Your Destiny Or Their Hidden Agenda?


The ‘Alternative’ Scriptures

Are you happy to pursue regular ‘herd instinct’ or can you visualise ever breaking free?

If you are reading this and fail to grasp the vital significance then either you are too far gone already, or maybe there is some glimmer of hope for you a little further down the road of self-liberation.

So, what about the trusted ‘Middleman’ between you and your money, your god and your very soul?  And what about one’s basic, yet essential, capacity for free thought?

So okay folks – here’s a few ‘Alternative Scriptures’ (undeniably ‘not’ to be found in the so-called ‘Holy Bible’) according to Yours truly, based on a lifetime of watching little trusting sheep follow more ,slightly larger and additionally aggressive, sheep……

I would sincerely say that the following recommendations are blindly accepted by 99% of the unquestioning inhabitants (human sheep) of planet earth in one way or another throughout life…

• Always do as you are told by the experts and know your place without challenge.
• Be proud of who they want you to be.
• Be proud of the culture which they have crafted for you.
• Die gladly for the social ideals that they have constructed for you within this society, if they deem it necessary.
• Never ask awkward questions like ‘why’ and never challenge their supreme authority.
• Be careful that you don’t upset the esteemed politicians that govern your destiny and be careful that you don’t distress the trusted priests (middleman between you and your god) who wish to save your immortal soul.
• Be mindful that you don’t upset the righteous bankers who protect your hard-earned cash.
• Be attentive that you keep your mouth shut tight and never offend the family’s traditional sensitivities, regarding any of the above.
• Yes, be content to trust them all implicitly with your mind body and soul.
• Be suspicious of dangerous words like Liberation, Indoctrination and Truth…

But most of all; do be very careful that you completely forget 100% to live your life in freedom from indoctrinated oppression and subconscious mind control…

It’s your life not the middleman’s – live it now!


© 2012 Pat Regan  

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