L.A. Mazzulli and Richard Shaw through A Spiral of Life – Pinlight Production, have just released their new video, WATCHERS 7: Physical Evidence!

This video takes us on a journey, which explores the modern history of UFOs, beginning with Roswell and leading us to today’s headlines of UFOs being witnessed worldwide. In fact, we see examples of traditional oval shaped UFOs, to huge cigar-shaped, tube-like craft to bizarre objects that look like flying snakes, to the weirdest floating objects you’ll ever seen. In Russia today the skies are home to gigantic motherships!

The subtitle of this movie is called “Physical Evidence”. Together with Jamie Maussan, L.A. and others examine a 3-foot diameter round sphere that crashed into a farmer’s field in Mexico killing a cow. A piece of the sphere was cut off and anaylsed with an electron microscope. Discover what they found. Do aliens leave fingerprints – find out the answer.

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Other evidence shown is that of traditional UFOs releasing hundreds of metallic-looking orbs which are seen literally streaming out of two sides of an alien craft. Speculation is a alive and well with some believing the metallic objects are drones sent out to spy on us.

L.A. first introduces us to Jamie Maussan, famed UFO journalist from Mexico City where UFO sightings are an everyday occurrence. He is host of one of Mexico’s highest rated television programs reaching an audience of over 4 million views.

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Dr. Roger Leir, the alien implant removal doctor, was in Kumburgaz, Turkey on May 13, 2009, with a camera crew, where they began scanning the skies for possible UFOs. At approximately 2:20 AM he and his camera crew were on a platform overlooking the sea. There was a bright moon, which would help with the filming. The camera was equipped with a 300-millimeter lens with a doubler in enhance the magnification to a 600-millimeter lens.

Below the moon and to the left just above the sea they discovered an object. It was stationary and was highlighted by the glow of the moon. To their shock they noticed that the craft, which appeared to be saucer shaped, had 3 large portholes that were visible to the people on the platform. And standing on the inside of the craft and looking back to them were back-eyed grey beings these beings were visible because they were backlit was the craft’s interior lighting. This sighting lasted for 4 to 5 hours. Eventually the craft moved and it was observed the craft was not saucer shaped but boomerang shaped.

Meet Lobbyist Stephen Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group who was instrumental in The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, held April 29 to May 3, 2013 where researchers, activists, and military/agency/political witnesses representing ten countries gave testimony in Washington, DC to six former members of the United States Congress about events and evidence indicating an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. Discover why Bassett, despite the increasing number of UFO sightings and alien abductions is not alarmed but believes alien contact will be beneficial to mankind. Retired Canada Defence Minister, Paul Hellyer claimed UFOs were as real as the planes in the sky.

Listen as Dr. Roger Leir explains how he successfully removed 16 implants during 16 surgeries on abductees!

Watch Dr. David Jacobs’ explanation of alien abduction and alien implants. Why abductees are ordered to remove their clothes.

Extraterrestrials came to this planet for the sole purpose of obtaining our minerals and after discovering what a labor intensive task it was altered the generics of our ancestor human-erectus creating a slave race: a slave race of humans, smarter than apes and Cro-Magnon man, but the ability to be beasts of burden with the ability of speech.

Then we learn the story of Retired airman Charles Hall was stationed at Nellis AFB, Nevada, and met regularly with an extraterrestrial race called “tall Whites.”

Then LA introduces his audience to Jose Escamilla, the discover of the Rods phenomenon, who believes and he has proof that the moon is not just a gray rock in space but a colorful companion that has not only been visited by extraterrestrials in the past but extraterrestrials may have buildings, mining operations and more hiding in plain site of the telescopes of earth.

If you want to discover incontrovertible proof of UFOs and of the extraterrestrial presence then watch this video. You won’t be disappointed.

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