Worlds Of Time


Time is relative.
Time is a continuous period as in a moment in time in which something takes place or happens. That being relative to  a continuous period measured by clocks, watches, calendars, or on earth as  that which is measured by atomic clocks as the time it takes the earth to rotate around the sun as in a solar system.
Time in the past has related to the zodiac or the unseen path of the planets in this solar system that rotates around the sun. The unseen sphere that is the unseen path of the moon sun and planets through the heavens or space that is divided up in to twelve parts of the astrological zodiacal signs or astrological signs bearing the name of the constellation.
The Time Travel Sequence of Events is usually related to that of the Zodiac in Astrological Signs or that of the Science Fiction Story Writers or Authors. There is also meaning of Time Travel of That of the Gods who from the heavens came. These are called the Ancient Astronauts in some circles and cultures. We term Time Travel as a valid field in science and in the paranormal and super natural travel of our energy as spirits and essences of the soul.
Time travel explained simply is; that which travels through time. Time on the other hand is relevant to what time frame one is relating too.
In the area of the universe we call space there is no time so we all that travel relate to our home planet and the way time is kept there.
However, there is a way we all can relate too a place and space and that is where the Great Counsel comes into play or the Supreme Counsel which is that of those who are far superior to all other humanoid species based on their own time travel and way of keeping up with time.
Time travel will be discussed in the future in more detail so that every light being that cares to travel and excel beyond their presence and present state of being may do so and be honored with the future.
Those who are aware of their present life force in a body-mind-spirit will soon learn to go beyond their present state of being that is studied in the seven (7) Chakras and Ramayana’s of being in a body-mind-spirit.
Among Time Travelers, there are thirteen (13) chakras that exist above and in the seven (7) colors of the spectrum used in the light and time we see on earth.
The Thirteen (13) are of the 13 mystery schools that are taught on earth above and beyond the White School or Brotherhood of Light and Magic. The Thirteen are located in and above the body-mind-spirit existence of each personage taken on an initiate form of existence in a physical plasma field of energy.
There is also the Yellow School which allows for all conscious thought to travel beyond that of love and light of the White School. The Akashic Field as the Plasma Plane of Existence is used among Time Travelers.
The White School of Magic is that which allows for the beginning of energy travel in the School of that which we see in the seven below in the planetary schools caught in the magnetic field of rotation or orbiting that around a magnetic field such as the earth plane and in the solar system of which many initiates are trained as humanoids. We shall begin teaching that in further detail than that which was allowed to be taught in the last period of five hundred years as the Ancient Mystery Schools that have only been taught by the earth plane masters and avatars as ascended masters. The Ascended Masters are those who choose to come back into the prisms of light to teach as allowed by the time lords of existence as we know it to exist in all levels of existence in the Branes of the Metaverse which lies in the knowing of the Xenoverse.
The Xenoverse is sometimes regarded as that of the Black School of the Occult or the all Seeing and All Knowing of that which cannot be seen or understood at the present time and in space. The dark matter of space is said to be made up of the Xenoverse or the unknown which can create a “Fear” of the “Unknown”. This is also a plasma field that has to exist to harness all that is not understood in the White and Yellow Schools of Magic of the Conscious, Unconscious, and Super-conscious that we all create as the overall mind set that is considered the critical mass way of being in the universe.
The Way of being in the Metaverse is about expansion in the beyond that of the knowing and begins to be misunderstood in words that are used as communication. This is why in the understanding of the Great Overall Denomination of what we call the Inter-dimensions of time; we call the Great Expansion that is controlled by the Supreme Counsel and the Time Lords.
Time Travel on the dark side of the Moon is different on the Flagship.
We in space do not use the time in space as we know it to exist on earth.
Earth uses the time based on an atomic clock and that of the rotation around the sun in this solar system.  We use a day as the earth rotates between the light of the sun and the moon for our days and night times. We all have a general way of thinking and being regarding day and night around the world.
We are now accepting the Global Positioning System. We are creating new worlds and abbreviations and acronyms daily with our way of communication on our computers, cell phones, and other communication devices.
We way of the future will still deal in time however, we will soon learn more about how our time on earth does not relate to space-time and that of those who live in space.
We are the youngest species of humanoids in this quadrant of this universe.
We are learning to provide information to those who are on our planet who have been left out of the information loop in the past.
For instance, those who are in the United States were the first to learn about those in space above according to the Supreme Counsel who allowed the first crashed spaceship at Roswell, New Mexico to be known.
