“Your Medical Prison Just Got Tighter —> LOTS Tighter!” By Don Margolis


By Don Margolis

The noose around your neck tightens as “BIG PHARMA”  and Monsanto add billions to future profits with a new “law,” just as they have by barring stem cells, which actually help humans.

As if Congress does not have enough urgent work to do, a bill has just been introduced that would vastly expand the FDA’s power to put food makers in jail for ten years—NOT for selling contaminated food, but for using scientific truth to sell the healthiest food to you! And it is a sure bet to pass.

Just a few days ago, we learned that a walnut grower capitulated to FDA pressure and removed truthful health claims from its website. 

The bill just introduced in the Senate would grant the FDA far more draconian powers to censor this kind of health information. 

This Senate bill will enable the FDA to incarcerate food makers if they cite findings from peer-reviewed published scientific studies on their websites.  The pretext for these draconian proposals is a bill titled the Food Safety Accountability Act (S.216).


The ostensible purpose of the bill is to punish anyone who knowingly contaminates food for sale.  Since there are already strong laws to punish anyone who commits this crime, this bill serves little purpose other than enriching pharmaceutical interests and Monsanto by censoring what healthy food makers can say about their products, forcing more and more people to use toxic drugs and Monsanto genetically-modified toxic foods.  The sinister scheme behind this bill is to exploit the public’s concern about food safety, which is why this year and last you see never-ending reports of contamination problems.

Drug companies and Monsanto OWN both parties and both houses of a fascist Korporate Amerika’s Congress, so that passing an overreaching law to grant the FDA powers to define contamination any way it chooses, is easy.  Now the FDA can proclaim a food claim as illegal even if the best science in the world is used to describe its biological effects in the body. 

The FDA will use the term in order to jail food makers as if they were selling contaminated food.  While the new bill refers only to food violations and not supplements, the FDA may not interpret it this way.  The big issue here is that if this bill is passed, it would give the FDA legal authority to threaten and coerce small companies into signing crippling consent decrees that will deny consumers access to truthful, non-misleading information about natural approaches to protect against chronic disease.

That is the way it has always worked in fascist countries–corporations buy the lawmakers (or blackmail them or threaten their re-election, or coerce them in other ways—see Dennis Kucinich) and pass any law they wish.

You want “Proof”?

*Ask why every anti-trust law which was in effect, say at the time of Jimmie Carter, is in the trash can today; thrown there either by a now-100% corporate Supreme Court or little-known destructive bills quietly passed by Congress with the support of both parties.

*Today, in one country in the world, murder by corporation is LEGAL. When the feds find out about corporate plots to increase profits by killing people, not one corporate executive ever gets indicted, not one.

Look up Guidant, 7-8 years ago.

*In the entire 20th century, it was against the law for Pharma to circumvent the 20-year limit on patents by bribing generic manufacturers not to copy an expiring patent.  Today it is commonplace; simply pay $200 million to Teva and make a billion more on your overpriced toxic drug.

*Even when generics are made, make sure your loyal MD’s get their once-illegal commissions by prescribing your brand while conning the ignorant patient that “this is better than the generic.” 

They  have been doing that for decades. Once again, you have been warned.

Don Margolis


Repair Stem Cell Institute

Dallas, TX



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