I would hardly think there would be any question left as to whether ETs are here, have been here, and are, and have been, on the Moon and Mars. But, with the government not admitting anything and NASA being part of the coverup of the truth, there might be a few people who do not know how much evidence there is. With manned flight ending, and with most orbiting satellite images being retouched, or not disclosed at all, it really is surprising to see exactly what has gotten to the public so far. When a satellite takes a photo of a crater and one section is blurred, it is not because a fly landed on the camera lens. No, it is because NASA got the photo and, essentially, said ‘holy crap, we can’t let the public see these’. There is much testimony from photo specialists who no longer work for NASA who have stated their jobs were to retouch evidence of UFOs and ETs out of photos!

And then there are the photos taken from earth, for example, of clouds moving across craters of the moon. And I personally spoke to one astronaut who said the Moon is covered with alien ruins as far as the eye can see.

And you have the remarkable absence of photos of the dark side of the Moon. As the Moon shows one face to the Earth at all times, it is logical that the other side of the Moon is where the aliens who are there now are based. In previous centuries, ETs would have been on any side of the Moon as no one could see them. But with the invention of telescopes, and then space travel, they moved most operations to the dark side. I say most, because clearly ships park on the visible side, and there are antenna towers, and other facilities similar to mining camps on Earth.

Many have asked why we never made a big push to establish a Moon base. Is it true that the ETs told us to forget about it? If NASA were truly on the side of the public, they would have always released the photos and said ‘Look at this!’ but they have not. For decades we were only shown one photo of the dark side of the moon, and that was only in black and white! One photo! You would not want to see a color photo, would you? You know, one showing ‘green’ which would be evidence of vegetation like algae or plants making methane which would be possible as clouds contain moisture, and show wind, and wind shows an atmosphere.

So I am not saying you can take your helmet off and walk around the Moon like you can on Earth, but clearly there is more happening on the moon than you ever realized. Some of these photos are from books, others from websites, and others from recently made Youtube Videos. But wherever the source, it is our government, using your money, who obtained these photos and spent millions misdirecting your attention elsewhere. And these are just the photos that were released! Can you imagine the ones NASA thought too controversial, or just plain destroyed?

I have been collecting these images since 1996 and am pleased to share them with you. Say what you want about any one photo, but altogether the truth is plain. ETs have been and are here in our solar system. The best site to introduce you to this subject is Richard Hoagland’s   http://www.enterprisemission.com In fact, many of the structures on the Mars, and the Earth are laid out with the same geometry! What does that suggest to you? And, if you want to know more about who did that, what they are like, and why they are banned from Earth now, of course you want to start reading this website:  http://www.zetatalk.com  because, who better to ask about ETs than other friendly HUMAN ETs?

And these aliens who built these structures, ruined or still in use, are just the ETs who are physically on the same dimension as we are on. The others on other dimensions cannot be seen, and, for the most part, are so advanced, they do not need to be mining the moon, but if they are on the moon, whatever they are doing cannot be seen by us. Sometimes it is because they have the technology to hide in plain sight and sometimes it is because just like a ghost is a lower vibration and cannot be seen by most, higher frequency ETs cannot be seen either. You might think that is not possible, but do you see your own soul body? Did you ever think that dimensions are like layers of an onion, or finer threads woven through course threads? If there are other dimensions, which, for me, is not a question, they must all be here at the same time and place but only visible according to which dimension YOU are on!

I labeled the photos ‘ruins on the dark side’, but actually they are from all sides, as you can see astronauts in some of the pictures. You can relabel those if you wish. And you may post them or distribute them as you see fit. With the manned space program ending, don’t you wonder what the real story is? I agree we do not have the money to do the most basic things, and so an open ended space program seems not so essential. But then if the photos were hidden from us, what is the extent of the ‘secret’ space program? Rumors have existed for years of a secret military Astronaut Academy at Vandenberg AFB. And likewise there are rumors of the ‘Aurora’ space craft that takes off twice weekly from Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean, one of our naval bases. I saw photos from the air of giant hangers with the same shape as the supposed Aurora, during the era of embedded reporters in the invasion of Iraq. The Aurora is like a stunted egg shape and is reported to be able to achieve speeds of 38,000 miles an hour from a runway. Oh, NASA didn’t tell you about that? So, in answer to whether UFO disclosure is coming anytime soon? NOT LIKELY.

Would you like to download all the photos in a zip file? No problem just right click here and choose ‘save file as’!



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