That was around July 1-8 or the first week in July 1947 which was our first awakening experience to ready ourselves for the future in accepting that alien or extraterrestrial civilizations exist.
The next two countries to find the spacecraft were Africa and Australia, and finally Russia and Great Britain. That was the choosing of the five (5) spacecraft to be left for this planet.
One minute on earth equals one day in space when on the flagship. This is something that we will use in the future on all our future time-and space-time calculations in space.
One minute equals one day on earth’s solar system rotation.
This is something that all those at NASA and in Aim’s laboratories and all other government contractor’s will have to calculate in the future.
There are reasons we release this information in time and the earth takes 20 or 30 years to work into the gradual acceptance of what the normal is for our young humanoid species.
We will just have to work faster at calculating what the future in space will become if we plan on becoming a part of the future in space with all other humanoid species who will welcome us as the initiates and neophytes in space.  Will share more lately for those who desire to travel into the investigation of the unknown with TJ. 
One cannot perfect a level of consciousness in words that has already been done and written and reworded again and again over the ages and that are the energy of the séances and essences we in the world of Ancient Mystery Schools recall as the “BREATH”.
The Breath of life also as a second part in the scheme of life on the Tree of Knowledge we call that of the Great Work or in the MASTERS Temple. When one is working on the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge in the Great Work of MAGICK or to some the work in Magic, one may notice that all the forerunners as the great artists and masters of words as authors are those who to this day created the paths for the Doctors in Philosophy as in the PhD. of all arts and sciences. Some many not agree and that is okay to be at a level of understanding. A level of understanding is simply that.
There are various planes of existence in this world and this one we call earth is the physical plane. We use the body-mind-spirit plane to expand our awareness of our own essence or energy particles in the smallest photons, protons, electrons, neutrons, and basically the GOD particle moves in and out of all of us at all times.
Those who are the Great Teachers of the Masters of the Ancient Mystery Schools will know that all the Great Masters taught us all that the great works begin to converge and we as the Ascended Masters can only become the Concierges as humble servants.
We begin to suggest words on the earth plane to allow those who are not of the ascended master’s levels of ascension as death and out of body experiencers to begin to learn about those of the extraterrestrials and the Great Time Lords.
Therefore, we all decided to allow those to learn of the “GREAT BREATH” as the “ESSENCE” and to teach others to learn “OUT OF BODY” by using the greatest of all teachers that of the “HEART” as the “ OXYGEN LIFE FORCE”. 
Those who have studied the great teachers will see that no matter what part of the earth’s plane or place of existence be it in the east or the west as China, India,  America or North America, we are all on the same planet or plane in the playing field of life called the Game of Life.
We teach with the Yoga Schools for those who must learn to breathe properly that which all information of the Sacred Enlightenment. Is acquired in the Akashic Field. The Quantum Physics that science is interested in today is basically no different than that of the Middle Ages.  We study the extroversion versus the introversion of that which is inside and that which is outside us all and of everything. The internal and the external the inner and the outer.
Swami Vivekananda uses four headings as Gnana, Raja, Bhakta and Hatha which are still used today. 
Magic privileges provide one to study all the roads that lead to the worlds that are beyond this one. Magic is the achievement of the Novice to progress into the school of the attainment of Knowledge with that of the Holy Guardian Angel Metatron or that of learning the codes and tetragrammatrons of the Holiest of the Supreme Guardians Angels such as that of Abra Merlin or King Solomon, There are those who walk in the gardens with angels to this day on earth.  There are angels of knowledge that some call Extraterrestrials. It simply depends on the grammar and culture of those who are native born as those called humans on earth and those who are not. One who desires to consider the truth in the unknown must first consider that of the Story of man as the Constitution of Man in the Ethereal World, The Material Work and World. The Tarot as one of the tables as the Path on the Tree of Life is a General Attribution as is the Chinese Cosmos relates to the I Ching.  
The future of truth lies beyond that which was in the Ancient Mystery Schools related to all from the Extraterrestrials as the Nothing, The Boundless, and the Boundless Light, which we call the Universe the Metaverses, and the Xenoverse which is now in the GREAT ALL OR OMNI as the Mother Omniverse.  
One might begin with the first works of the Ancient Mystery Schools that were offered by a master called Israeli Regardie and the worlds of Aleister Crowley as that of a man who was trying to explain in words the ways and wonders of the universe during a time when there was no real understanding of man walking on the moon or visiting space. There has always been and always will be those who have been awarded the mainstay of a human who walked with the Super beings as those we regard now as the extraterrestrials of the humanoid beings in space that was called the heavens.

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