurricane Irene visited my area I fully appreciate the need for being prepared for a disaster.

Below I will list the items  necessary to survive  during a disaster along with a few things that would be considered luxury items .

Some items will be obvious.  I will list  things we can all afford as well as some  of the luxury objects.

Candles   ( buy twice what you think you will need.  I found that I was very short on my needed amount of candles during hurricane Irene and since have  doubled my supply. With long dark nights  candles are a must so make sure you stock up at your dollar store or whenever you see a sale.)

Lanterns  ( both candle , oil or battery )

Candle  holders


battery operated lights

battery operated radios

ham radio

battery operated DVD player

DVD’s  ( these  items are not needed however it becomes extremely boring without power  during the long dark nights.  Reading is very difficult  by candle or battery light so  having a stash of movies can be a blessing especially if you have children.)

Magazines and books

board games and cards


as much gasoline that can kept in a practical safe manner   

a heat source

a cooking source 

 ( the above heating and cooking sources can be fire places  that are either wood or gas- or a outdoor grill or fire pit  and small propane interior heating units )

filled propane tanks,  wood to burn for cooking or heat


duct tape

roll of plastic

batteries  ( like candles you will quickly wear out your batteries )

first aid kit

medicines needed for family needs

wood for repairs or boarding up areas of glass


cleaning supplies plus cleaning and personal  wet wipes


bug spray



a  weapon

clean laundry –   ( If you know a storm is coming make sure you do your laundry so you have a supply of clean clothes and towels at hand. Also change your bedding as you may not be able to wash your sheets for a few weeks if without power)

food enough for at least 2 weeks for each person

canned goods   –   that contain liquid like fruit and vegetables as well as canned goods including stews, baked beans,  chicken or tuna,  pasta meals etc. Nuts are  easy to store and a good source of protein and energy.  Food bars with nuts and fruit are also a good choice.  

dried food meals if possible

drinking water ( as much as you are able to store)

water for keeping clean separate from  water for drinking

 hint   🙁 stay away from food like bags of rice as they need large amounts of water to cook- keep to food that can simply be heated and eaten without adding water)

pet food  ( consider wet food as well as it contains needed liquid for your pet)

boat or raft if  possible


roller skates

skate boards

The above items may seem ridiculous to you however walking miles to find supplies or to reach other family members is much harder than it is to jump on a bike to get there or even skate. 

I realize the above list is long and may seem overwhelming however most of us have a great deal of these items already lying around our homes. It may be a good idea to put them all together as well as making sure we replace them once we use them.

Some  things are without question luxury items.  The main idea is to read over lists like mine  and try to do whatever you can to prepare for what may come.  Picking up extra candles at the dollar store,  water or can goods when on sale is a good start.  Thinking about heating and cooking  and working out a way to have a method to do take care of  cooking and staying warm  is  crucial. 

Doing as much as you can with what you have is key . Doing nothing may be a very dangerous road to  follow.  I can tell you without question those who are prepared will have a huge advantage and higher survival rate .  Life does not always do what you want it to.  It is obvious that we are now living in very turbulent  life changing times.  Make sure you do all you can to see you and your loved ones can survive whatever may be thrown your way.  

Also develop and practice plans with your loved ones on what each person should do , where they should go, etc if a disaster hits your area.  I would urge you all to include a way in your family plans on how to  keep in  contact or  how and where to reach each other in case of a huge emergency situation. 

 Do not depend on phones .  The first thing to go usually is the ability to use  both land line or cell phones.  In New York we were not able to use our cell phones for days  after the last few big storms or on the day of  911 and a few days after that event.  You have to have alternate ways  to communicate or a plan where each person in your family has a place and plan to follow  in event your area  has a major disaster.   My entire family was spread over New York City during  911. Not knowing where my children and loved ones were  for hours that day was a chilling horror I will never forget.

 I am going to add one other piece of advice to those of you who one day find you are  looking into the face of the unknown.  If  you  find you are  alone and facing something that  you do not understand  please place caution in front of curiosity.

I would strongly suggest you never walks towards  a craft, light or  being you do not recognize or understand.  You may never be seen again.  I know we have all read many tales about those who have had delightful  experiences with  events of the unknown.  I am not one of them and I fear contact with that which I do not understand.  As much as I want to know who and what is out there I do not want to give over my life to do so.  Always caution on the side of  safety first.  Especially if you are all alone.

I hope no one has to fight for survival against mother nature or an act of violence or war however  life offers no promises other than the fact the strongest survive.

Make sure you are as prepared as possible to increase  your odds of surviving  the assorted possible events connected to the  era of   2012.

I thank all the good readers, associates and friends who added to our preparedness list  for  surviving  this  era in  history.

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